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    The world of storage can be confusing if you have never shopped around for Park Slope self storage units. There are a few basic things that you will want to review before you just start blindly calling sites in New York for prices. With a lot of this information, you may say to yourself that you already know that. A lot of this info you may not have thought about. Whatever the case may be, you will benefit from reading this article before you begin blindly calling around to various Park Slope self storage locations. If all you know is the price, you may end up with a bad storage unit at a terrible facility.

    You need to figure out whether you want to get a standard space or a unit that is climate controlled. Climate controlled is sometimes called temperature controlled and that is probably a better description of the unit. The temperature will remain at about room temperature. The benefit is that your items will not be damaged due to temperature changes while they are in storage. While everyone in New York would benefit from having a climate controlled space, customers with delicate furniture and electronics would benefit the most. Some would say that a climate controlled space is required for those with leather furniture and electronics. It is nice to be able to visit your unit without freezing or sweating in the sweltering heat, as well. Most Park Slope self storage sites will offer units that are climate controlled.

    You need to decide whether you want to have drive up space of when inside the building. The drive up spaces are the most convenient to access, but will cost more money per month. This cost could be great over the course of the year. A drive up space would be great, if not necessary, if you are going to store larger items because of the larger doors. It would be a pain to try to maneuver through small doors and hallways if you have big couches and other household items. Some Park Slope self storage probably live in apartments on upper levels so a storage unit on the upper level would be a more cost effective way to store if you do not mind the extra effort of getting to your storage space.

    The mezzanine level is available at a few Park Slope self storage properties. These are units that are located between floors. Be careful, though, because they do not have elevator access, typically. Be aware of the height of the storage unit, as well. This is important if you are storing a large vehicle. The standard ceiling height is eight feet and the door height will be a bit lower than that even. That could be a bad situation and you may cause damage to you vehicle if you try to squeeze into a unit that is not big enough. There are some units that have smaller ceilings. Locker and stack units usually have about four to five foot ceilings. They are not walk in spaces, but may be a great option for customers looking to store a couple of boxes. They are also great for travelers who just have a suitcase or two. The price of these units will be a lot lower than the standard units with eight foot ceilings.

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