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  • Overseeing Your Storage Company
    By jeff on March 10, 2011 | 84 Comments84 Comments  Comments

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    Hillsdale self storage spaces are all different sizes and some different shapes.  Self storage places try to make all there storage spaces about the same dimensions throughout.  They are looking for ten by ten storage spaces or units and ten by twenties etc.  A ten by ten foot storage space is a space that is ten feet wide and ten feet long.  Many are not exact, but close.  A ten by ten storage space can hold about a one or two bedroom apartment.  Most storage places have a five by ten space too, and a ten by fifteen too.  Ten by thirty spaces are pretty big and can hold a three to four bedroom house.  Most storage places do not have too many of these because the demand for them by the customers is not as high as a ten by ten.  Some storage places will run out of ten by thirties and rent two ten by fifteen units for the same price as a ten by thirty.  This is good business.  Some storage places do have outside spaces that the customer can drive right up to it.  Some customers prefer this if they move things around a lot.  Some customers come every day, some once a year for Christmas items.  We have seen odd shaped storage spaces too because of the cut of the building.  Self storage managers and companies want to try to use every square inch they can to rent.  Renting space is the name of the business after all.  Space not being rented is space not making any money.  Simple but wait, you need space to walk on and for carts and people to load and unload and office space.  You need space to store junk left by people, cars to park and everything in between.  Therefore, you see space, and how to use it, is important.

    Hillsdale self storage space in Illinois has also thought about all of this.  It had too.  When an odd space is left sometimes you make a storage unit out of it and people will rent it because most of the time it has a special price on it.  If you want to save money and do not mind an angled storage unit, or a storage unit with a low angled roof, or a weird size like a four by eight or nine, than rent it.  Save money when you can.  It is interesting how all this works.  Next time you need storage, walk through the whole building and take a look around.  Is the place dirty or clean?  Are there locks on every storage unit you pass by?  Are there wet spots anywhere?  Water can do a lot of damage to our sacred stuff you know.  A leaky storage unit is not good.  Most self storage companies we have come across have been pretty good though.  As a matter of fact, most American companies are pretty good.  We think of these things as we see the news and all the problems we have in the world.  Keep your chin up though; the future could be outstanding as the young people take over.  We hope they stop wars.

    Hillsdale self storage places in Illinois are an example of this American spirit and fortitude.  Business is good and will get better.  Recessions happen and mistakes happen too.

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  • Come In from the Cold with Indoor Storage
    By jeff on March 7, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Everyone who visits this great city likes it.  They call it pretty and urban and lots of things to do.  They have major sports like baseball and hockey and of course, the Minnesota Vikings.  They even had hall of famer Bret Favre throwing footballs all over the field for a while trying to win games.  The Vikings have won a whole lot of football games since their start.  They used to play outside in the frigid cold.  They now play indoors, but that stadium may go the way of a new stadium.  Some want the new stadium to be an outdoor facility again like the good old days.  They play inside now.  Their famous coach for many years only wore a short sleeve shirt while prowling the sidelines during games.  The players had no heaters on the sidelines and the Vikings and the city were considered to be very tough hombres.  Some think the new indoor stadium made them less tough, and took away their advantage of warm weather teams or indoor teams coming in to play them in frigid cold weather.  There is something to be said about that.  The true Vikings fans probably like the cold weather if it gives their team an advantage.  I would not want to store all my things in a storage facility if my favorite chair freezes to death.

    Minneapolis storage is heated so in case I or someone else moves to Minneapolis, my favorite couch or chair will not freeze to death.  Moving when it is cold outside is tougher to be sure.  A warm building to move in is nice and some things you own will not do well in cold weather, even for a short time.  Storagemart owns the Minneapolis storage and it is heated.  Millions have used their facilities to store their valuables all over North America.  I bet even football players have things in the Minneapolis storage.  Does the great big mall have storage there too?  How big is that place anyway?  I know people that might want to live there if they could.  Can you live there?  Are there places to live there like apartments or lofts or wait a minute?  Should people live in malls?  And what about the ten thousand lakes Minnesota has?  I heard they count any body of water as a lake, but no one can confirm that except my friends from Minnesota.  They knew of the Minneapolis storage place too.  They used it before they moved to Texas.  They said there were a lot of mosquitoes in Minnesota due to all the lakes there.  Florida had a lot of mosquitoes too.  It was warmer in Florida too.  Storagemart has storage facilities in Florida too.  Even in Key West, which had a lot of mosquitoes too, and a lot of other bugs also.  One does not want bugs in their storage spaces.  Bugs in mattresses and sofa and small items can be devastated for families to discover.  Cover them up.  Keep everything safe and clean, and go visit a giant mall with roller coasters in it and fish tanks, and every mall- like store that exists.  Oh yeah, play hockey too.  It is a great game.

