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  • Attracting the Right Employees to Your Storage Company
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 69 Comments69 Comments  Comments

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    If you are a smaller storage company in the Missouri area, you may find it difficult to compete with the bigger Jefferson City self storage companies. There are many things that you can do to close the gap. One thing that you can beat them at is customer service. Happy customers are loyal customers so this should probably be your number one priority. In order to have a Jefferson City self storage company that offers great customer service, you will need to have great employees. If you want to have great employees, you will need to offer a great employment package.

    The turnover in the Jefferson City self storage job market may be higher than other fields, so you may not want to offer a bunch of benefits to new employees. You should start the benefits package at the six month or one year mark. This will give you time to figure out which employees are going to be committed to your company. Everyone is ready to go when they are interviewed. Some employees will become less impressive when it comes to down to the actual work side of the industry. You want to find the employees that are passionate about the industry.

    You should offer health insurance to your Jefferson City self storage employees. Not every storage site in Missouri will offer health insurance. This will usually result in more professional job applicants; which will lead to better customer service, and that is really what you are after here. The thought of health insurance may scare some storage owners, but there are ways to make it affordable to your company. You could offer a health savings account with a higher deductible. These are pretty affordable on your side after you factor in the contributions that the employee will make from their paychecks. Health insurance of any kind will lead to better and more loyal employees.

    Dental and vision plans could be a nice bonus as well. They will typically be more affordable than health plans so they are a nice compliment to an employee benefit package. Shop around with different companies until you find one that works for you. The best Jefferson City self storage companies will also offer other benefits.

    Some options are a 401k plan that you should match the employee contributions. This will set you up for long term costs and help retain employees which will lower you training costs by a great amount. Training is one of the biggest costs for many storage companies so to eliminate that would be a great benefit to your company.

    Vacation time is a great benefit to offer your employees. You could offer one week for each year that they are with you up to four week. This will make sure that your employees get a little break from the day to day grind that storage can be. They will love you for this a come back refreshed and ready to go. Sick days should be offered as well. Happy employees will take care of customers better since they are more invested in the company. There career success will be directly linked to the success of the company which is great. Do not break the bank. You may not be able to offer all of these benefits, but this article should provide you with some ideas of what benefits to offer.

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  • Advantages of Computerized Rental Management
    By admin on September 13, 2008 | 79 Comments79 Comments  Comments

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    Managing property involves performing a lot of calculations, entering quite a number of details and handling numerous enquires pertaining to clients amongst other laborious and monotonous operations. The assets managing professional gets totally bored by the laborious and routine tasks that are allotted to him everyday. Keeping these and other efficiency impeding factors in view, the computerized rental property manager was designed. It is a hundred percent workplace assistant for the assets managing professional. Here are certain things that the assets managing executive can expect this software to do for him.

    • Usually an asset supervising executive has to keep tracking the tenant monthly payment pattern. He has to observe which tenants are being punctual with their payments and which of them are delaying the payments. This can be quite a time taking task. By feeding some relevant information into the assets managing software, the assets managing professional can view the details of the people who have made their payments on time and the tenants who are yet to pay. From this he can have an idea of the regular defaulters.

    • The computerized rental property manager enables the assets managing professional to get the exact number of accommodations that will be available for hire in the near future. The assets managing professional can also see the tenancy statistics of an accommodation on hire for a specific period of time.

    • Maintain the tenant and owner data in the manual recording methodology can result in the office space being flooded with heaps of files. The software saves the trouble by providing an electronic database that has the capacity of recording the details of clients, several times greater in number, than the ones whose details are recorded in the manual procedure.

    • The computerized rental property manager allows for performing complicated operations on the data stored in its databases. It enhances the work efficiency of the assets managing professional by making automatic updates in all the corresponding details whenever a new feature is entered or any modification is made in the electronic database. In the manual system, these changes have to be made by the assets managing professional or any other executive and it would prove to be highly laborious and time taking.

    • The computerized rental property manager software can be used to make financial and business calculations for an investor. Its database has information about the best ways in which the investor can enhance the market value of his asset. It also yields in information about the taxes and other expenses the have to be borne by the owner of the property over a given period of time.

    • The software has a system of categorizing its constituent data and instructions into neat modules. This sort of immaculate arrangement is highly difficult to implement in the manual systems. This enhances the ease of operation for the assets managing professional.

    • It should be borne in mind that the assets managing executives are very busy individuals doing onsite work and they usually do not have the time to make reports. The computerized rental property manager can make excellent reports as and when required by the assets managing executive. Hence he is saved the trouble of making complicated reports.

    There are many assets managing software available in the market and the selection of such software should depend on the utility of the features offered and not on the number or sophistication of the features.

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  • General Responsibilities Of Property Management
    By admin on June 16, 2008 | 73 Comments73 Comments  Comments

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    Commercial property maintenance services handle your building and grounds repair and upkeep. The roof to the basement to the curb, these companies take care of your property for a flat rate. What services are included in the rate?

