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    Your job is to find a way to help your prospect realize that they are going to rent from you. You already know they’re going to rent from you. They don’t know it yet, so you’re going to have to help them realize that. This is a very powerful twist to helping you rent to more people.

    Part of the challenge at the store is you very rarely see your happy customers. You rarely have someone walk in the office and say, “Hey, you guys are doing a good job today. I’ll see you later.” How many times has that happened to you? It’s a neat thing to have happen. What usually happens is you get the people who come in to complain about whatever their problem is. So it’s easy to become cynical about our customers because we think they’re all whiners and they’re all spoiled and they can’t be made happy because our thinking is completely twisted because most of the people we talk to are the folks who are having a problem or a challenge.

    The fact of the matter is the flipside. The vast majority of your customers are happy with the convenience and the service you offer. Most people enjoy a pleasant sale process. Just help them realize they’re going to rent with you and enjoy it.

    This is what goes on in your prospect’s head. They suffer from something called the “is it’s,” and you may suffer from this when you’re shopping for things, too.
    ”Is it going to be right for me? Is it going to be too expensive? Is it going to last? Is it going to be a hassle if the thing breaks?” You have all of these “is it’s” going on in your head before you make a buying decision, and your customer has this happen, too.

    Typically, the things they worry about are: are you going to charge them more than it’s worth? Is it going to be too expensive? Is it going to be a hassle? Is the place going to be clean? Is it going to be safe?

    They want to know if they’re in their unit at night that they’re going to walk out of there in one piece, and they also want to know whether you’re going to be a pain to deal with or not.

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