Types of Commercial Real Estate

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    Throwing down a wad of money on a new business venture is a risky endeavor any time, no matter what the economy looks like. But for a confident, adventurous business person interested in expanding their investment portfolio and generating multiple streams of income, commercial real estate is one of the many options that they can consider picking from when the urge for new business growth strikes them. 

    There are quite a few different kinds of commercial real estate properties to investigate when looking at the big picture. In fact, the only type of properties that cannot be categorized as commercial real estate are single family homes and single home land lots. Multi family units, such as brownstones in urban areas, duplexes and multi family apartment buildings are all considered to be examples of commercial real estate. This investment is also known as a residential property. Families and individuals leasing the space pay rent to the owner of the residential property each month, but it is the owner himself who is responsible for making repairs, maintaining the buildings and insuring that all taxes are insurance is paid in full. The dividends pay well in this type of commercial real estate venture, but not without quite a bit of work on the part of the owner. Just managing and maintaining the grounds and tenants can be a full time job.

    Another type of commercial real estate is the retail space. Clothing stores, coffee houses, and retail businesses of all kinds fall under this category. Chances are that when you walk into your local book store, the people that own the store do not own the building that houses the store. This means that the store is leasing the space from the commercial real estate owner. If you are said owner, chances are you are making bank. The interesting thing to note about retail spaces is that they typically sign up under what is called a Triple Net Lease. This is music to the ears of the commercial real estate owner. Under the terms of a triple net lease, or NNN lease, the tenant pays for all repairs and upkeep, the insurance as well as all of the property taxes. Add to that the fact that NNN leases are usually long term leases, perhaps between five to twenty years, and your smile will just get bigger and bigger, if you own the property that houses the store. Rent goes up, but your investment in the property remains the same. Not a bad gig, all things considered.

    Another type of commercial real estate property is the warehouse and office space. Just like retail space, the warehouse and office space is typically rented out by a NNN lease, and just like retail space, the warehouse and office space is a good bet for a would be commercial real estate owner simply because once a warehouse is built, it is there, ready for leasing, with not too much effort expended on the part of the owner. The NNN lease comes through once again, and that means more money in the bank for you, if you have taken the plunge and dove into the world of commercial real estate. Lets face it, everything in life entails some kind of risk. Investing in commercial real estate can benefit the investor as well as the local economy and the businessman to whom you lease the property. It can be a win-win situation, if you play your cards right.

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