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  • Rental Property Rates Increase
    By admin on December 26, 2008 | 68 Comments68 Comments  Comments

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    The rental properties market seems to be going through an all time low in the present time. As the prices of assets have risen high, the tenancy charges have also escalated steeply due to which many accommodations that are let out for hire are lying vacant. The owners of assets are also trying to take advantage of the situation by creating an artificial scarcity of accommodations and pricing the assets high. This kind of a low in the tenancy market has not been observed for years now, at least for the last twenty to twenty five years.

    The rental properties in the suburban areas of cities and townships seem to be the worst affected. They are lying vacant for months. The condition in the city areas is better. The houses in the city areas are being hired by a lot of people at high monthly charges. The rates in fact seem to be the highest in a span of three years. They have gone up by thirty percent. As more and more people are opting for accommodation in urban areas, the owners have hiked up the hire charges drastically for their accommodations that are located in the urban areas. The demand for accommodations on hire is much higher than the supply of accommodations owing to which the prices have been raised up steeply.

    The demand and supply ratio for rental properties in the urban areas is reverse from that for rented accommodations in the suburban and rural areas. The supply increases the demand in the suburban and rural areas and in the urban areas the demand is greater than the supply. The demand for good accommodations on hire is the greatest in well connected and posh areas of a city and it is very rare to get an accommodation of choice at a reasonable price in posh areas. The tenancy population of some areas has put a petition to the housing boards and housing authorities to build more accommodations as it has been understood that the problem of hired accommodations can only be solved when more of them are available.

    Availability of more rental properties in the urban areas will bring down the hire charges of these accommodations individually. At present in these areas, the owners of accommodations are not following any rules set by the legal authorities with respect to the hire charges. They are setting their own rates which are being two or three times the normal rates. The rates have been steeply hiked in the past one year. The situation is really bad. The owners have increased the hiring charges so much that a lot of tenants are finding it hard to pay the new chargers. The inconsiderate behavior of the owners towards their tenants is forcing them to leave their rented accommodations and move out onto the streets and put their items into self storage units.

    Many tenants feel that the governmental bodies are not doing much to control the menace of the owners. They feel that the government should involve themselves more actively in the issue and should stop the owners of rental properties from hiking up the hiring charges further. They should intervene and penalize the owners who are meting out unfair treatment to their tenants and forcing them onto the streets. The tenants suggest to their governments that there should not be a hike of more than ten percent in the hire charges per annum on the rented accommodations. They also feel that biddings on hire charges by tenants should be banned.

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  • Making A Good Rental Property Investment
    By admin on December 20, 2008 | 66 Comments66 Comments  Comments

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    A rental property can turn out to be a money minting asset for the residential, commercial or self storage owner if he knows how to make good profits on it. There are certain things that he has to consider in order to make his land really profitable. One of the preliminary background works that an investor has to do is to first locate an asset in an area where there is a great potential for tenancy. Usually the areas around offices, universities, major business centers, hospitals, or places that are well connected to the heart of the city are in high demand. Houses in these areas can be expected to fetch very high monthly rentals as people generally prefer to reside in such localities for their lifestyle convenience.

    Finding a profitable rental property is not an easy task. The investor must be knowledgeable of a lot of factors before selecting a house. For that he should consult an asset professional who will let him know the locality and the asset that is best suited for his purpose. The assets professional will know the correct price of an asset. Hence the seller of the asset will not get an opportunity to dupe the investor. The assets managing professional can also advise the investor on the safety and security issues related to a particular asset. He can also show the investor the best houses available for sale in a given locality. He will caution the investor against the competition that exists in the area.

    It is very important for the investors to take the help of rental property professionals to make the correct choice regarding the asset that they select. Getting a good professional is another difficult task. Many assets managing firms advertise aggressively about the client satisfaction that their professionals can offer, but unfortunately, one cannot trust each and every firm that advertises. One needs to be very careful in choosing firms or professionals. Firms or individual professionals that are well established for a long time and who have proven track records are the ones that an investor should approach. The firms and individuals that have government licenses are generally reliable. Once a capable firm or individual is selected, half the work of the investor is done.

    In the next step, the rental property investor needs to select a house or an asset for purchasing. With the help of the assets professionals he should be able to get a good quality asset. Before finalizing a deal, the investor should make sure that he has sufficient money for purchasing the asset. He should not decide to buy an asset that will totally drain him off his resources because the returns on that asset are uncertain. He should check his credit history for any dues. This is of utmost importance when one is going for financial aid. Financiers like to lend money to only those people with a clean credit record.

