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  • Keep Your Outdoor Gear in a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 10, 2011 | 12 Comments12 Comments  Comments

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    Northbrook self storage places are very close to the great city of Chicago.  Northbrook is a very nice suburb of Chicago and some very famous businesses reside there.  Chicago is one of the great cities in the world, and many cultures and varieties of people, make it a very interesting city to visit, or live in.  We love going to Chinatown and eating at some of the great places to eat in Chicago.  We love Dim Sum, which we think means small parts or small amounts.  It makes sense as the waiters and servers bring trays of tiny portions to your table.  Now by tiny, we mean items that are small in size, some are only one or two bites.  They are shrimp, fish, meat, and vegetable.  We always have a great time going to these places and we invite many people to come with us.  We love bringing the first-timers, people who never have seen or got to taste so many different kinds of foods.

    Northbrook self storage places in Chicago, Illinois are located just minutes from the city.  Summer in the city of Chicago is a very special and fun time.  We always thought that this great city was one of the most fun places to be in the summer months.  The beaches are very interesting, and underrated.  The Michigan Dunes are not far away either and their beaches are very nice.  That is where we go when we visit Chicago.  We used to climb the large sand dunes and see if we could make it up the whole sand dune without stopping.    Now, well we did try a couple of years ago and we did not make it up the dune in one try.  WE made it though, and our family stood tall on the dune where trees were a welcome sight after the hot sun was beating down on us.  It is a tiring thing to do, but it feels great when you and the ones you love are all standing on top of the dune.

    Northbrook self storage places in Illinois are also not too far from Starved rock.  It is a great place to walk.  The name comes from when a group of Indians were starved in this area.  It is a land that looks or feels nothing like Chicago.  You walk through mountains and hills and rock, and can go very high for great views of a river below.  The trails are great and there are stops along the way.  There is a waterfall if you follow a specific trail, which people stop at to play in or just rest and look at it.  Waterfalls are nice, even if it is not very big, it is still tall enough to make you sit and watch it.  We loved coming here and enjoying the waterfall and we have been doing it for many years now.  There are cabins you can rent and stay a few days, or just set up a tent and rough it a little bit.  Get into the great outdoors.  Some of the trails are miles long so one could stay a few days and walk the trail.  It is great exercise and is good for your heart.

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  • Learn a Bit of History with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on March 9, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

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    How many states have a Union city in it?  California has one it seems, right by San Francisco if memory serves us.  Pennsylvania and New York and oh yeah, New Jersey.  Some people do not like unions so a city named after unions is not good with them.  Maybe they were named after the Union as in Union soldiers.  Maybe something else entirely we do not know about.

    Unions were very important to a lot of people throughout history including today.  Will we ever not have the need or desire to have these unions in the future?  Now Union City should not go away.  However many of them there are, they should not just go away.  We can not pack them up and make a Union City storage space to put them in and throw them away.  Should we change their names to something else?  That rarely happens if ever.

    Some cities somewhere must have changed their names for whatever reason.  Was not New York something before it was New York?  Union City has a tough ring to it too like it could be a rough place to live or visit.  Factories, smoke, and stuff like that.  It could be a happy name to some too though, that might have good memories of unions.  Either way we have cities in America named Union City.  New Jersey is a fine place to live so Union City is probably a fine place to live too.  Many famous people come from New Jersey and more are on the way.  One can see it on TV.

    We moved some stuff in Union City storage once a long time ago.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  A little old woman and a little old man ran it.  We liked them and they rented us a storage unit.  We backed the truck right up to the door, lifted, dragged, and carried all our belongings in the Union City storage facility locker.  A few things broke like a table and cheap bookshelves.  That was noticed on the way down though when we stopped and checked the back of the truck.  We did that once in awhile to see how good a job packing the truck we did.  A few things broke.  The bookshelves were doomed from the start.  They only took up room in the truck.  We were stubborn to keep them.  We built them ourselves and it showed.  We are not good builders.

    It rained during our unloading of the truck but we were determined to finish.  This is what happens at the end of a long slow trip.  A big truck heavy with a lot of stuff takes a long time to get going sometimes.  Big hills were a struggle and the gas it took was great.  We stopped to fill up too many times and the price of gas was painful.  We kept every receipt.  We sat in the back of the truck, watched the rain come down, and looked in our storage unit.  We were soaked but finished.  Our trip was not over yet though.  We had a long way to go and only stayed at the Union City storage for a few days.

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  • Moving is More Comfortable with Self Storage
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

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    Brent had just moved into his home in Orland Park, Illinois. It was a great house and had all of the features that he was hoping to get. With the modern kitchen, large shower in the master bath room and a great back patio spot to have summer time barbeques and parties with his friends it was a great house. The location was also great because it was close to where he worked and close to some of his favorite spots to hang out for dinner or for drinks. He immediately put in an offer and entered into negotiations to make a deal on the house.

    When he left his apartment and knew for sure that this was the house that he was getting he began to move all of his stuff into an Orland Park, Illinois storage unit that he had rented. When he got a load packed up he would take it over to be stored on his way home from work. It might not have been the fastest way to get his apartment moved but it was the easiest for him. It allowed his to take things over one load at a time and give him the time to clean up his apartment so that he could get his deposit back on his apartment.

