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  • All Hours Access is an Option at Many Storage Facilities
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 349 Comments349 Comments  Comments

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    If you have been in the North Kansas City self storage industry long enough, you know that competition in Missouri is tough. There are things that you can do to really set your North Kansas City self storage apart from the rest. There are many great little things that you can do that will really help your business.

    One thing that will really prevent you company from achieving your goals is working around the schedules of the average customer. Most storage sites in Missouri have stores that close around five or six everyday with pretty minimal hours on the weekends. This makes it impossible for some customers to rent with you because they may not have jobs where they can just leave for any reason. You do not want to lose customers just because your store hours alienate them. Most North Kansas City self storage companies have these office hours for reasons of cost and you should not extend your store hours if you think that you cannot afford the extra cost.

    You should just provide after hours numbers for rental inquiries. The number should be forwarded to the site manager so they can do rentals after hours and on weekends. You should encourage your employees to do whatever it takes to get rentals, even if it means working extra hours for rentals. You will need to have loyal employees to pull this off. There are many other articles that go over how to have loyal employees at your North Kansas City self storage site through great employee benefits package. It would also be helpful, if not necessary, to have a manager that lives on site.

    Doing these things will increase the number of rentals that you get and that is always a good thing. Think outside of the box and do things that other North Kansas City self storage companies do not do. The extra thirty minutes of time that your manager has to put in would mean extra revenue and will add to the value of your property, as well. You could maybe set up a nice bonus for getting after hours rentals so that managers will go the extra mile to get the rental. The competition is tough and one way to gain the upper hand is to work harder at getting rentals.

    Make sure that your employees are happy with their jobs so that they will treat your customers well when they come in to the store. Sometimes all an employee needs is recognition they are doing a great job. An email would be good, but a phone call or personal visit would be better. This will let the employee know that you appreciate all of the hard work that they have been doing to help your company succeed. This would also make employees more likely to get rentals after hours.

    The after hours number is also a good idea because there may be emergencies that need to be taken care of right away. Storage customers may be locked out of their unit for no reason. When customers visit your site during access hours and after office hours, they need to get to their space. When this happens, it is best to handle the problem right away instead of leaving the problem until the morning. This will lead to customer retention.

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  • Business is Booming with Self Storage
    By jeff on February 1, 2011 | 263 Comments263 Comments  Comments

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    This is the day that Seth had been waiting for, for the past ten years. His business was finally expanding and growing and they were going to be opening the first of what he hoped would be several locations. It seemed that his dream had finally come about.

    Seth’s company had come along way in the ten years that he had been working and sometimes struggling to make his business successful. When he first started his company his office was the guest bedroom to his home and he utilized a Chicago Loop, Illinois storage unit for his file storage and inventory storage.

    He kept his home clean and organized with the help of a second smaller Chicago Loop storage unit. By having two separate units he was able to keep his personal life and his business storage needs separate. In his personal storage unit he utilized the space for the things that needed a place to be put away but had no room in the house. He often entertained clients or potential investors in his home and he wanted it to be clean and organized. He didn’t want his clients or investors to see his home as messy or unorganized and think that he ran his business the same way that he ran his home. With not knowing when exactly there were going to be business associates coming by he was in the practice of cleaning his house on a nightly basis just in case anyone stopped buy during business hours the following day.

    Seth used his Chicago Loop self storage unit for his business for two different purposes so he had a larger size unit for his business. One of the reasons that he utilized a self storage unit for his business was storing files. Everything from customer contracts to tax forms were kept in his storage unit. It left more room in his home office space for him to work if he didn’t have to house several filing cabinets. Even though most of his business was done over emails and was aided by technology there was still a considerable amount of paper work that had to be completed. The second reason for his self storage unit was to keep his extra inventory in. he had samples of all of his products in the closet in his home office, but all of his extras were kept in his storage space. There was really no where to keep his inventory in his home since he lacked a basement and he did not want his inventory to be kept in the garage where it could be damaged.

    The Chicago Loop storage unit gave him the opportunity to expand his business more so that if he would just have had to keep his inventory at his house. As his business continued to grow he was able to move out of his home office and rent a small office space. It was nothing fancy, but it was just the beginning of his business and it was an important step.

    These days his business was in a great location in the Chicago area and a second location was getting ready to be opened. His business had come a long way since its humble beginnings in the guest bedroom of his house and Loop storage unit.

