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  • The Best Route To Cheap Real Estate
    By admin on August 31, 2009 | 13 Comments13 Comments  Comments

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    There are people that make there money by going after cheap real estate and then fixing it up and selling it for a profit. These people are a rare breed even thought it may seem like they are a time a dozen. It is true that there are a lot of people trying to earn a living, or make some extra income, by flipping homes. A lot of these people will be in and out of the business depending on what the market is doing. When the market is hot, there will be a lot of people that are in the business. When the market is down, a lot of those people will start to look for other means to pay their bills and support their families. You may want to look for cheap real estate during these periods of sluggishness that will eventually occur.

    Their may be some things to watch out for if you are thinking about getting into this exciting field. The first is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it may require a little further investigation. It is generally considered to be that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is. In this field, however, you may have just stumbled across the deal of the century. It is more likely that there is a lot of stuff wrong with the offer, but it is definitely worth a second look to determine if it is worth investing in. That is the key for a lot of people that are successful in the business. They are always on the look out for cheap real estate that they can make a quick and easy buck on.

    There are a lot of ways to approach this line of work, and a lot of different ways to get rich very quickly. There are also a lot of ways to go completely broke as well, so you will want to make sure that you are making smart business decisions along the way. You could approach the business from the perspective that you want to buy a lot of cheap real estate and try to turn it around quickly. This is a way to make a bunch of small profits very quickly. You can have a quick return and only invest a minimal amount in the actual purchase. You could then make a few quick fixes on the house and turn around and make a small, but quick, profit. This would be an excellent way to approach the business if you are just starting out and you do not have a whole lot of money to invest right off the bat.

    If you have a lot of money there may be a better way to go about things. You could go after bigger purchases, which may take a longer period of time for you to see a return on your initial investment, but will typically yield a much larger return than going for a lot of quick profits from going after cheap real estate. You will want to make sure that you are prepared emotionally and financially since you may have to not only sit on the property for a longer period of time, but also dump a lot of money into the project as well.

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  • Foreclosures Offer Cheap Real Estate Opportunities
    By admin on July 21, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

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    Home seekers as well as property investors are always on the lookout for cheap real estate . For home buyers, cheap properties offer a great opportunity to acquire their dream home at an unbelievably low price. And property investors can grab these opportunities by buying properties at reduced prices and then reselling them to make considerable profits. Fortunately, the recent foreclosure crisis in the United States has resulted in thousands of cheap properties for sale.

    With careful research, dedication and patience, it is not hard to discover foreclosed properties that are available at prices almost 60 percent lower than their original listing price. That means it is now possible to pick up cheap realty for less than half of its real worth.

    One must remember that cheap is a term that may vary according to factors like the location and demand. So, a housing property that is considered cheap in the suburbs may not be so in another major location. For instance, if one is planning to purchase a housing property in much sought-after locations like the Florida beach side, it is important to bear in mind that cheap property here can cost around USD 200,000. However, for the same amount, one can easily purchase a sprawling bungalow in the suburban areas of Arizona.

    Buying Foreclosure Property

    Cheap real estate is not easy to find or purchase without proper planning. The first step towards buying a cheap property must be to plan the entire purchase process well in advance. If one is looking out for a home for the family, the most important aspect to be considered is the location. After the location has been fixed, it is time to search for the right property that would suit the needs of the family. This would include assessing the convenience of bedrooms and other amenities, proximity to the workplace and other essential services nearby.
    Plenty of foreclosed properties are presently being sold as cheap real estate at prices that are merely a fraction of their actual value. A search through the foreclosure listings in any particular area is sure to reveal lost of properties or cheap homes for sale which may suit ones needs in almost all aspects.

    Processes Involved In Buying Cheap Properties

    Nowadays, purchasing a foreclosed property is a relatively easy and hassle-free process. One must understand that the foreclosure process consists of three stages – pre-foreclosure, actual foreclosure and repossession. Pre-foreclosure stage is the period extending from the issuance of Notice of Default to the actual foreclosure. The Notice of Default attached is issued to the defaulted homeowner by the mortgage lender.

