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  • Car Storage
    By joel on May 22, 2011 | 673 Comments673 Comments  Comments

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    There are many ways to store a car. To find out what would be the best option for you depends on a lot of different factors. If you are looking to store a nice car in the winter or in the summer where there are a lot of bad storms, then you will probably want to get an inside space so that it is protected from the elements. If you do not car about all of that, outside spaces are going to be a lot cheaper. As always, you have some choices to make. Depending on the area in which you live, you might be limited to a couple of options.

    For most people when they are trying to find somewhere to park their car, they know that right now they are storing it in their driveway instead of some sort of covered offering. Naturally they would like their car covered in some way that’s why they are looking at getting a self storage unit. As stated earlier, depending on how they appreciate their car and the value of it, they need to decide between inside storage and outside storage. If the facility that is closest to you offers those options, they will give you the choice.

    When you ask the self storage manager questions about inside car storage or outside car storage they will automatically gravitate to the inside storage units. They are more costly and thus making the store more money. In the same thought, inside car storage will protect your car against the weather conditions. Depending on your area, inside car storage can set you back some money monthly.

    There are many reasons that people use car storage but one of the biggest ones is that they are using their garage as a storage unit. Thus there is not any more room for the car. It could be in the shopper’s best interests to put all of the belongings they have stored in their garage into storage. They can sometimes get a smaller space and cost them less money than storing their car. For the most part people would like to keep those things they are storing in the garage close to them and maybe able to do without their second or third car.

    Car storage is very simple and all you need to do is ask the facility manager what is needed in order to store. They will tell you that you need to have insurance on the car and that it needs to be registered in your name. Other things the facility will tell you are that you can not do mechanical work on the car and the body of the car needs to be in good shape. The facility does not want their lot to look like a junk yard. Ask the facility manager many questions before storing your car there so there is no confusion on the rules and regulations of storing your car there.

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  • Rent a Storage Unit If You Live in the Big City
    By jeff on March 10, 2011 | 253 Comments253 Comments  Comments

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    Franklin Park self storage places in Illinois are very close to Chicago.  They are close to an airport, and by the way, it is one of the busiest airports in the world and is home to great places to eat.  The subway runs through this town so it is very easy to ride downtown Chicago.  We did it all the time while our stuff was in a Franklin Park self storage place.  We had just moved here, from Florida and we were excited to see things.  We went to the museums but the first place we went to was the Brookfield zoo.  This is a great zoo that takes you places that are great to see and feel.  The rainforest exhibit was named one of the best in the country and it is truly a great place to see animals in a great natural setting.  It looks like a real rainforest, and it even rains once in awhile, we are sure it is times but we did not time it, but we think it rained around every fifteen minutes.  The exotic monkeys were great to look at and the gorillas with a new baby gorilla were also great to look and watch them play and interact with each other.  WE liked trying to look in their eyes, and they would look back and we would wonder what they were thinking as they looked at us.  We love animals and seeing these great creatures so up close is a great thrill.

    Franklin Park self storage places in Illinois are close to the airport.  This means there are a lot of hotels close by and great places to eat.  Even the hot-dogs taste great here as they are lovingly cooked and prepared.  Hot dogs are special here and the whole city of Chicago and most of the suburbs take great pride in cooking and preparing hot dogs here.  The Chicago dog is a hot dog with peppers on it, a tomato, mustard and a pickle.  There is no ketchup on a Chicago dog, and do not ask for some either.  Many places in Chicago and suburbs, take offense to this question.  Polish dogs are great too.  They are not really hot dogs but Polish sausage in bread.  They are good let us tell you.  We love the hot dogs in Chicago and they are always worth eating them. There are a few great famous hot dog eateries here, so go see one.

    Franklin Park self storage places in Illinois are near Chicago.  Chicago is known for many things and food is one of them.  Most places to eat in this great city are pretty good.  Steak houses are fantastic, some are rather expensive, too, but what the heck, go for it.  Eat a great steak at a great place and enjoy the whole vibe.  Chicago has places to eat at that are very cutting edge too.  These new places pop up all the time as the trendy people go from one place to another, and by word of mouth, this place is now the in place to be.  Do not get us wrong though, these places have great food too.  Chicago wants great food, including great pizza and great steaks.  There are great pork chops here too and, wait are we hungry yet?