    Preventative maintenance is almost always included. Preventative maintenance is necessary to keep the building and its equipment in good working order to prevent future failures. This saves you time and money and improves your equipment.

    There are several areas included in preventative maintenance. The heating and air conditioning system is a major one.  Qualified contractors perform service updates to keep the systems well maintained. Another area is the janitorial services. They inspect and clean hallways, restrooms, elevators and entryways to meet sanitation standards. The elevators are inspected annually for proper working order.

    Roofing and gutters are inspected once a year. The roofer will determine if any work needs to be done, if the roof needs to be replaced or any other problems from an aging roof. The gutters and downspouts are cleaned regularly and monitored for leaks.

    Seasonal maintenance falls under the preventative category as well. The grounds are reviewed for drainage issues, while the building is inspected for freezing and wind damage. The maintenance crew weatherizes the property by closing vents, stocking snow removal supplies and covering outside faucets.

    Commercial property maintenance services are available for emergency responses to calls. If there is a problem with a leak a contractor is available to make necessary repairs. If plumbing problems arise, the maintenance crew quickly responds and makes the needed repairs. Heating failure, fire, flood or water pipe breaks are all potential property damaging or life threatening emergencies. Often the maintenance crew is able to respond to an emergency within 4 hours, as compared to hiring an outside contractor which can take from a couple of days or more to respond.

    The landscaping and grounds keeping is a part of the commercial property maintenance services as well. A professional landscaper is hired to maintain the landscaping, keeping grounds trimmed in the summer, setting out and taking care of plants and flowers in the spring. The maintenance group sweeps the lot and removes snow and ice from the parking area in the winter. They are responsible for maintaining the appearance of the outside of the building by painting when needed. Planting, trimming and cleaning are necessary to have a good curb appeal for the property. Asphalt or concrete is inspected and repaired for damages.

    Commercial property maintenance companies use qualified staff or contractors to maintain your property. They work with a list of vendors who are licensed and insured to provide quality service for the propertys needs. Requests for maintenance are made through routine inspections of the building and grounds, from tenants who request work and regular preventative maintenance. No work is done without the authorization of the manager of the property or the owner.

    Maintaining commercial and retail facilities is an ongoing part of owning the property. The maintenance company must prioritize the needs of the repairs. Of course, emergency maintenance is a highest priority. A non working HVAC system will come before a dirty parking lot. The commercial property maintenance company sets the priority of routine repairs and cleanings to fit the budget set by the owner or manager.

    The customer and the manager appreciate well maintained properties. A pleasing facility is important for attracting new tenants to your office building and customers to retail facilities.

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  • Finding The Perfect Apartment
    By admin on April 29, 2008 | 66 Comments66 Comments  Comments

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    There are many things to consider when you are searching for apartments. You must decide beforehand what you want. Make categories of the things you are looking for. Split them up into what you absolutely must have, what you would like to have and what would be extra. When you begin your search, look first for only the must haves. Once you find these things in various apartments, and are able to narrow down your search, then you can begin looking for the things that you would really like to have, and the things that are even in addition to that!

    One of the main things that many people look for while shopping for apartments is square footage, or number of rooms. This can prove to be of utmost importance in many situations. Depending on the number of people living in the space and the time spent there, a couple hundred square feet can make all the difference. Of course, if you are single, your specifications will be much simpler. You will probably only require one bathroom and one bedroom, making your search much easier and quicker. But if you have a family, a significant other, or a roommate, you will need to think ahead of time to know what will be necessary and what will be unacceptable. For instance, four college girls in a facility with only one bathroom could potentially become a problem. And a family with two children might think a two bedroom space would fit well, but if they have frequent guests and no extra room to put them, it could prove tricky. Also, when thinking about square footage, you might want to measure your large or oddly shaped furniture in advance, to make certain they will fit in the spaces and angles that are provided.

    Think about the different uses that you might have for your residence, in addition to providing you with a living space. Do you have hobbies? Do you work at home? Do you have many things to store, such as clothes? Then perhaps you will need an extra room for working or crafts or sewing. And maybe you will want to look closely at the amount of closet space provided for storage. Apartments do not provide storage in the form of garages or outside buildings most of the time. All of this must be taken care of indoors.

    An important thing to look when shopping for apartments is the kitchen. Depending on the amount of time you spend in the kitchen, your requirements for this room cold vary greatly. If you spend a lot of time there, you will need to see that you have a large kitchen with plenty of counter space and cabinets. Make sure that the dish washer, refrigerator and stove are in good working order if they are provided in the unit. Even though the management is supposed to fix these things promptly if they are out of order, it can sometimes be days before they are repaired, leaving you without important and necessary, and kitchen appliances.

    Then there are the extra things, although some people might find these things necessary. Is there individual parking, with garage or car port units? Is there a gym or a pool? Is there a doorman or a tight security system for the buildings? Are there intercoms and elevators for convenience? Many buildings come with these amenities now, but if you are keeping a strict budget, just remember that when these things are included, they will usually show on your rent charge, when compared to places without them.

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  • Storage Concierge
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