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    Property managers are one of the busiest professionals of the present times. They are of two types, residential, mini storage or commercial. Their job involves taking care of the property they are responsible for, taking care of as well as ensuring that a smooth relationship exists between the owners and the tenants of the asset as well as between all the other professionals and the owners of the assets. The assets supervisors are responsible for supervising the entire premises of assets, maintaining them well and detecting the parts of the assets that need to be repaired. They are responsible for keeping the assets in a good condition so that they have good market value.

    The property managers are also responsible for advertising for the assets and getting them good tenants or buyers. Many investors buy assets to sell them or rent them out for good profits. It is the responsibility of the assets supervisors to ensure that the assets yield good profits for those who invest in them. After advertising for the assets that they look after in popular media, the assets supervisors interview the respondents and select the buyers or the tenants after scrutinizing their credit histories and general biodata. They make an agreement that has the terms and conditions that need to be followed by both the owner and the tenant or the buyer with respect to the asset.

    The property managers are responsible for peacefully settling any disputes that might arise between the owners and the buyers or the tenants of assets amicably. They are responsible for arranging for legal help if the need arises. They take up most of the burden of maintaining assets from the owners. Being in the industry, they have a database of builders, repairers and laborers with them, which they utilize to avail the services of these professionals as and when required. The owners of the assets may not be having access to reliable and expert professionals in these areas and hence they depend on their assets supervisors to get them these professionals if there is a need for them.

    The property managers of today are very busy people. An assets supervisor takes care of a number of assets simultaneously and hence is a very busy professional. He needs to work frantically and sometimes he might have to work for long hours which might stretch out to odd hours of the day. On account of this, the assets professional might have difficulty in coordinating his availability for the different projects that he is involved in at a given time. This might result in his not being available for a particular day that he promises to the owner and hence result in a conflict with the owner. But these problems can be overcome by carefully planning the schedule.

    Apart from field work the property managers also have to do some desk work. They have to a lot of paperwork .They need to maintain records of the owners, tenants and buyers of assets. They have to perform complicated calculations. Nowadays, software is being used for some operations. This lessens the paperwork and the labor involved in maintaining the records. The assets supervisor needs to have good organizational and communication skills. Apart from these he needs to have good understanding of accountancy. Mostly the entire responsibility of assets is placed on his shoulders and he alone is answerable for any discrepancies that might arise.

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