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  • Happy Endings Can Be Found in Self Storage
    By jeff on March 8, 2011 | 57 Comments57 Comments  Comments

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    Sometimes in the North Kansas City storage area a wonderful story occurs.  It started out bad at first, but sometimes instincts take over and if you listen to those instincts, good things could happen.  Most people believe and do go with their instincts and when you do not, well, you know what happens.

    A manager at a storage facility saw himself facing a rather interesting dilemma.  He had a car in his storage lot that had been there for many months since he took over.  He inherited this problem and did not see any rent from the car’s owner in over ten months.  Normally this car would have been auctioned off or at the least towed away.  There was not much paper work on the owner of the car and phone call after phone call gave no answers.  Where was this owner?  It was a classic car from the nineteen fifties and it was in great condition.  Many customers came in the office to inquire about the car but the manager’s hands were tied.  He could not get rid of it in that way.  Without a title, owner, or rent paid for the parking lot in ten months he went the legal way to get rid of it.

    After a few more months of paper work, the North Kansas City storage facility finally received permission to get rid of the car.  He could sell it or have it towed away off the property and out of his hair.  The paper work came in the mail and he read it carefully and could have proceeded to get rid of it.  Something told him to wait though, and he did.  He did not know why but his instinct told him to.  He just felt something odd had happened.  It was too nice of a car to just give up on, and besides, the rent was only twenty dollars a month to keep this very nice and expensive car.

    One day, two men came in the office.  One was bald, very thin and appeared to be very weak.  The other man was the opposite.  He had a lot of hair and was built strong.  He spoke first in a very sad and depressed kind of way and started this story about how his friend had to go in the hospital for brain surgery not expecting to live through it.  During all these many months, he had forgotten, due to his condition, where he put his car to store because the operation and hospital time would be a long time, and he might never drive again anyway.  He described the car to every detail and had visited every storage place in North Kansas City storage areas.  It was the car this manager had.  The bald man was the owner who had the operation.  He survived the brain surgery and could even drive again.  The manager showed the young men the car and they jumped for joy never expecting to see the car again.  After the proper ID and all the paper work was done, the men jumped the car, it started, paid all the money owed, and the thanked the manager for never getting rid of his car.  The manager was excited too seeing the joy it had brought this person who survived so much.

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  • Storage Auction Can Be a Nice Way to Make Extra Money
    By jeff on March 8, 2011 | 54 Comments54 Comments  Comments

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    People are making money at Midtown Kansas City storage.  Most of the time storage facilities like Midtown Kansas City storage hold auctions on specific storage units about once a month.  When people rent storage space and cannot pay their monthly rent for a period of time, their storage units are auctioned off to the public.  This is not an easy process or a process taken lightly by the managers or companies.  Laws that must be abided by dictate it or the action cannot take place.  One can look in the local papers for the announcement of these actions and the number of units to be sold.

    The actions usually take place in the morning and the crowds gather to bid on the units.  Sometimes ten to twenty storage spaces will be sold, other times, maybe just a few.  It is a very interesting scene to be at when you are just a beginner or just a single buyer representing yourself.  There will be auction houses bidding on these storage spaces and other businesses too.  These are hard to bid against in open bid auctions because they can usually outbid an individual.  They are good to watch though, because they can kind of tip their hand by the bids they make.  No one is allowed to go in the specific storage unit.  The bidders stand around while the manager of the facility or another worker opens the sealed unit and raises the door.  The bidders can all look in the open unit but can not go in to browse around.  Some items are visible to all like cars, sometimes, or boats or furniture, but other items are not.  There may be a whole lot of sealed boxes that no one can see what is inside.  This is where the bid can be tricky.  Are the boxes full of junk or good stuff?

    Midtown Kansas City storage will sell units with both.  Good boxes and bad boxes, but they do not know either which boxes are good or bad.  Do you take a chance and try to outbid your opponents or just wait?  Experience will give you some indication but it is still a risk.  Most auction houses or businesses will not take this kind of risk because a bunch of boxes with junk in it is not a good business decision.  This is where beginners can buy some storage spaces and see what comes up.  They could be cheep too, some sell for twenty dollars.  Some for two dollars.  Storage space that sells for two dollars sounds rare but managers want to get rid of the unit or they end up cleaning it out themselves.  That is worth two dollars to them for sure.  There are other considerations to think of like when you buy a unit you usually have twenty-four hours to clear it out.  A truck right on the property is the way to go.  Get it out right now.  Some people have made a profit in a short three months buying storage units.  A box or two may have valuable things in it.  You never know really.  Stories abound like a box of Hummels found or good art or tools that are expensive.  Gold or silver and jewelry too have been found.  Storage unit auctions can be fun.  You can meet interesting people and maybe, just maybe, get lucky yourself.

