Condo Manager Maintenance Jobs

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    If you are a member of a householders association and living in a condominium you must have a condo manager to manage the affairs of the condo. If you are experienced enough you may not need to go through this article but if you are new to the job you must be willing to get a close look at what are the jobs that a manager should look after. Well, the superficial jobs are the actual superficial jobs that do not need real management skill to carry out. The management training really helps in some respect but they do not make much difference from what you can achieve with your experience. You should know that when the manager is not supervising some cleaning or pruning exercise he is not actually doing anything.

    The condo manager is the main person who actually looks after your condominium more than you do. He is the person responsible for bringing to your notice each and everything that needs attention. So the first thing you should do when you have appointed a manager is to make his tasks clear and let him know what to do and when. The basic responsibility is to physically manage the property and caretaking of the daily maintenance jobs like keeping the premises clean, keeping the garden trimmed, maintenance of the tennis courts and swimming pools if there are any, maintenance of the exteriors and the common interiors, taking care of the lighting of the premises and such other things that need regular inspection. These are not the fixed jobs that a manager must perform but they can vary and sometimes the manager might have to do some jobs that are not included in the list of jobs that is provided to him.

    One of the major tasks that a condo manager needs to take care of is the periodic maintenance job of some major nature. This is the repairing of the roofs and major civil works that are a must for the long life of the building. The manager must identify the actual time when the repair is imminent and inform the association about it. He should also make periodic checks to ensure the condition of the building is maintained in a good shape. An important area that needs such inspection is the roof. Replacing the roof, repaving the footpaths and roads in the condominium premises and repainting the buildings are some of the major renovation jobs that need special attention.

    The condo manager plays a vital role in the execution of the major works. The first job is to inform the house owners association about the urgency of the job. After obtaining the necessary permission he is to seek quotations from the suitable agencies and negotiate the contract on behalf of the association. All along the time when the job is being done the manager must supervise the process and indicate the contractor to any shortfalls that he has noticed. Finally, after the job is complete he should make the payments on behalf of the owners.

    The condo manager has to execute his jobs in a very tight budget and he should also see that no money is wasted on anything silly. To be successful with a manager you are needed to have a healthy relationship with him. If at any point of time you do not feel comfortable with your manager, you should better change him. After all you are appointing one for your convenience and not for increasing your anxiety.

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