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  • There Are Many Reasons for Renting Storage
    By jeff on March 8, 2011 | 80 Comments80 Comments  Comments

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    Northland Kansas City storage is in a very good location serving all its customers.  Storage has become big business in America as people buy more belongings, more stuff and move more.  The average family in America a few years ago by reports and statistics, moves every three years.  That is a lot of moving.  All the moving takes a lot of storage and a lot of moving trucks.

    Why we move so much is debatable, I guess.  One reason is all these dot com companies that hire people all the time that quit for greener pastures and chasing the best companies and the best paychecks.  Northland Kansas City storage is not a hotbed for this type of consumer, but has seen their share.  People move back and forth from Kansas City quite often keeping the Northland Kansas City storage places busy indeed.  When the economy went south recently, people must move where the jobs are, and must move their things to and must find storage in between spots.

    Moving is often stressful and managers of these Northland Kansas City storage places must be almost like bartenders listening to people’s problems and why they are moving.  Divorce causes a lot of moves and a lot of stress too.  Death in the family can cause people to need storage and move too.  A very mobile society needs storage too.  College kids need storage as well as senior citizens leaving their homes to smaller places to live.  Business needs storage for inventory.  Sometimes it beats building a warehouse.  Churches and boy scouts store things.  Your neighbors might have storage to keep all their extra stuff in.  Pharmaceutical reps use storage often to store their inventory.  Vending machines, pinball machines, poker machines, slot machines are all stored in these facilities.  Cars and boats are stored too.  Jet skies and other big recreational items fit nicely in storage space too.  Many neighborhoods will not let you put a boat in your driveway or on the street.  They are eyesores we guess or just more rules and laws.  Whatever the case, storage facilities make money storing these things.

    Most of the new storage facilities are climate controlled meaning the temperature is controlled.  The storage units are warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.  This is great for furniture and computers or records and cds.  It is also great for moving in your stuff or using your storage space to work in which some people do.  In Key West, for example, people would sand their boats sometimes all day in their storage units.  I saw an airplane in one storage unit.  It was a homemade kit kind of plane, a glider or something like that.  It is very hot in Key West and a little climate control relief is a very good thing indeed.  One thing though is always cover your mattresses if you store them.  They get bad very easy and germs and bacteria grow on them and in them.  People can get very sick from them.  Managers of storage facilities throw out many mattresses.  Glass breaks too and never store family photos.  You may never see them again if you cannot pay your bills.

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  • Relocating Doesn’t Have to Be Hard When You Rent Storage
    By jeff on March 8, 2011 | 269 Comments269 Comments  Comments

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    We got the word we were being transferred to Kansas City.  It was quite the shock, but in a way, we saw it coming.  We knew a little about Kansas City, like the football team and baseball team, and the song going to Kansas City, but that was about it.

    We had a lot of planning to do and we needed a Kansas City storage facility to use.  The internet makes everything easier, we found a Storagemart facility on the web, and the plans started.  We needed a truck, a big truck to load our three-bedroom house.  The websites helped us with everything including the prices and the size of storage we needed.  We got good deals on both, so far even though our company would pay for the move; we wanted to experience the whole thing ourselves.  We would drive the big truck across the country, pack ourselves and get the kids into the car.  The pets too are coming and goodbyes are everywhere.

    The Kansas City storage website was great and we even knew how many boxes to buy for our stuff.  We had lots of stuff and little time to throw away what we did not need, we thought.  No toys made it to the trash.  They were all important.  The house sold and we were off to a new job and a new way of life.  We would have to become Kansas City Chief Fans we thought, but that would be the easy part.  Driving a big thirty-foot truck is the hard part, especially in traffic.  The wife, kids followed behind, and we would take turns in the truck.  The open road was fine, but when traffic hit in big cities it was a little nerve-racking.  Thank goodness, we had an automatic transmission to drive.  Those big hills looked daunting with a clutch.

    Well, of course, we made it and the Kansas City storage facility owned by Storagemart was great and ready for us.  Everything fit inside and we could finally relax in our hotel room after we walked the dog and ate.  It was good and the sites in Kansas City were starting to look better.  There are casinos here too, we smiled, and a big city has big city things to do and see.  Branson being close too is nice, we never had been there before, but we do like country music.  Our son like fast cars and go-carts are fast in Missouri, he was glad to hear.  Jazz, blues, music, lakes, hunting, fishing, and museums are all here too.  We miss our friends of course, but change is sometimes good and a new position and promotion will help the family.  We are in the show me state now, so let us see what we can see.  Snow should be fun too; our kids have never seen it up close and personal.  All in the entire move was not too bad, and the missed friends will become new friends here, and we move on with life in a new state and a new home.  Like the song says, I’m going to Kansas City, Kansas City here we come.