    When he moved into his house he started loading up his car with boxes on move in day to take from his Orland Park storage unit into his house. He began to unpack boxes as he brought them into his house. He hated unpacking so he was glad that he could do it a little bit at a time.

    Everyday that he went to work he would stop at the Orland Park storage unit and get another load of boxes and more of his stuff. He would get it all unpacked and put away or at lease placed in the room that it belonged. The next day he would take the boxes to the recycling center and get more boxes to unpack.

    His coworkers laughed at him for doing it that way, but Brent could not afford the time off of work right now and this way he could unpack after work and when he had free time. He was hoping to finish and be completely unpacked on the upcoming weekend that he had off of work. During the week he worked on unpacking the majority of the boxes that he could transport in his car, and he was saving the big stuff for when his friend could come help him with a truck. By the weekend the majority of the boxes were moved over from the self storage unit and they only had to move over the furniture.

    Come Monday morning Brent had his Orland Park storage unit all cleared out. All of his furniture and larger items he got moved over the weekend, and all of his boxes were now in his home. There were still a few to unpack and a few odds and ends here and there that Brent was still working on finding a place for them to be put away at, but overall he was happy with the amount of work that he got done over the weekend to be officially completely moved into his home.

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  • Use Storage When Redecorating Your Home
    By jeff on February 1, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Jill needed a new style for her house. She was tired of living in the past, and wanted to bring something fresh and new to the way that her home felt. It was time to let go of other people’s things and make her home into a reflection of herself.

    When you walk into Jill’s home you might actually think that you were in her grandmother’s home or her mom’s house. There was nothing that actually reflected her own sense of self and her own sense of style. To Jill it seemed like everything was a family heirloom or something that was a hand me down from her mom.

    This weekend she had decided to take back her home and make it into a refection of herself for perhaps the first time since she bought her home. she had saved up money and her and her best friend were heading out to do some major shopping this weekend to buy new decorations and furniture for her house. Jill had spent countless hours looking online and watching home improvement shows to see what kind of style she has and what kinds of things she wanted in her home.

    Before she went shopping Jill decided that the things that she had in her home that belonged to her mother and grandmother and the family heirlooms were just too important to her to get rid of. She didn’t want them in her house anymore as decorations, but there was no way that she could just give up her families past like that. So she decided to look into some Northbrook, Illinois storage options.

    She was not really worried about convenience since she would not really need regular access to her stuff, but she was looking to narrow down her choices of Northbrook storage units by price and safety and security. Just because she did not want the stuff displayed in her home did not mean that she wanted to have someone take her stuff. She wanted to hold on to the family heirlooms and all of the fond memories that it brought back to her.

    When her research was done Jill had found the perfect Northbrook storage unit for her heirlooms. It was a perfect size and at the right price, and the safety and security measures had her assured that her grandmothers priceless antiques and her childhood memories would be as safe as they possibly could be.

    Before her shopping trip Jill boxed up and bubble wrapped everything that she was going into her Northbrook storage unit. All of the boxes were labeled and were ready to be safely moved over into her self storage unit. Once that was complete she could start her shopping trip.

    Jill and her best friend spent an entire weekend shopping and working out decoration and color schemes for the rooms in her house. Some of the bigger pieces of furniture that she had purchased like her couch and her new bed were going to be delivered during the week but everything else they managed to get to her house and start the redecorating process.

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  • Make a Fresh Start with the Help of Self Storage
    By jeff on February 1, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

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    Stacy was ready to move on. After years spent in a relationship that was going no where she decided that it was time to move on and find someone who would appreciate her. Someone who would support her in her dreams, and would listen to her wishes. There were a lot of good times with her ex but after so many years together with no kind of commitment and no where else to move the relationship too it was time to say goodbye to that part of her life and in a way start over.

    Stacy packed up all of her belongings from the apartment that they had shared and took the furniture that was there that she had brought into the apartment with her. She made sure that she had everything that was her because she was not planning on returning. It was quite telling of the relationship when he just let her walk out the door with her last box without uttering one word.

    In starting over and getting a fresh beginning Stacy had found a cute one bedroom apartment that was near her work and some of her favorite hang out spots in Lombard. For the first time in nearly five years she was going to be living on her own and she was so looking forward to it. She was going to come and go as she pleased.

    Her new apartment had great features like a balcony and a great open floor plan. The one thing that it was lacking however was any kind of storage space and the one bedroom closet left her with no extra closets. She was not going to let that stop her however.

    Stacy unpacked everything that was essential to her and the few items that were not essential but she could not live without. Everything else she left in the boxes that they were in or repacked some boxes. Once she knew how much stuff she needed to find a Lombard, Illinois storage solution for she began to look at the storage facilities that were near her new apartment.

    There were several different options available and she began to eliminate them by amenities and cost until she got the list down to her top two options. A quick visit to each of the Lombard storage locations and she was able to make her choice.

