Want your own in-house call center?

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    So you want your own call center for your properties?

    There are a few things most rental property operators would like in a call center. Most would like a First Class Operation staffed by the best most experienced people available with the flexibility to change approaches and offers. Most would also like to get the best conversion rates possible, control the flow of demand and start work orders for tenants. I would say that PhoneSmart already satisfies all these requirements, so you should just use us. Here is my reasoning.

    First class operation…above and beyond other property management call centers. It is our goal, too, to be a first class call center second to none. Although one must always look at cost/benefit considerations and maintain a profitable operation. One can be first rate without going overboard and without breaking the bank. That is what we do.

    Best people…I think we have them. I would pit any of our experienced reps against anyone anywhere in a leasing contest. Our new reps get up to speed quickly. We use innovative training, monitoring, secret shopping and incentive programs to keep our people improving. Yes we have the experience…thousands and thousands of rental leads generated.

    Flexibility. We have some flexibility in how we present a property as long as it doesn’t conflict with our basic selling program. And our basic selling program is proven and effective. You don’t have to try to re-invent the wheel. You can let us do the driving.

    Conversion rates. If you use us then you can concentrate on closing. Closing is the key.. You probably won’t get better close rates if you do it yourself. We can do follow up calls for you, too. We do this with great effectiveness for some clients now. If you let us do the follow up calls then you can concentrate on moving people in, not on managing your lead flow.

    One huge factor in using us is that you can concentrate on buying, building, converting, operations and marketing. You don’t need to worry about your call center and lead management activities. Your management team is probably stretched thin anyway. Using us allows you to do what you do best.

    Control demand…We can make notes on screens and push demand from one of your properties to another. We do this of for other clients. When one property is full, we move the leads to a neighboring store of the same company.

    Work orders. We can do those for you, too. We can manage the urgency of maintenance calls and generate work orders when needed. This will help you manage your staff more effectively and keep your tenants longer.

    Cost…real estate and labor are high in most areas. Our Mid Missouri area is still experiencing lower costs in every category, which makes us a cost effective solution as well. We are a lot less expensive than doing it yourself and require no sunk costs and no purchase of assets and equipment.

    So maybe, you should just let us do it.

    Bye for now,

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    Disclamer: This entry is intended to promote our partner StorageMart and some or all participants received compensation.