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  • Renting Storage Means Keeping Your Options Open
    By jeff on March 7, 2011 | 105 Comments105 Comments  Comments

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    The first time one heard of Minnetonka, Minnesota for most of us was in a movie about Prince called Purple Rain.  He made someone jump in it for some kind of ceremony.  Her name was Apollonia or something like that but the movie is old and Prince has changed his name many times since.

    The great American Mall is what most people know about Minnesota and that makes sense.  People take vacations to Minnesota just to see the mall.  A winter vacation sounds like a good idea if one just stays in the mall and avoids the cold weather.  You can stick your belongings in the Minnetonka storage facility owned by the great American company Storagemart if you happen to buy a week’s worth of products at the mall.  Going to a mall for a whole week and not buying anything would be a very peculiar thing to achieve.  I wonder how many people could do that unless you were broke.  Vacations can make you broke.

    Moving can be very expensive too.  Trucks, boxes, gas, and all the time it takes to do it can be very stressful.  The planning alone could take months and even years.  The Minnetonka storage facility can help families with all that and ease the stress.

    Malls can be stressful too though for those of us who would rather do something else than shop.  They have a lot of shoes in that mall don’t they?  They have a lot of clothes in that mall too don’t they?

    Maybe spending time with all the tools in Minnetonka storage is better.  Tools are comforting.  The storage space I have gives me room to move around in to look at things like my tools.

    Some people use every inch of space of their storage space and save money.  They open the roll up doors and things spill out in the hallway.  The Minnetonka storage facility has a whole lot of options to choose from so choose the right size for you.  So many people move to Minnesota for all the things it has to offer like great hunting and fishing and all the great outdoor activities.

    The Vikings have a great history here.  We are talking about the football team not the real Vikings like Eric the Red or others.  One can walk from building to building in some places to avoid the bitter cold at times.  Many people like the winter because of winter activities.  Hockey is a great sport as well as ice fishing and ice-skating.  Snowmobiles are a blast to ride or drive.

    The uninterrupted snow is beautiful to make a path through, and the hot coco afterwards is great too.  Snowmobiles can be stored too in Storagemart facilities and all the other winter things one needs to play in the great outdoors.  You could be remiss though, if you do not see the mall, even if you do not spend all day there.  Buy some ice skates there or a hockey stick than store them in Minnetonka storage until needed.  Get outside than and skate around without loosing your toes to frostbite.  The skating will warm you up enough though, so do not be afraid all my warm weather friends from Texas or Florida.  You will like the cold, the snow, and the ice.

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  • Treat a Storage Customer as You Would a Friend
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 61 Comments61 Comments  Comments

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    When a potential Midtown Kansas City self storage customer phones you, you should know all of the information that they will need to rent the space. There are some mistakes that you can make that will give your company a bad image. Knowing the mistakes before they happen can help you avoid them in the future and save yourself a lot of time and trouble. Many sites in Missouri do not focus when they are on the phone. They are trying to do too many things at once. To be a successful Midtown Kansas City self storage company, you will need to focus on one customer at a time. This will help avoid a lot of careless, preventable mistakes.

    It is important to schedule a time for the Midtown Kansas City self storage caller to come in to rent the space. A lot of storage salespeople get excited when they get a reservation or schedule a site visit and they forget to schedule a time. You will usually tell the caller the access hours when they call in. This could be mistaken for store hours if you do not make it clear what the difference is to the customer. They may show up after hours expecting to rent a space only to find that your office is enclosed. This could cost you a customer and a lot of revenue at the same time. If you schedule an approximate time for them to come in, you will avoid this problem.

    People are busy in Missouri so they may be running a little bit late when they come in to rent a space. You should schedule appointment no later than thirty minutes before close. This is important for a couple of reasons. This will ensure that they will have plenty of time to get paperwork done without people in a rush. This will also give a little extra time just in case they are stuck in traffic.

    Some Midtown Kansas City self storage employees do not factor in holiday hours when setting up appointments. At the beginning of each month you should take time to go over what holidays are coming up that month so that you are able to avoid scheduling appointments for that day. When people need storage, they are usually on a strict schedule so setting them back a day may lose that customer.

    Knowing your hours for specific days is also important. Some Midtown Kansas City self storage sites may have a day or two where they close early. Pay attention on the call so you do not schedule afternoon appointments on those days.

