It’s A Never-Ending Search

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    Wendy Lane PhoneSmart call center super operator offers insight into property management situations.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog. We offer an inside view of the property management industry.

    Looking for a place to live can be very frustrating. Calling and speaking with prospective landlords can be frustrating as well. I feel like I am the one who is supposed to sell the place! I was speaking with one property owner and said I was calling to inquire about the unit he had for rent. Easy enough where we work I would have said ok and when do you need it by? He just said “Uhhhh”. He didn’t ask anything at all. Just through the course of working here at PhoneSmart now it is irritating when I call somewhere and they don’t follow the five agreements. I may have called about 20 places yesterday and only one company did that. I was surprised when she just started telling me about the property and all the amenities it had before giving the price. There are quite a few places here in town that may want to look into utilizing our selling strategies. When you call and get a clueless person on the phone that owns that property, what happens when you have something that breaks down? I have to wonder if that will be his response to that as well. Makes you wonder. You can tell a lot on the phone especially when they have nothing to say about their property to make it stand out from the rest. With the rental market here in Columbia right now you would think they would learn how to bend over backwards to sell the place. I’m sure through the course of my scouting for a new home, I will at some point suggest that they use us as an apartment call center to sell their property. They at the least need to read our property management blog for tips and suggestions on how to run their property.

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