    While purchasing the rental property the investor should make plans for the worst and be prepared for it. Although, in all probability, the assets will be in great demand for tenancy, the investor must be prepared for it remaining vacant under different circumstances. He should be prepared to pay the financiers the mortgage amount even if the asset remains unoccupied and it fetches no monetary returns.

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  • Wish List For Apartment Rentals
    By admin on December 19, 2008 | 77 Comments77 Comments  Comments

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    Finding an accommodation of choice is a Herculean task in urban areas. Either they are very highly priced or they do not have enough storage or proper amenities. The brokers who fetch tenancy contracts can also turn out to be fraudulent. There is a mad rush for unoccupied houses in the present times and a number of people form a beeline behind a single unoccupied house for paying competitive hiring charges and occupying it. In essence getting apartment rentals is not a very easy task and one needs to be methodical in their approach. There are certain things that one needs to do before starting out on a search for a house.

    • Before setting out to search for an accommodation, one should know exactly what the person wants so that he is not confused with his choice. He should clearly note down the size of the accommodation that he is looking forward to occupy. He should assess his necessities and decide upon the amenities that he would want in his accommodation. He should also make a tenancy biodata of himself, where he should list out the houses that he had lived in previously along with the contact details of the previous owners of the houses.

    The biodata should also contain the employment and credit history of the person apartment rentals enthusiast. Details about the current salary and other income should be mentioned. Any personal references and a copy of the credit report should all be furnished in the biodata. This biodata should be taken very seriously ands should be made attractive so that asset owners get attracted to it.

    • Once a tenancy resume is prepared, one should actively search for suitable accommodations in a desired locality. One can take information from individuals or asset managing firms. Classified advertisements in newspapers, magazines and the internet can also be referred to.

    • After locating a suitable accommodation, one should decide upon the maximum hiring charges that he can pay. Ideally it should not be more than thirty percent of the monthly income. One should not opt for apartment rentals that charge more than the thirty percent because in such a case one will find it difficult to meet other expenses.

    • One can engage an agent to find him a reasonably priced good accommodation. The agent may or may not charge any fees for finding an accommodation for a prospective tenant depending upon the terms and conditions of his contract. Sometimes the agent charges money from the tenant while at other times he charges money from the owner of the accommodation for finding him a tenant. The charge is usually a percentage of the monthly hiring charges.

    • If one is single it is always better to go for shared apartment rentals as they are cheap. But when going for shared accommodations it is always better for one to be clear about the type of room partners that they would prefer to stay with. They can convey the habits, such as smoking or drinking, that they do not desire in their room partners.

    • Before moving into an accommodation, one should inspect it thoroughly for any damaged parts of the apartment rentals and notify the owner immediately about them if they exist because if they are detected later on there is a fair chance of the blame being put on the occupant. Any issues should be stated out in writing and written down in the lease agreement. The owner and the tenant should abide by the lease agreement.

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  • Rental Property Advantage Over Owning
    By admin on December 9, 2008 | 74 Comments74 Comments  Comments

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    We all want a safe and comfortable place to live. Giving our children a warm and nurturing environment to grow up in is our responsibility as parents. Most of us would agree that it is not easy, but we do our very best with whatever means we have available. Giving our children the world does not necessarily mean buying a home that they spend their entire childhood living in.

    People who do not own their own home, whether it is because of lack of acceptable credit or for some other reason, often look to rental properties as a solution to their immediate housing needs. Renting has its benefits, however, and some people actually prefer renting to owning for the ease and flexibility of it. There is quite a bit less financial obligation in regards to renting, as the person living in the home is not responsible for paying the entire mortgage, but merely paying for the amount of time they spend living in the home. Some would argue that renting is akin to simply throwing your money away, but many people are more than willing to simply pay for a years worth of living space, because it is just so easy to pack up, rent a self storage unit and go somewhere else when the mood strikes them.