    You should also go over everything they need to know so there are no surprised when they come in to rent. There is more to the storage cost than just the monthly rent. You know this, but the caller probably does not. Assume that they do not when they call in and go over everything they will need when they come in. Cash customers need to know the total they need to bring. Not everyone uses a debit or credit card. Everyone needs to bring in a photo id when they rent. These are simple things that will prevent the customer from making multiple trips to your facility. Multiple trips can cost you storage customers, as well because some are not patient.

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  • Keeping Your Storage Company’s Books Straight is Vital
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 82 Comments82 Comments  Comments

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    There is a lot that goes into running a great Lyndhurst self storage company. Many companies in New Jersey do a lot of things right, but fail because they neglect something very simple. One thing that causes Lyndhurst self storage companies to fail is taxes. There are always new tax laws and regulations added so it is hard for storage owners to keep up with everything. Some owners make the mistake of waiting until the end of the year to deal with a lot of tax related things. This is not something that you want to procrastinate on.

    Some owners are great at running a Lyndhurst self storage company from a customer service standpoint. You can have the happiest customers in the world, but that will not ensure that you are doing everything right on the paperwork side of the business. You need to make sure that you are saving all of your storage documents that you need to throughout the year. The reality for most Lyndhurst self storage companies is that they will be audited by the state of New Jersey and the federal government at some point.

    It is important to get a good accountant so that you can run your business the right way from the start. Get an accountant before you even open your business. This will make sure that you do not miss anything. The accountant office will be responsible if you do something wrong. You should spend a lot of time finding a good accountant that you trust to handle the tax side of your Lyndhurst self storage business operation.

    A good accountant will save you a lot of time and money. There are a lot of deductions that you will be able to make to save money on your overall tax burden. There are also a lot of deductions that you will not be allowed to make so it is important to have an accountant that knows what you can and cannot deduct.

    Some storage sites try to save money by only hiring an accountant around tax time. It would be better to hire an accountant year around so that you do not miss anything throughout the year. Most accountants will agree to a modest monthly fee so that you do not need to spend any money that you do not have to.

    It is great to hire an accountant just to make sure that everything is organized. You may want to consider hiring someone that works for your company to ensure that someone is always double checking to make sure that the best decisions are being made for your company. A good accountant can even make a mistake every now and again. As an owner of storage properties, you already know that mistakes can cost thousands and not hundreds of dollars.

    With all the paperwork that you will need to keep and organize just in case you get audited, you may find that you do not have enough room in your office for all of the necessary paperwork. The good news is that you own a storage facility and you can just use one of your open storage units for your own storage needs. You will want to develop a system for organization from the start so that you are able to retrieve important documents when you need them.

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  • The Key to Providing Quality Service to Storage Customers
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 81 Comments81 Comments  Comments

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    When customers call you for Kansas City self storage prices, you should do everything you can to maximize the value out of that phone call. Many storage companies in Missouri miss out on a few opportunities. They will just tell them the prices and let them go. This is a good way to ensure that your Kansas City self storage company is always fighting to make a profit because you will not be able to attract many customers. The proper way to take a sales call is described in detail in other articles. This article will focus on some of the information that you want to get from callers.

    The key to getting all of the possible information from callers is rapport. It is kind of difficult to build rapport with Kansas City self storage callers in a traditional sales kind of way simple because you do not have a great deal of time to do so. Asking the caller how their day is going can go along way to show that you care about them and not just their business. This may seem out of place right after they tell you what they need at the beginning of the call. Let the caller know that you would be happy to help and it will take a couple of seconds to get the price list. Then you can ask them how their day is going.

    Good rapport can be built by giving the caller your full attention and going over everything they need to rent the space. A lot of Kansas City self storage companies will just go for the reservation after giving the price. You should give them all of the information, such as the total move in costs after all is said and done. Then you can ask when they can come in before you ask for the reservation, one step at a time. If the caller agrees to come see your site, then you can ask for a name and number. This is important information to have so you can schedule a time for them to come in. You can also follow up with undecided callers if you have a number to reach them at. This will help you pick up some extra sales because it will give them time to call other Kansas City self storage sites to see how you compare.

    Do not stop there. Try to get their email and mailing address so that you can send them promotions later on. If you send them specials that come up later, they will remember your company when it comes time for them to rent in the future. They may also refer a friend of family member because they will have a coupon. Most Missouri storage sites offer discounts, but they do not get the information out to the potential customers. You can do this if you have a mailing and email address.