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  • Self Storage Auctions – Find Treasure
    By admin on June 17, 2010 | 57 Comments57 Comments  Comments

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    Nowadays, people are looking for ways to make extra money.  Spending money is, in other words, much harder to come by.  Chances are that you are buying fewer DVDs, buying cheaper food, and generally looking around for good ways to save yourself some extra money at the end of the month.  Well, if you find that you have a little bit of free time to spare, then you may decide to head out to a few self storage auctions to make yourself a little bit of extra cash.  While you are going to have to develop some new skills to succeed at these auctions, you are going to find that they are a great way to make some extra money once you get good at what you are doing.

    First and foremost, reader, you are never going to want to forget to bring your money in cash.  When you when an auction on your self storage unit, your property manager is going to want the money right there, on the spot.  If you are looking for big ticket items, then you are going to want to bring several thousand dollars with you in a safe.  If you are not looking to spend quite that much money, then you should show up with three or four hundred dollars and limit yourself to smaller, less valuable units.  It is better to start out this way, anyway.  You need to get your feet wet before you can really start to drop some change at these auctions.

    Moving on, reader, you are always going to want to be sure that you are bringing a flashlight with you to these auctions.  Central to your success, here, is your ability to be able to see the items that are in the very back of the unit.  Typically speaking, the biggest, heaviest, and most valuable items are going to be loaded into the unit first, meaning that you are going to find them in the back of the unit, behind all of the other stuff.  If you cannot see back there, then you are not going to be able to make a very educated bid on that unit.  By bringing a flashlight along with you, you guarantee that you are going to have a competitive advantage.

    Finally, reader, you are going to want to be sure that you keep your eyes peeled for all of the big ticket items.  What are these, you might ask?  Simple.  Keep an eye out for tool boxes, as their contents are going to fetch you a pretty penny.  Also, keep an eye out for gun chests, safes, and these sorts of things.  There is no telling what they are going to contain.  Beware the self storage units that are stuffed with boxes and random odds and ends, as they are probably not hiding any valuable items.  In my experience, I have found that the neat, organized units are the ones that you want to target, not the super messy ones that are in shambles.

    While you are going to have to sink some money into these auctions before you get good at them, you are going to find that they are great way to make some extra money when you are strapped for cash.  Like anything else, you have to put your practice hours in before you get really good.

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  • Self Storage Auction Tips
    By admin on January 28, 2010 | 74 Comments74 Comments  Comments

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    In these difficult economic times, you might be looking around for a good way to make a little bit of extra spending money.  And really, there are a lot of ways in which you might set about accomplishing this.  Of course, one of the best ways that you can make yourself a few extra dollars is by attending a few self storage auctions.  Sure, this may seem a little bit complicated at first, but once you begin to get your feet wet, you are going to realize that there is not much that goes into making a few extra dollars at your local self storage auctions.  Simply follow the advice that you find here, and you are going to be well along your way before you even know it.

    There is something very important that you have to know before you begin to attend your local self storage auctions.  You absolutely have to show up with a  truck.  If you do not show up with a truck, you are going to get yourself into a world of pain.  Indeed, typically speaking, you are only going to be given twenty four hours to clear the unit that you win in your auction.  If you happen to win a five by ten or a five by five, then this may not be much of a task at all.  If, however, you end up winning something like a ten by thirty garage style unit, then chances are that you are going to have quite a lot of stuff to get out of that unit.  By bringing a truck with you, you guarantee that you are going to be able to clear the unit out within the time frame that you are given by the property managers.  You might even consider showing up with a moving truck if you know that you are going to be bidding on the larger units.

    The second bit of advice, here, is to be sure that you bring cash.  Typically speaking, property managers are not going to accept checks or credit cards when it comes down to auctioned units.  Be sure that you show up with at least a few hundred dollars in cash.  If you think that you might be spending a bit more than that, then you are going to want to be sure that you quickly get an official check from your bank when you win the auction.  The last thing that you are going to want to do, here, is win a unit and then fail to make an appropriate payment.

    Finally, here, you are going to want to be sure that you are showing up at self storage auctions with a clear understanding of your strategy.  The last thing that you are going to want to do, here, is allow yourself to be swept up in the competition of the thing.  Do not bid on a unit simply because you want to beat someone else.  Only bid on units that are going to make you a profit, and only bid when you think that your bid does not exceed the value of the contents of the unit.  Sure, this advice may seem a bit elementary, but it may very way save you from spending way too much money on a unit that catches your eye.

    Self storage auctions are a great way to make a few extra bucks.  Simply be sure that you know what you are doing when you show up, as you are going to find that your competition can get rather fierce.  With a little bit of strategy, though, you can hang with all of the big guys.

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