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    Nothing can be more interesting than earning from a favorite pastime. All people who are interested in visiting malls every now and then can avail the paid shopper opportunities to the fullest. They can earn handsomely while enjoying their experiences at the malls, fast food joints and other business venues. These people work as agents for firms who want to know their performance scenario at the front end. This job not only involves assessing the level of client commitment of the staff but also a lot of other aspects related to the staff efficiency.

    These agents are hired to evaluate the dress code of the staff. They have to observe whether the staff members are wearing the prescribed dresses. Many female client relations executives tend to wear ultra modern costumes that might cross the limits of decency. On the other hand there might be sloppily dressed employees. The paid shopper has to observe all these aspects without a biased view, make a note of these and intimate the management about this. The firm in turn has to conduct training programs to educate the client relations staff about the desired dress code.

    The agent also has to see if the retail outlets and places where the clients frequently visit are neatly maintained. They should be kept clean and tidy. All the items to be sold should be displayed neatly and arranged in easily accessible rows on shelves. All the items should be visible. A product might lose its sales merely because it is concealed from view and the clients and not aware of it. The slow moving products should be dusted frequently as the buyers will not want to buy them with dust settled on their covers, however good the contents may be. The paid shopper should observe if any expired products are being kept in the frequently accessed shelves and if any staff member has actually sold any such product.

    The agents observe the method and content of communication used by the staff members while interacting with the clients. They see if the staff members are interacting in a polite manner with their clients, if they are patiently dealing with their queries and most importantly if they are giving them accurate information regarding the product and its price. Many new salesperson think that deceiving the clients is a clever thing to do and will be appreciated by the management. They try to convince the clients in buying outdated and defective products. The paid shopper should be vigilant about those salespersons who try to sell the products at false prices. The management should heed the feedback of the agents carefully and devise training programs to eradicate all malpractices by the sales crew.

    The sales staff is expected to be pretty knowledgeable about the products that it is selling and also any similar products being sold in the market by competing firms. The modern day buyers are an educated lot and come to the stores with a basic knowledge of the products that they intend to buy. They also collect information from popular media. They simply refuse to take the word of the seller as they have a lot of information from other sources. Hence it is very difficult to convince them into buying products that are not up to the mark. The paid shopper writes a report of his observations and inferences and presents them to the management of the firm.

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