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  • All Hours Access is an Option at Many Storage Facilities
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 349 Comments349 Comments  Comments

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    If you have been in the North Kansas City self storage industry long enough, you know that competition in Missouri is tough. There are things that you can do to really set your North Kansas City self storage apart from the rest. There are many great little things that you can do that will really help your business.

    One thing that will really prevent you company from achieving your goals is working around the schedules of the average customer. Most storage sites in Missouri have stores that close around five or six everyday with pretty minimal hours on the weekends. This makes it impossible for some customers to rent with you because they may not have jobs where they can just leave for any reason. You do not want to lose customers just because your store hours alienate them. Most North Kansas City self storage companies have these office hours for reasons of cost and you should not extend your store hours if you think that you cannot afford the extra cost.

    You should just provide after hours numbers for rental inquiries. The number should be forwarded to the site manager so they can do rentals after hours and on weekends. You should encourage your employees to do whatever it takes to get rentals, even if it means working extra hours for rentals. You will need to have loyal employees to pull this off. There are many other articles that go over how to have loyal employees at your North Kansas City self storage site through great employee benefits package. It would also be helpful, if not necessary, to have a manager that lives on site.

    Doing these things will increase the number of rentals that you get and that is always a good thing. Think outside of the box and do things that other North Kansas City self storage companies do not do. The extra thirty minutes of time that your manager has to put in would mean extra revenue and will add to the value of your property, as well. You could maybe set up a nice bonus for getting after hours rentals so that managers will go the extra mile to get the rental. The competition is tough and one way to gain the upper hand is to work harder at getting rentals.

    Make sure that your employees are happy with their jobs so that they will treat your customers well when they come in to the store. Sometimes all an employee needs is recognition they are doing a great job. An email would be good, but a phone call or personal visit would be better. This will let the employee know that you appreciate all of the hard work that they have been doing to help your company succeed. This would also make employees more likely to get rentals after hours.

    The after hours number is also a good idea because there may be emergencies that need to be taken care of right away. Storage customers may be locked out of their unit for no reason. When customers visit your site during access hours and after office hours, they need to get to their space. When this happens, it is best to handle the problem right away instead of leaving the problem until the morning. This will lead to customer retention.

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  • Storage Helps Students Focus on Their Studies
    By jeff on January 10, 2011 | 77 Comments77 Comments  Comments

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    Westchester and University Park are home to thousands of college students each year. College can be some of the best times in a person’s life. You really find out who it is that you are as an adult. It is a big change in life for many students. They are now responsible for themselves and often the class work can be a big switch for some.

    The life of a college student can be quite different from living at home. Many students choose to live on campus. This allows them to be close to their classes and they often have meal plans available to help them with food. Not having mom there to make home cooked meals may leave some students unsure of how to cook, but with cafeteria plans available they can be assured of a few meals a week to sustain them. Living on campus also allows you the opportunity to get to meet more people and be involved in more campus activities.

    Another option that is available that many students look for is renting an apartment. Some students rent with a few friends or may be luck enough to be able to afford an apartment or loft space on their own. Living off campus has its advantages as well. It is sometimes difficult to find any personal space to study on campus and you may not always know your room mate. Having a room mate that you do not get along with can lead to a terrible semester. Living in an apartment off campus also gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. Many dorms have a restriction on what time you have to be back in your dorm room, but having your own apartment you can come and go as you please.

    Both living situations come with pros and cons. Some of the cons of both situations are the lack of personal space that you may find yourself struggling with. In a dorm room space is limited and sharing an apartment with friends also means having little to no personal space or closet space available. A great solution to the lack of personal space is by getting a nearby Westchester, Florida storage unit.

    With Westchester storage you can find a safe and secure spot in which to get the extra space that college life may not come with. When summer comes and classes are dismissed you Westchester storage unit can once again help you transition. With a Westchester storage unit you don’t have to move everything out of your dorm room and try to schlep it all back home just to move it back into the dorms again in a few months. You can leave your stuff in the nearby storage unit and not have to spend your summer time hauling all of your stuff home. Once school is getting ready to start again and you have your dorm room worked out you can simple move your belongings back in from your nearby self storage unit.

    College combines growing up, learning, and fun. With a Westchester, Florida storage unit you can also have the personal space that you need to be able to do all of that. So why wait until you are struggling to fit everything into your dorm room, reserve a space now and have one less thing to worry about when adjusting to college life.