    Ask the caller how they were able to find out about you. This will let you know if you are spending your marketing dollars in the right places. They may have found out about you by driving by your facility, in the phone book, or online. You can adjust your marketing budget accordingly if you know that one of the channels is not producing good results.

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  • Attracting the Right Employees to Your Storage Company
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 69 Comments69 Comments  Comments

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    If you are a smaller storage company in the Missouri area, you may find it difficult to compete with the bigger Jefferson City self storage companies. There are many things that you can do to close the gap. One thing that you can beat them at is customer service. Happy customers are loyal customers so this should probably be your number one priority. In order to have a Jefferson City self storage company that offers great customer service, you will need to have great employees. If you want to have great employees, you will need to offer a great employment package.

    The turnover in the Jefferson City self storage job market may be higher than other fields, so you may not want to offer a bunch of benefits to new employees. You should start the benefits package at the six month or one year mark. This will give you time to figure out which employees are going to be committed to your company. Everyone is ready to go when they are interviewed. Some employees will become less impressive when it comes to down to the actual work side of the industry. You want to find the employees that are passionate about the industry.

    You should offer health insurance to your Jefferson City self storage employees. Not every storage site in Missouri will offer health insurance. This will usually result in more professional job applicants; which will lead to better customer service, and that is really what you are after here. The thought of health insurance may scare some storage owners, but there are ways to make it affordable to your company. You could offer a health savings account with a higher deductible. These are pretty affordable on your side after you factor in the contributions that the employee will make from their paychecks. Health insurance of any kind will lead to better and more loyal employees.

    Dental and vision plans could be a nice bonus as well. They will typically be more affordable than health plans so they are a nice compliment to an employee benefit package. Shop around with different companies until you find one that works for you. The best Jefferson City self storage companies will also offer other benefits.

    Some options are a 401k plan that you should match the employee contributions. This will set you up for long term costs and help retain employees which will lower you training costs by a great amount. Training is one of the biggest costs for many storage companies so to eliminate that would be a great benefit to your company.

    Vacation time is a great benefit to offer your employees. You could offer one week for each year that they are with you up to four week. This will make sure that your employees get a little break from the day to day grind that storage can be. They will love you for this a come back refreshed and ready to go. Sick days should be offered as well. Happy employees will take care of customers better since they are more invested in the company. There career success will be directly linked to the success of the company which is great. Do not break the bank. You may not be able to offer all of these benefits, but this article should provide you with some ideas of what benefits to offer.

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  • Storage Helps You Avoid Airport Parking Fees
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | 80 Comments80 Comments  Comments

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    Kate loved her job. She loved being able to have flexible hours to basically come and go as she pleased when she was in town and she loved the fact that her job allowed her to travel to different branches of the company all over the world. She lived and worked in their Chicago office and she loved living in “The Windy City.” She loved all of the places that she got to travel to and the people that she got to meet with her job, but Chicago was her home and she was always happy when she was coming back home.

    Many people though Kate was crazy traveling away from home so much for work but she liked to explore new places and see things that she had never seen before. She loved getting on the plain at O’Hare and looking up where she was going to be flying to. During her flight she would plan out places to visit between her meetings.

    One of the many hassles that Kate faced in her early days of travel is leaving her car at the airport for an extended period of time. She had a budget for leaving her car at the airport but she was never really comfortable leaving it behind there. Twice her car had been scratched or dinged when she had returned and she had to turn it into her car insurance to get it repaired.

    After the second time that her car was scratched upon her return she began to consider other options that were available for her. In the end she decided that renting a space at an O’Hare International Airport, Illinois storage location for her car was the best bet for her.

    She checked out the O’Hare International Airport storage location that were convenient to get to and from the airport and that also had easy access to transportation the rest of the way to the airport. Most importantly she wanted something that was not going to go over her budget and that would provide the necessary safety and security that she needed. She did not want to return home anymore and find that her car had been dented or scratched. She wanted to return to her car exactly as she had left it.

    Kate found the perfect O’Hare storage car storage location. The first time that she was set to go out of town on business she took her car to her spot and parked. She took the bus to the airport and was able to get right onto her flight. When she returned her car was safe and sound just like she left it. She was glad that her car was finally able to be left in a secure location while she was gone and she didn’t have to have the stress and worry that she had in the past about leaving her car behind while she was working.

    Kate no longer had to worry about her car and could focus on enjoying her flights and getting her work done while she was traveling. When she got back to Chicago she would take the bus to get her car and head back home. It was turning out to be one of the best decisions that she had ever made when dealing with traveling.

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