    The actual foreclosure stage is when a public auction is conducted either out-of-court through a trustee sale or through court by the sheriff sale. The final stage is repossession by mortgage lenders and banks following the public foreclosure auction.

    Each of these stages offers opportunities to acquire different types of cheap properties. During the pre-foreclosure stage, one can directly negotiate with the home owner and then take over the house. While the actual foreclosure auction is in process, one can try bidding for a suitable property. After repossession by banks, cheap realty can be purchased by approaching the concerned bank and choosing from the list of properties they have.

    Negotiating with the homeowner is a good way to check out the property and get a good bargain. It features no competition as is present during the auctions. Buying from banks is a good way to ensure no problems of tax liens, second mortgage or other debts.

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  • Make Profits With Cheap Real Estate Deals
    By admin on February 27, 2009 | 10 Comments10 Comments  Comments

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    What happens when you decide to buy property but do not have a strong financial background? This is common to many people who decide to make some fast money through purchase and subsequent sale of properties. But sometimes they have to bear some unfortunate losses because of the mistakes they make in purchasing such cheap real estate . Here are some suggestions that can help you to lower your risk when you are trying to make some money while dealing with properties of low valuation.

    1. The most common question that comes to our mind at this moment is where to look for cheap real estate ? With prices escalating now with every passing day in most developed countries it is best to look for properties that are located abroad. In other places the risk involved with such low valuation properties is much less and you will get properties at much lower pries than you can imagine. In such cases though your own investment is much less your rewards in terms of profitability is much less. But the word of caution in such a case is about the location. Be careful about the place and also try to know if the property is a disputed one or not. Since much information may not be available about overseas properties, a little research is certainly of much help.
    2. Once you decide about a location, you need to do a little research about the existing trends of prices in that locality. It should be at first determined that property prices are increasing or declining. It may happen that in a particular location the properties are fetching a gain of twenty to thirty percent. This is surely a low risk zone and the trend is likely to continue. An investor can surely make an investment in cheap real estate that is available here, since the trend is likely to prevail. If the trend is not suitable, an investor can either wait and watch or shift his focus. It is not good to take any kind of risk at this moment.
    3. There are many buyers who make a purchase just because it is a cheap real estate and they have a feeling that its valuation mighty increase. This is not at all advisable. It may happen that such a property may become much more cheaper in future. In such cases all your money is lost. You need to do a little bit of research and make a balance of the cost to the reward that you might get when you sell the property. The value of properties rise in places where the infrastructure expands and the region is developing. Investors should always go for those locations when making a purchase.
    4. It is important that you spend some days thinking and analyzing while making a purchase of cheap real estate before you sign the papers. Just try to find out the solid reasons, why you think the value of property will rise in future. Investors should collect the available facts and make an analysis and think for himself before listening to others suggestions. He will be the one who will be responsible for all gains and losses and hence he should give ample time to his thoughts. It is his own money and the investor need to be sure that it is being spent in the right direction, otherwise it should be left in storage .


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  • Getting Cheap Real Estate
    By admin on December 29, 2008 | 67 Comments67 Comments  Comments

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    Housing is a factor that is often the prime concern of any person. They look around for convenient location and good amenities when they look for a place to reside. The price factor is also a major matter influencing the choice of property and even the well off are concerned about it. So the lookout for cheap real estate is always there. Any such low cost property in a major city is a rare commodity but it is available if you search thoroughly. All you have to do is to look out properly and you might land a good deal. You can even make a profit by selling it when you get a good margin.