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  • Simpliy Your Life with Self Storage
    By jeff on December 27, 2010 | 221 Comments221 Comments  Comments

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    Want a small town feel to life with all the benefits of a big city? With the nearby cities of St. Charles, Alexandria, Arlington, and our nation’s capital of Washington DC offering the dining, entertainment, and city night life that you can find in the city life you have everything that you need in your area. But if you want all of that with the daily life of a small town feel then living in Waldorf, Maryland is that place. When choosing to live in Waldorf you have many options, just like in any city, in which you can live. Here are a few examples of how having a Waldorf, Maryland storage unit can help you add to your living situation.

    Many single people or people who are trying to save up for their first home choose to live in one or two bedroom apartments. Life in apartments can be interesting depending on who your neighbors are and how well your landlord keeps up the complex. Whatever type of apartment you have you may find that having an apartment often comes with small closets and little to no extra storage space. When you find yourself in an apartment and needing more closet space or needing more storage space that your complex lacks then adding a Waldorf storage unit can provide you with the space that you need and still allow you to save up your money.

    Once you have saved up for your first home and you are excited to be out of the rental game and have a space that you can call your own without the noisy neighbors. Many people have their dream home in their mind. What it would look like on the outside and what features it would have. Things like great location, a porch swing, window seat, updated kitchen, or two car garage may all be things that are on your wish list but many first time home buyers can’t afford homes in prime locations and everything on their wish list. When you find that your first home comes with a lack of storage space or no garage space for those extra seasonal items or extra boxes of stuff then having a Waldorf storage unit can help you expand your first home to have the storage space that it lacks. And with convenient locations leaving you easy access to your stuff you don’t have to go out of your way anytime you need something.

    As your family grows the personal space that each person has can get smaller and smaller. Hopefully as your family grows you will be able to get a bigger home to accommodate each person, their stuff, and room to move around. As your children grow they outgrow their stuff. Cribs get turned into toddler beds and clothes last for just a few months if you’re lucky. When your child grows and you want to hold on to the baby stuff for future kids having a Waldorf storage space can give you the space you need to hold on to baby furniture and baby clothes and everything that you want to save for any future babies.

    No matter what type of storage you need, a few boxes or a lot of stuff, there is a Waldorf storage unit that can help you find the extra storage space you need.

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  • Enjoying the Past and the Present with Self Storage
    By jeff on October 26, 2010 | 256 Comments256 Comments  Comments

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    Milledgeville, Georgia is a town that is deeply rooted in its past, but also striving for a better and brighter future. With historical museums and places to see of the past, and combining that with the art, culture, and businesses of the present Milledgeville is a great place to not only visit but it a great place to live. Any Georgia itinerary for vacation should include a stop in Milledgeville, and when looking for a great place to live your life in Georgia keep Milledgeville at the top or your list.

    If you love American history and care to explore the rich history of Georgia then Milledgeville has to be on your list of places to visit. With historical features like the Old Governors Mansion, Georgia’s Old Capital Museum, Lockerly Hall, or the GCSU’s Natural History Museum just to start out your exploration of the past of Georgia and Milledgeville there can be days spend learning about some of the history of the past. You can also spend your time exploring the past by visiting some of the ten antique dealers in the downtown area.

    If you are a resident of Milledgeville you will probably have been to see all of the museums and historical features of your town many times. Perhaps you want to explore your own history a little bit though. Take a trip down to your Milledgeville, Georgia storage unit and take a look through those old boxes of pictures and mementos of your past. Search through your past and take a trip down your own memory lane to long ago times in your life.

    So maybe history is not your thing. Visiting Milledgeville does not have to be a guided tour of our great past. With places like Blackbridge Hall Art Gallery, and John Marlor Art Center you can explore your creative side. Perhaps you just want to enjoy the beauty and nature of Georgia. With Lake Sinclair, Lockerly Arboretum, and the Flannery O’Connor’s Farm waiting for you to spend your days enjoying the beauty to be seen in Milledgeville or spending your time enjoying a great book nestled under the shade tree of a Georgia oak. With the fun to be had at the lake you can choose which type of fun you want to.

    Residents in Milledgeville know that they can count on convenient locations and friendly service at Milledgeville storage facilities to help them maintain the beauty of their own homes. When your home is clean and clutter free you can relax and enjoy more of  life in Milledgeville.

    So whether you are attracted to Milledgeville because of the history and museums that there are to explore and learn more about our past, or you want to spend your free time soaking up the Georgia sun on Lake Sinclair there is something for everyone who wants to come and enjoy Milledgeville. With great hotels and fine dining waiting to add to your enjoyment why not start planning your visit today. You may enjoy your time so much that you find yourself planning to stay and enjoy living life in such a great place. Just remember that a Milledgeville storage facility is waiting to help you in your move or help you add storage space to your home so that you can enjoy life in Milledgeville that much more.

