Condo Manager Job Description

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    A condo manager is going to be the most responsible person for managing and maintaining any condominium association. The occupation does not require a huge amount of experience. An experience for less than 2 years is sufficient for the job. Also, a candidate is eligible to apply even if he does not have any specific training on the industry. However, the person should have a tremendous amount of learning ability, so that he can learn tricks of this profession from the colleagues or boss while working together. If the candidate is aware about condominium association management, then it is going to be an added qualification.

    Normally a condo manager should have at least 2 supporting staffs in the office. He should work for minimum 8 to 9 hours a day. Occasionally, if there is much work load, then the candidate might have to work in the weekends also. But, since this is a salaried position, there is no extra payment for the extra time of work. The earning is not that bad. Generally, corporate secretaries make around 50,000 dollar annually. However, the salary will obviously depend on the experience of the person and the size of the company he is working for. The job ensures other benefits like medical insurance, or yearly personal time off for around 2 weeks. This can be used for sick purpose or vacation.

    The job of a condo manager involves a whole lot of work. The incumbent must be familiar with some key phrases about this industry. The association is made up of all owners form the condominium. An administrative body is developed by employing some volunteers, who are resident of that condominium. They are known as board of directors. Usually, they hire the management company to take care of the daily operations of their association. The owners are supposed to pay a monthly maintenance fee, which is to be used for maintenance or repairing work of the building. The area outside the individual unit is used by everybody. Thus, it is known as common area, and the maintenance responsibility goes to the association.

    Typically a condo manager keeps on being busy for his profession. Especially in a small company, the responsibilities are more, as the company does not invest in hiring more personnel. The person has to manage the office staffs, work as a human resource professional, assist the president and vice president of the company and act as a corporate secretary. On top of all these, the person has to attend all meetings and take part into major decision making processes. Also, the candidate is responsible for maintaining a good relation with all his clients and for catering to any complaints from them, with immediate attention. Other than this, he is also responsible for title transfer or communication with new client etc.

    As there is always a continuous flow of various types of works, the job of a condo manager never gets monotonous. The person should have strong decision making attribute along with a strong follow up ability. He must have good communication skill. He must be efficient in handling machines like fax, copier, computer, server and phone. Actually, these are the basic office requisites for the occupation. The candidate must be able to operate computer, server and internet. Knowledge of specific software related to the industry, will be an added advantage.


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