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  • Thawing Out with Miami Dade Self Storage
    By jeff on November 24, 2010 | 50 Comments50 Comments  Comments

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    Escaping the cold and snow of the winter months usually hits everyone once the cold moves in and the first snow falls. Many people spend their time day dreaming of some place warm and sunny while they are shoveling the snow off of the cars and digging out their driveways from the accumulated snow. Bundling up in sweaters and still being cold can leave you longing for your bathing suite and a day at the beach laying on the sand and soaking up the sun shine. When the ice storm comes and you are stuck inside your house for a day you will long for the sunny outdoors and being able to enjoy nature.

    So why not put down the snow shovel, leave behind your ice scraper, and escape the harsh winter wind with the warm breeze blowing in Miami Dade? Pack up your shorts and tank tops and leave behind the sweater for warmer climates. Go buy some sun tan lotion and head for the sun of the Florida coast.

    Whether you just stay for a few days or you can spend your winter soaking up the Miami sun you will feel thawed out in no time at all. Hopefully you are one of those people who can spend an extended time enjoying all that Miami Dade has to offer. With so much diversity in entertainment, dining, and fun you will need the time to explore all that the city has to offer.

    There are several options for your stay in Miami. With extended stay hotels, condos, and time share options being many of the most popular picks for long winter getaways you can find something that fits your needs. Another option that is possible is purchasing a home in the area giving you the assurance that come the first cold days of fall you have a warm place to retreat to. You don’t have to worry about fighting the migrating crowds to get a place at your favorite spot.

    The benefits of having a vacation home in Miami can be a long list and by adding a Miami Dade storage unit to the list it can get even better. With a Miami Dade, Florida storage unit there is no need to have to bring everything that you need for your time in Florida or take everything when you leave. You can have everything you need waiting for you. With a Miami Dade storage unit you can also have safety and security while you are back home and the knowledge that your belongings will be safe and awaiting your return.

    Not only do you not have to worry about your stuff but transporting all of your stuff back and forth can get expensive and can be a hassle. With convenient Miami Dade storage locations it is easy to find a facility that is near by to serve you.

    So don’t spend your winter months inside and fighting the cold and snow. Stop dreaming of somewhere warmer for the winter months and make your dream a reality. Find one of the great places to stay in Miami and with a Miami Dade storage unit keeping you belongings safe for your vacation home you will be able to enjoy life all year long. Come and thaw out in Miami, Florida.

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  • Adding Self Storage to Life in Lake Charles
    By jeff on November 18, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    When looking for a place to live in Louisiana there is no need to look any farther than Lake Charles. With the fresh water marshes, lakefront sunsets, inviting beaches, and Adventure Cove parks there is so many things to enjoy in the Louisiana outdoors. Combine that with wide array of dining, shopping, and entertainment that you can find within the city of Lake Charles and you can see that you have almost everything that you need all in one spot. When searching for a home in the Lake Charles area it may help you to keep in mind a few things.

    • If this is your first time buying a home it can be an exciting time, but it can also be a scary time. Being a first time home buyer is a huge commitment both in being responsible for the upkeep of the home as well as the huge financial responsibility that you will be taking on. Another thing that many first time home buyers with is realizing that their dream home and their first home may not be the same. While you dream of having a nice house with a big back yard with a picket fence, you may only be able to get in your first home price range an older home with a smaller yard and a chain link fence around the back yard. When you find that your first home also does not come with the extra storage space that your dream home would come with then having a Lake Charles, Louisiana storage unit can help supplement your lack of storage space. Having a Lake Charles storage unit can help you during your transition from being a first time home buyer until you can purchase your dream home.
    • Lake Charles can be a great place to raise a family. Raising a family though often comes with a lot of stuff. Your kids grow out of their clothes and toys faster than you can keep up with sometimes. The nursery has to transition into a toddler’s room in just a short amount of time. When looking to get additional space for you and your family to grow and expand having a nearby Lake Charles storage unit can help you to find the space that you need. Need to move the crib out and save it for your next child? Saving it in a secure self storage facility for a future date will let you hold onto the things that you need without taking up the space that you may not be able to dedicate in your home as storage.
    • Many couples in their later stages of life look for a smaller house to be able to enjoy their golden year in. the kids have all grown and moved out and now it is just them again. With no need to keep and maintain such a large family home many retired couples look for a smaller house or even an apartment. Just because you want a smaller place does not mean that you want to get rid of all of your stuff though. By having a Lake Charles storage unit you can find that smaller easier to maintain house and keep all of your furniture and things that you have collected over the past decades.