    Even if you do not get cheap real estate , there are ways to cut costs on a regular priced property and you will have to know the ways to do it. The first option, and probably the easiest one, is to find a cheap location. This is often not possible because you might have to stay at some place for your job and you might have to look for any property in the vicinity so that you can commute regularly. But in case you have the options then look for a city or town where the property prices are low at the moment. Generally the areas around big cities are costly to live in and the further you move away the more the rates go down. The places away from the big cities can cost almost half of the rates at the large cities.

    After the city or town comes the neighborhood. The prices vary quite a lot even inside the town or city. So a detailed study of the area can reveal cheap real estate . But you will have to be cautious and it is better to question yourself why are you getting the low price. The causes can be many and generally the property prices are low if they lack something. So find out what it is and stay away if you find that the cause is because it is an unsafe or disturbed neighborhood. But it is always better to start from the lowest price and move up after finding out what are not there that you want rather than coming down the scale after finding out what you do not want to pay for.

    The next step in finding out cheap real estate is the type of estate that you want and what you are getting for the price. It cannot be said that a certain type of house is cheaper than the others. In some areas a certain type of house can come for very cheap but in other areas this can cost a fortune. So it is better to find out which type is available for cheap at the area. You can narrow down your search for that type of property and compare the rates till you find a satisfactory one. Finally, the condition of the house and storage sheds can be the cause of cheap real estate . You will have to get some portions repaired and this will cost much less that what you do not pay to the previous owner. But you will have to be cautious of the condition of the house before doing so. Then there are deals that almost fall from the sky and if you are lucky enough you might as well catch one.

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  • Getting Better
    By admin on June 27, 2006 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Ronald Smith, PhoneSmart operator gives this message about quality of service.
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart Call Center blog, and insider diary of the self-storage industry.

    Every company strives to get better. They want to know how they can better help their customers and also increase productivity with profits, customer performance or both. There are several ways that we can help improve customer service to our customers.
    These suggestions are some of the things that I have noticed in my short time with customer service/sales and with my experience as a consumer.
    My first few suggestions have to do with increasing the customer’s satisfaction in their experience with us and getting more quality calls to the managers and the PhoneSmart call center. The first thing that I suggest we do to improve the customer experience is to talk to them in a calm and meaningful manner. Get them to interact with you. A good conversation can help ease the tension and make them feel important and comfortable.
    Feedback is another way to increased customer happiness. Giving them somewhere that they can vent is a good way for customers to give meaningful feedback to help us improve. My English teacher often advised me to get someone else to read my paper because I am biased towards my own creation. Having an outside opinion can improve the quality of the service dramatically because you are brought up to speed on things you might have not noticed yourself. These things will help us to get better and satisfy our customers at the same time.

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  • If You Have Time to Lean…Clean
    By admin on June 26, 2006 | 65 Comments65 Comments  Comments

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    Angela Perry, PhoneSmart Call Center trainer and experienced phone rep offers insight about down times

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart property management blog, the ins and outs of property and commerical management.

    At the call center there are times in the month or even in a particular day when the call volume is not as heavy as other periods. I think back to my days before the call center and remember what my manger at the fast food restaurant used to say to us, “if you have time to lean you have time to clean.” Why not apply that same philosophy for our slower periods in the call center? If we have time to lean (or twiddle our thumbs) then we have time to clean. We can take this literally and do some “spring cleaning” for the work place or we can use it in another context.
    We could use this time to clean up our scripts or our sales pitch. We could work on a different approach to overcoming the most common objections; investigate new ways of saying hello or ending the call, etc. During this time we can self-critique each call that we take. To keep track of how we are doing we can make a chart with 3 columns: one column listing the pros another one for the cons and then the last column how we could have improved the call.
    Taking advantage of the slower periods with lighter call volume will enhance the expertise of the call center as a whole. Everyone can use some “clean-up” time and what better way to begin the cleaning process than to start with the person you see in the mirror everyday?
    Therefore as a trainer, if I see my co-workers leaning, I am going to hand them a towel (paper and pen) and ask them to clean.

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