    Once she knew which of the different Lombard storage facilities was the one for her she could finish getting her new apartment together. She loaded up all of the boxes of seasonal items, extra clothes, and odds and ends that she had that would not fit in her apartment right now. She had all of her boxes labeled so she knew what was in them and she organized them in her self storage unit so that all of the things were organized together.

    That night with her apartment cleaned up and everything put away she enjoyed a nice quiet dinner. She was glad that she had taken this chance to get a fresh start in life and was for the first time in a long time looking forward to the future and all of the possibilities that were possible. Her friends were coming over tomorrow to celebrate her new life and christen her apartment with some fun and laughter.

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  • Joining Two Lives with Self Storage
    By jeff on February 1, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

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    Lena was surveying her two bedroom apartment and trying to decide which of her things was going into a Leawood, Kansas storage unit. Lena was so excited that the process of packing was finally here that she was having trouble concentrating. Every time that she went to pick something up to pack it away she would get distracted by the new engagement ring on her finger and packing was beginning to take longer than it should ever take.

    Over the weekend Alex, her boyfriend had made dinner reservations for them at their favorite restaurant. It was not a fancy restaurant but they always got great service there and Lena loved their cheesecake. It was during their shared piece of cheesecake on Saturday night that her boyfriend stood up, dropped down to one knee, and asked Lena is she would marry him. She was so surprised she dropped her fork full of cheesecake on the floor.

    Now that they were engaged and talking of wedding plans they also decided to move in together. Alex was over so much it was like he practically lived there anyways, but now he would officially be living there with her. In order to make room for some of Alex’s stuff Lena had to clear out some of her clothes and some of her personal items so that he could have room for his clothes and his stuff as well.

    She was having a hard time deciding what to box up for their Leawood storage unit though. As far as she was concerned as long as Alex was moving in it could all go. That thought however was not practical and she was really trying hard to concentrate on realistically looking through her stuff. She figured that instead of keeping her winter clothes and summer clothes out all year long they could just switch places when needed so that Alex could get some closet space. She also had moved her socks and undergarments into cloth bins that would fit under the bed so that Alex could have a drawer in the dresser. She was still working out how to get more drawer space for him.

    Alex had already brought one load of boxes over and they were sitting in the guest room and office space that was the second bedroom. Lena was planning on moving out the boxes she had stored in the close there to their self storage unit and move some of her extra jeans and pajamas over to the guest room closet so that Alex could get the drawer space she was working on for him. He also had already taken a box of his stuff over to the Leawood storage unit, and here she was struggling with getting two boxes packed up.

    When it was all said and done Lena managed to clear out enough space in the closet for Alex’s clothes and boxes up some of her stuff so that he could unpack. Their Leawood storage unit had made it possible for them to combine their two apartments into one space. They were now officially living together and had started working on the wedding plans. Lena had always wanted a June wedding so they had plenty of time to get everything settled. For now they could just be happy living together and planning for their future.

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  • Self Storage – De-Clutter Your Home
    By admin on June 25, 2010 | 60 Comments60 Comments  Comments

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    When it comes to moving your house, it is easy to become a bit overwhelmed.  I mean, with all of those chores that you have to take care of, it becomes easy to forget to do certain things, and even easier to avoid doing other things.  Of course, if you are looking to make your moving situation as painless as possible, then you are going to be sure that you are taking advantages of the services that are out there.  There are plenty of people who are ready and willing to lend you a helping hand, granted that you have a little bit of money to share with that hand.  This article, reader, is going to serve the purpose of pointing you in the direction of these additional services.

    The first moving service that you are going to want to use, here, is the moving supplies store.  Here, you are going to be able to get your hands on all of the supplies that you are going to need to keep your belongings safe while you are carting them off to your new property.  You are going to want to be sure that you buy some boxes that fit your belongings nicely and snugly, and that you buy all of the packing supplies that you are going to need in order to keep them nice and safe.  Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and packing paper are what you are going to want to look for, here.  While they are going to run you some extra money, the cost is hardly going to seem like a thing when you really get down to it.  I mean, the safety of your belongings is worth a lot more than the packing peanuts and boxes, if you ask me.

    Moving on, here, you are going to want to be sure that you are contacting some professional movers for your belongings.  In the past, I have found that dealing with my furniture is what really stresses me out more than anything else.  I hate lifting all of that heavy stuff, and I hate calling around to all of my friends trying to convince them to help me.  While I can always find a few people who are actually willing to step in and help, I always feel bad for making them waste their valuable free time.  Even worse, still, is calling someone for help and forcing them to take the day off of work.  By calling professional movers, you can benefit yourself tremendously in these regards.  You will know that you are not going to have to deal with moving your own furniture, and you will also know that you are not going to have to annoy any of your friends.  I mean, if you have the extra money lying around, then you are going to want to be sure that you are taking advantage of these services.

    AT the end of the day, reader, you are going to find that it is not actually that hard to get your belongings moved to your new property.  So long as you are ready and willing to part with a few extra dollars, then you are going to be able to hire all of the extra hands that you are going to need to move quickly and quite painlessly.

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