TMI, “Too Much Information”

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    By Ronald Smith, PhoneSmart call center reservations specialist and business blog writer.
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart property management blog, where we talk about property management trends.

    We are living in the information age. The invention of both the Internet and the computer have boosted the opportunity to get a lot of information about a wide range of subjects that may not have been available before. You can find your favorite recipe for dinner tonight or the latest news going on in the world. Giving a lot of information isn’t always a good thing. Even though we have access to a lot of information, American’s attention span isn’t that long. Research has shown that even on the Internet, people generally stay on the page for about 10 seconds before they start to lose interest. These same rules can be applied to sales in the property management industry.
    The attention span of a caller is going to already be short. They have a lot of things on their mind. Depending on their situation, they have to worry about where they are going to move, how they are going to get there, which storage facility to pick, and a number of other factors. A lot of the sale is going to be in selling the facility. However, just like a good book or movie, you don’t want to lose the interest of the customer. You have to be careful on which self-storage amenities you give the customer. It’s a good idea to concentrate on a specific area of the amenities. We generally focus on security to let them know that their belongings will be safe. The same is true when they are just calling to speak with a manager or want an answer to a specific question. Learn how to try to keep it as brief as possible so that you don’t lose the customer or get them even more aggravated more than they were to begin with. Too much information isn’t always a good thing when you are trying to help a customer as best you can. In the self storage industry, developing your sales techniques are very important.

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