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  • Self Storage Companies Can Help with All Aspects of Moving
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    Most Prospect Heights self storage properties will offer more to their customers than just great storage units. It is all about the storage experience. Customers in New York who are looking to store will need some extra things. You should be able to find a variety of moving and storage supplies at Prospect Heights self storage properties. This will make the moving or storing process a lot easier for you. You should take a look around at what the site has to offer so you can figure out what would benefit you.

    The lock is the last line of security for Prospect Heights self storage customers to prevent theft. Even if the site has the best security features in the world, you still may have a situation where someone tries to break into your unit. Most sites in New York will offer a variety of locks. The basic lock is about ten dollars and is ok for some. These locks can be easily cut by experienced criminals. You would be better off with a disc lock. They will be about twenty dollars or so. The extra cost should be looked at as an investment since the locks are pretty much impossible to cut. After all, it is probably worth ten dollars to most renters to protect their valuables from theft. When you move out of the storage space, you will be able to take the lock with you for when you need it in the future. Locks will pretty much last forever as long as you do not lose it.

    Boxes are available at most Prospect Heights self storage locations. There is truly a box for every occasion. You will have the basic sizes like small, medium, and large. These boxes will cost anywhere from two to five dollars. You may get a discount if you buy a bunch of boxes. Boxes are a great way to protect your items when you are storing. They will also make it easier to organize everything in your storage unit so you can easily find things when you need to. This will also allow easy stacking and will potentially allow you to go with a smaller space so that you can save a little money on your monthly rent. You can get boxes for pretty much anything. Wardrobe boxes are great for storing clothes. There are boxes for flat screen televisions. You can even have boxes specially made at some Prospect Heights self storage locations.

    If you are storing things in boxes, you will want to get good packing supplies to protect fragile items such as dishes. These are usually low cost and are worth looking into. Also, packing tape is a great way to make sure that your things do not spill out of the boxes when you are moving them around. You can also get mattress covers if you looking to store a bed set. Plastic wrap style packing wrap is available to cover furniture items and protect them from dust and wear and tear. Do not overlook these items because you are trying to store cheaply. You want to keep your things in good condition while you store so that you can use them when you take them out of storage. A lot of customers overlook the importance of moving and storage supplies.

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  • Start Investing With Residential Real Estate
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    Real property is a good investment tool especially at a time when the economic situation is in doldrums. Unlike stocks the valuation of real property is not that risky. While the stocks have the most volatility, real property and gold has the least and this is the reason why these had been the only forms of investment of the people of the past. When an ordinary man thinks of investing in real property he normally thinks on the line of residential real estate as it is easier for an ordinary person to acquire. So the demand for residential property is always there and even if you invest in one today the price will surely appreciate if you give time. The boost that was seen a few years back may not take place immediately but the cycle continues and over certain period of time it can come back.

    By residential real estate one means the actual spaces where people live in. They may include anything from single family houses to multiple family houses, buildings and condos. Town houses and farms with residential arrangements also fall under this category. A thing unique to such properties is that unlike the commercial variety, people often use it for personal use even if they have more than one house. But investment is always an option. Whatever may be the purpose, it is the cost of such real property that makes it accessible to everybody and by real property investment a person generally means investing in residential property.

    The point that makes a residential real estate acceptable to many who are investing in properties is that the concern for such properties once acquired is lower than the commercial properties. The return may be higher in the commercial sector but it has to deal with quite a number of people whereas in residential sector the person is usually not many. Actually it is true when the matter involves the tenants. During the matter of sale this hardly varies as the profit you make is the only deciding factor.

    Since the money involved in residential real estate is not much and such property has the chance of changing hands faster than the commercial ones, the first acquisition can trigger a regular investment habit in a person. It is usually difficult to acquire the first property as the person needs to comply with several requirements for getting the finance of the first property. But once he gets it, he has this property to flaunt for his second loan and so on. So a person can venture into such investment easily and gain experience to make it big.

    If any person thinks that he has the money but cannot take the risk of handling the residential, commercial or storage property investment himself, or he thinks that finding the right property to start investing will be difficult, then he can always take the help of experienced property managing services offered both by individuals and firms. They can take care of finding the right property to suit your needs be it a piece of residential real estate or commercial. They can negotiate the deal and close the transaction and even arrange for the finances if you think of getting it through them. The maintenance of the property is vital as it helps in appreciation of the price and these agencies often have services to manage the property in the right way.

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  • Why Do I Need Insurance?
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    Angela Perry PhoneSmart call center trainer offers insight on insurance in the self storage business as it relates to the property management industry.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart business blog, the ins and outs of property management trends.

    Insurance is something that is often in our best interest. I want to add my insight to the property management blog as some of our callers who are looking for self storage may view it is an additional charge. Because of this they sometimes complain of purchasing insurance for their storage unit. To the phone representatives and the managers, insurance is viewed as protection. It is up to us as salespeople to create a desire for it. When I get a customer that disputes the insurance requirement, I immediately compare it to auto insurance. I say that insurance is not for them necessarily but for the other careless drivers. (Ours in this case the sort of natural disasters that even the self storage business in not immune from) Therefore, in case something was to happen your automobile will be covered. It is amazing how the self storage customers’ minds begin to associate the two insurances to one. If there is further disagreement and resentment to purchase the insurance, I try to provide the peace of mind theory. After I have made two attempts to persuade the caller that the insurance is more of a benefit than a financial hindrance, I try to close the deal. If still hesitation, then I just get the follow up information and forward to the manager. I will also express the concerns of the caller to the manager. This way perhaps the manager can “soothe” the caller in a way that is beyond the call center’s ability. With this combination, we can learn how to convey the “extra cost” in storage really becomes the lifesaver and a peace of mind.

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