Movement of people

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    Will we start to see a renewal of interest in the snow belt? The last two seasons have not been good for the southern sun belt. Last year Florida took one beating after another with hurricances. This year Florida is sharing the crazy weather headlines with the rest of the gulf coast.

    Part of the problem with evacuation traffic jams and the wide spread damage is that so many more people live along the southern and southeast coasts than ever before. The last few years make cold winters look pretty attractive. Will people who might otherwise leave the Midwest and the Northeast stay put? Will people who were living in hurricane territory leave the area for ever? If they like warm weather, they will need to move to the Southwest or Mexico. If not, they will have to go north to tornado ally or the upper Midwest. What will this do to property markets?

    The last big change like this that I can think of is when German re-unified in 1989 and 1990. Many people left the eastern zone to move to the western areas of Germany. This caused all sorts of pressure on the housing market in the west and left the east in a lurch from which it has not yet rebounded. Part of their complication was that the housing stock in the east was the unattractive user-unfriendly block style communist construction.

    Will a movement of people leave open possibilities for new immigrants to come in behind them? Will we need to re-populate these areas to restore their economic importance? How would that change the areas, if New Orleans brought in 20,000 foreign nationals to re-populate the city?

    These are some interesting questions to consider as we watch the next evacuation .

    Bye for now, Tron

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