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    Total property management is one of the fastest growing services within the building and property sector. As more and more people are investing in a second home or apartment, they are realizing that the cost of maintaining buildings and apartments is very high. The cost includes not just the material cost but also the cost of their time. The time to research, to review options, to hire, oversee and finally sell the assets to make a profit – time that they could have spent in the comfort of their home if they had hired a consultant to manage these assets.

    What Is Total Property Management

    Consolidation is the new buzz word in electronics, software, and now even in property services. Nobody wants the hassle of dealing with 5 different vendors and then working to seamlessly integrate their various delivery schedules. Every client wants one complete solution customized to his housing needs and budget. Total and complete management promises just that. You just need to speak to one person at any time that will be coordinating between the various jobs going on and will keep you updated as required.

    What Services Are Included In Total Property Management

    There is no standard package offering from such management professionals. In most of the cases, it varies from case to case. But it is important to know what is on offer with various consultancies so that you can make an informed choice. Typical options include -

    1. Home Renovation And Maintenance – From a faulty tap repair to restructuring the architectural design, there are experts to do it all. If you have bought a new house in another city, then having a property manager take care of the small and large repairs before you move in can be a big relief. In case you are not planning to shift immediately you can ask them to maintain the lawns or property as you wish.
    2. Home For Sale or Rent – Property managers can be of great value when looking for a good deal. They have a good network and can handle the advertising, interviewing and even negotiations on your behalf. They can also collect the monthly rent for you.
    3. Cargo Space – Many of these companies have climatically controlled mini storing space solutions or containers that are a boon for people who have more belongings than they can accommodate in their homes or need a short term place for safekeeping.
    4. Packing And Or Transportation – Packing is a simple thing yet requires a lot of expertise. Packing in oversized boxes or with the wrong material can reduce the life of the packaged goods. It is a good idea to take professional help with antiques, art and other fragile valuables. Consultants offering total management also offer packing and transportation services in accordance with what is being packed or transported.
    5. Home Improvement Ideas – Another lesser known service is that of home ideas. You can actually get experts to help you utilize your home space or create cargo space within your four walls. This is a great idea if you are planning to sell or rent your building. Small investments in fixtures, lighting or a green space can give you a much bigger return on your investment.


    While the above are commonly used services, do not hesitate to ask for something that is not mentioned on the brochure or website. Most of these people are experts and in the unlikely case that they do not do it themselves, they will be in a great position to advise you. It is also important to remember that total management actually offers a better quality and lower overall cost than doing it individually through various vendors since their operations are huge.

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