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  • Match Self Storage To Meet Your Needs
    By admin on May 11, 2010 | 283 Comments283 Comments  Comments

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    When it comes down to renting the self storage unit that is right for your belongings, you have to bear a few things in mind as you are shopping around.  I mean, sure, you can rent a unit without considering all of your options.  Sure, you can rent a unit without fully understanding what you are getting yourself into.  Really, though, if you want to be sure that you enjoy your stay at your facility, you are going to be sure that you are exercising a bit of caution before you sign any leases.

    The first thing that you are going to want to look at, here, is a copy of your lease agreement.  Sure, you can rent a self storage unit without reading your lease agreement, but why in the world would you go ahead and do a thing like that?  You have to be sure that you understand how your late fees work, and you have to be sure that you know everything about the insurance that you’re going to need.  When you read your lease agreement word for word, you know that you are not going to have to put up with any nasty surprises in the near future.

    Moving on, here, you are also going to have to be sure that you are paying close attention to the security features that come along with your unit.  Simply put, if you are not renting a safe unit, then you are tossing your money out the window.  I mean, when you set out to rent a self storage unit, you are essentially setting out for a way to keep your belongings safe.  If you rent a unit that does not come with great security features, then you are failing to meet the central objective of your task.  Here, be sure that you are renting a unit that comes with video surveillance cameras, door alarms, high perimeter fencing, a high security lock for your door, and an on site property manager.  If you do not make sure that you are giving yourself access to these features, then you are not paying your belongings the care and respect that they deserve.

    Finally, here, you have to be sure that you are looking up reviews of your local facilities.  Even if you have read your lease, and even if you have made sure that the security features are up to snuff, you have to make sure that your facility has a good customer service history.  The last thing that you are going to want to do, here, is rent a self storage unit from a facility that has a well developed history of making its customers mad.  While you may be able to save yourself a few dollars by running with an inferior facility, there is no reason for you to put yourself through such an endeavor.  Do yourself a favor, here, and be sure that your self storage property manager is nice, knowledgeable, and helpful.

    At the end of the day, you are going to find that renting self storage units is not all that hard if you know what to look for.  Just be sure that you are keeping all of this advice in mind as you are shopping around, and you are not going to run into any serious issues.

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  • Features Of Self Storage Facilities
    By admin on April 18, 2010 | 308 Comments308 Comments  Comments

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    Very few people seem to realize that renting a self storage unit is serious business, so to speak.  Indeed, when it comes to making sure that you are keeping all of your belongings safe, there are simply a few things that you HAVE to be sure that you are doing.  At the end of the day, you have to be able to know that your belongings are going to be safe, and you have to know that your belongings are not going to be damaged by changes in the weather.  Simply put, though, these worries do not have to consume your life.  So long as you are willing to exercise a bit of discretion as you are calling around, you are not going to run into any serious problems in these regards.  You are going to be just fine at the end of the day if you know what you are doing as you are shopping around.

    When it comes to keeping your belongings safe, there are a few features that you are going to want to keep in mind.  First and foremost, you are going to want to be sure that you are renting a unit that comes equipped with a video surveillance camera.  When you have a camera watching over your belongings when you are gone, you know that you are not going to have to worry about someone, or some thing, tampering with your belongings when you are gone.  Indeed, you are going to be able to rest assured that all crimes are going to be deterred by the mere presence of your cameras.  Additionally, you are going to want to be sure that you are renting a unit that comes equipped with a door alarm, as this is going to scare the living daylights out of anyone who attempts to break your lock on your door.  If you couple these security features with a great property manager, then you know that you are not going to have to worry about a thing when you leave your belongings behind at the end of the day.  In all likelihood, your self storage unit is going to keep your belongings safer than your own home could.

    Moving on, here, you are also going to want to be sure that you have rented a unit that is going to keep your belongings safe from changes in the temperature and humidity.  The last thing that you are going to want, here, is to rent a unit that is going to allow for your belongings to become wet or warped as the weather changes.  Be sure that your unit is sealed up very well, and be sure that you are keeping your eyes open for obvious signs of water damage and oil damage.  Furthermore, be sure that your room does not have too much of an inward slant, as that may end up allowing water to creep in from underneath your door.  If you are going to be storing a ton of temperature sensitive belongings, then you are going to want to be sure that you are renting a climate controlled self storage unit to keep them safe, too.

    So long as you are taking these proactive steps to keep your belongings safe, they are not going to be harmed by their stay in your self storage unit.  Indeed, by doing your research ahead of time and renting the appropriate unit, you virtually guarantee yourself a tremendous peace of mind.  True, you may not be crazy about spending the extra hours when it comes to shopping around for your self storage unit, but at the end of the day, you are going to be very happy that you did.

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