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    The realty market is going through tough times. The demand for property is low and because of a huge demand-supply gap, the prices have dropped. Selling real estate in present times is not easy and it requires proper planning so that you can get a decent price for your property. Some steps to be followed for selling your home are given below-

    Preparing Your Home

    Even before you start advertising for selling real estate it is wise to undertake essential house- repairs.  Do not try to conceal leaking roofs or other serious problems with paints but get the problems fixed so that the house is ready for the buyer to move in. Give your home a fresh coat of paint to give it a neat and clean look. You should remove all clutter from your home like unnecessary furniture, artifacts, pictures etc. Organize everything well including your closets and cabinets in bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. A serious buyer would be interested in having a look at every corner of the house before buying it.

    Organizing the home properly is essential to make it look spacious and beautiful. Prospective buyers generally visualize how they will adjust in the home and if your house is clean and spacious, it improves the prospects of selling real estate . Some buyers also like to get the house inspected by an authorized inspector before buying and hence it makes sense to undertake repairs and cleaning well in time. If you have lot of items in your home and no place to store them properly, then you should consider hiring a self storage for storing them till the sale of your home.


    Selling real estate these days is difficult and hence you should advertise in the newspapers and Internet to attract buyers. The Internet has become a powerful medium to buy and sell properties and hence advertising your home on the Internet would increase the chances of selling it. Put a board displaying -house on sale- outside your home. The passersby would know that you are interested in selling your property. This is important as people already living in your area or nearby would be generally more interested in buying the property than people residing somewhere else.

    Fixing The Price For The Home

    Before buyers start dropping in, you should fix an approximate price for your property. Fixing a very high or a very low price is not good for selling property. To get an idea about the optimum price of your home, you should conduct some research. Talk to people who have recently bought or sold similar properties in your area. Do not ask for higher than 10 percentage of the expected price, otherwise it would dissuade buyers and they would even refrain from bargaining. Even if you fix a low price, then the buyers start suspecting you for selling it at such low prices. They start finding reasons for desperate selling which further delays the process.


    If you find a buyer who is ready to pay anything near to your expectations, then you should go ahead and close the deal. While selling real estate , many people make the mistake of foregoing a good buyer just for few thousand dollars. Do not commit this mistake and sell your home as soon as you get a buyer willing to give you a decent price for your property.

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