Home Owner Created Problems

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    When occupying a property for rent the tenants may have to face some problems created by troublesome owners. Hence it is necessary that both follow the legal guidelines set for property occupation of that place. They should abide by a written contract that contains clauses that are agreed upon by both the parties. However, there can still be some problems created by the owner and the tenant during the tenure of tenancy.

    The owner may decide to raise the rent before the completion of the lease tenure. If one has agreed upon a fixed period of tenancy and has a written contract to that effect, clearly stating that the rent will not be increased during that period, the owner can be challenged in a court. When one is occupying a property for rent it becomes necessary for both the tenant and the owner to clearly understand the implications of each and every clause laid down in the agreement. One can hire the services of an attorney dealing with property matters to understand the terminology of the contract to the maximum. 

    Another problem that might arise is the owner deciding to keep the deposit. Many times the tenant tries to avoid the rent for the last month of his occupancy. This should never be done as the tenant runs the risk of being sued for doing so. If at all, one needs to take such a step owing to some valid reasons when one is in occupation of a property for rent the appropriate manager of properties and attorney should be consulted before taking such a step. 

    All the payments should be made in the form of cheque, drafts or using credit cards so that the tenant has a proof to the payments he makes to the owner. If the owner creates an issue regarding payments he should be asked to state his complaint in a written form. Any payments made by the tenant should be acknowledged through written receipts.  Some states have what is termed as the tenancy deposit protection scheme that will allow the tenant to question the owner if he decides to hold the deposit of the tenant without a substantial reason. The deposit given to the owner for the property for rent can be claimed back by the tenant under this scheme without taking the matter to a legal jurisdiction.

    Another problem that tenants commonly face is the owner visiting them without any notice to inspect the premises and for any other formal property related issues. The tenant has the right to ask the owner not to disturb him without notice. For that matter the owner does not  have the right to restrict the visitors who visit the tenant unless there is any evidence of them directly or indirectly causing inconvenience and even harm to the owner. 

    The owner of the property for rent can ask the tenant to vacate the house, if the credentials of the tenant prove to be wrong, the tenant disobeys the clauses laid down in the contract and also if he does not pay the rent on time due to some unconvincing reasons. The tenant can also be asked to vacate if he does not cooperate in any important property decision taken by the owner concerning the property occupied by him. However there are certain legal rules that the owner has to follow before asking the tenant to vacate.

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