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  • Moving Cross Country Made Easy
    By admin on March 23, 2010 | 80 Comments80 Comments  Comments

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    You know that you are going to be moving across the country, but you are not sure how you are going to do it. Do you find yourself in this situation? If so, know that there is no good reason to panic. Indeed, if you give yourself enough time to plan your move, then you are going to be able to take care of your belongings and get yourself to where you want to be. Just keep a few of these tips in mind as you are planning your move, and you are going to be able to get the ball rolling, and fast, at that.

    The first thing that you have to realize, here, is that you have more belongings than you think. It does not matter who you are, chances are that you have tons of stuff piled up in your house that you are not actually going to have to move. Thus, one of the first things that you are going to want to do, here, is toss out all of the stuff that you are not actually going to keep. If you have tons of paperwork that you do not need, e.g. homework or bills, then you are going to want to be sure that you dispose of it and get it out of your way. When you have narrowed it down to the things that you are going to keep, then you are not going to feel nearly as stressed out when it comes time to move.

    The second thing that you are going to want to do, here, is figure out if you can actually ship any of your belongings. Even if you are going to be driving your car across the country, you are going to want to conserve as much space as possible while you are on the road. It bears mentioning, of course, that if you have your car stuffed to the ceiling with your belongings, then someone might very well try to break into your car. Just ship the stuff that you can ship, and get that out of your way.

    Now, for the large, bulky items, you are going to have a few options at your disposal. If you absolutely must keep your bulky items, then you are going to have to be prepared to spend some extra money. You can pay to have them freight shipped across the country, or you can pay to have a moving service drive them across the country, but chances are that these options are going to be extremely expensive. A reasonable alternative would be to rent a moving truck and drive them up yourself, especially considering that most moving trucks are going to be able to tow your standard vehicle behind them. Once again, though, a moving truck can be rather expensive if you are going to be driving it across the entire country, so you are going to have to be sure that it is within your budget before you commit to anything.

    Moving across the country can be a really stressful endeavor, particularly if you are sort of person who really cherishes her belongings. So long as you are ready and willing to downsize your life, though, then you are going to find that moving across the country is not actually a huge issue. Just give yourself enough time to make all of the appropriate plans, and be sure that you are not letting the stress of the situation take over your mind. In due time, you will come up with a plan that works out well with your needs.

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  • How To Pay Less For Oakland Self Storage – Part One
    By admin on September 30, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

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    When it comes to choosing the best Oakland self storage facility, there are several factors that you have to consider - price is just one of them. Therefore, it is important for you to know how to determine the rates. Some key pointers in this regard include your financial situation how much you can afford to pay, your storing needs and requirements, the amount of space you should rent, the number of units, the types of features you are opting for, and several other such things. The good thing is that because of the cut-throat competition in the Oakland self storage market, the rates offered by most facilities is highly competitive. However, if you keep in mind a couple of things, you can get a much fairer deal.

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  • Chicago Self Storage – Safe Haven – Part Three
    By admin on September 24, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

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    Chicago self storage offer advantage of comfort and protection to your prized possessions.  But, you must carry out your research quite well so that you opt for the most facilitating unit. You should opt for storing units which have advance security measures such as CCTV surveillance, burglar alarm, and 24 hour security guards.   The units are safe from burglar breaks ins. The storing units should be well built, strong, and free from any construction defects. This would ensure that your goods safety from water leakage or inadequate temperature control. Size also is an important factor of a warehouse as they charge on the basis of size only.  Rent for a big space unit would be extra similarly, a smaller storing unit will also not do, you want to store all your goods in such a way that they do not overlap each other.

    An average mini unit is about the size of a closet. This space is enough to store small house hold goods such as a sofa, a small couch or some cartons can be stacked over them. Size of the units can be customized according to your needs. These storing units ensure the safe keeping of your valuable possessions that you do not need to use often but want to keep anyway for your own reasons. Chicago self storage are the best haven for your valuable possessions.

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  • Innovative Uses of Kansas City Self Storage – Part Three
    By admin on September 20, 2009 | 13 Comments13 Comments  Comments

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    Use It To Practice Music    

    A similar thing holds true for practicing music as well. Neighbors and your family members will again complain about noise if you practice music at home. But, nobody is going to disturb you if you do that in a storing house. The specific architectural design of these buildings makes them a perfect place to practice music. You can be as loud as you want. The noise will not escape the building.

    There can also be several other innovative uses of Kansas City self storage facilities. The best thing about these storehouses is that they charge very little amount of money as compared other alternative resources. So you have nothing to lose. Go on interviewing properties and find the one that fits your needs.

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