    Rental properties not only offer ease when it comes to changing a tenants living situation, but they also let the renter off the hook, so to speak, when it comes to major repairs such as heating and air conditioning, roofing and structural damage. The actual owners of the home are liable for any and all major repairs on the property, as long as they are not directly caused by the tenants. This means that the renter need only concern themselves with day to day home maintenance. It seems as if the owner, being the one with the most responsibility, would be hesitant to even lease a home. Actually, though, the deal can be just as sweet for the owner of the rental properties as it is for the tenant. It is common for owners to charge more per month to the tenant than the actual price of the mortgage. The additional monies will usually be put back into the house, either in whittling down the total amount of the mortgage, or in repair and maintenance. In essence the owner of the home is not really having to pay for it, which works out for everyone.

    Rental properties often subject tenants to rules, in regards to pet policies and smoking within the structure itself. The benefit to owning a home is that no matter what kind of pet or how many you choose to own, the decision is yours, whereas in rental properties , the tenant must abide by the wishes of the owner. If smoking and pets are prohibited, then going against that could result in lease termination and the loss of the deposit used to secure the home to begin with.

    There are pros and cons to both owning and leasing. Which one you choose depends upon how much responsibility you want to ultimately take, as well as your credit status. Either way, the end result, having a nice place to live, can be achieved. Our children will be happy and safe no matter if we own or rent, as long as we have their best interests at heart.


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  • House Rentals Win Over Owning
    By admin on December 8, 2008 | 71 Comments71 Comments  Comments

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    Choosing a home is a decision that people would do well to take their time in making, whether or not they are buying or signing a lease. The place we live reflects our personalities in some ways. Active, adventurous families might choose a location that is in a more urban area that reflects their busy city oriented lives, or they may go the route of living near a recreation center, gym or hiking trail, with the intention of using that each day. People with children or lots of animals need a place with a large yard, while more solitary individuals typically do not need much of a yard at all. Traditionally, purchasing a home has been the standard against what everything else has been measured. Families struggled for years to purchase their home, and many eventually lost it due to the inability to make the mortgage payments.

    House rentals have taken the place of the option to buy for many individuals. In recent years the market fluctuations may have enabled families that otherwise could not afford to purchase a home to do so, but now that the market is changing once again, many of these people are foreclosing on their homes left and right, in every state. These people will no doubt return to house rentals to regain their footing, as financially they have endured a huge blow. Watching this entire scene unfold has convinced many people that house rentals are not only acceptable, but they are the preferred choice over financially obligating oneself for the next thirty years on a home that they have no intention of staying in forever.

    Moving into a leased home means you may need to rent car storage for extra vehicles that were in your garage and you may need to rent self storage too.

    The prospect of ownership comes with a great deal of responsibility. Among these responsibilities is property tax, which is standard in most states. Owning a home raises that yearly contribution to the federal government substantially. In addition, owning a home requires the acquisition of homeowners insurance, which is yet another expense that people who choose renting over owning do not have to incur. Major home repairs are the responsibility of the owner, and no one else. Need a new roof? A/C compressor go out? Hot water heater busted? Foundation trouble? The owner takes it all on, jacking up their monthly payments even more to include all of the upgrades, repairs and maintenance on the home.

    Not everyone relishes the idea of having to maintain a home in this way. For some families, just being able to lay their head in their own bed at night and pay their monthly rent is enough. Signing a lease requires that the renters take care of the home and treat well, but if something large and unseen happens such as a plumbing or sewage leak, renters have the luxury of calling the owner and expecting them to deal with the problem, immediately. House rentals take all of the pressure of mortgage payments, high cost repairs, insurance and taxes completely out of the picture. For people who consider themselves to be simplifying rather than complicating their lives, house rentals make perfect sense. People will stay in the same situation, renting from the owner, for ten years or more in some circumstances, so just because one does not own the home does not mean that they will be moving every twelve months. House rentals are a viable alternative to owning and a wiser choice for many people when it comes to finding a safe, comfortable, perfect place to live.

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  • Pros and Cons of Rentals
    By admin on November 27, 2008 | 82 Comments82 Comments  Comments

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    Rentals are going to be a good source of income which you can have for less investment. You can purchase the property with a small down payment, and then pay the rest of it using mortgagee. Now, you look for prospective tenants to rent out your property. After signing the agreement with suitable tenant, you are going to receive monthly rental rates from your tenant. This amount will be sufficient to pay off the monthly mortgage fee. The additional amount is maintained to be a gross income after tax deductions and depreciation. Before investing for your property, you must check following things.

    • The location of the rentals plays a major part in income generation procedure. The type of your tenant will also be dependent on the location. Select a good decent locality to get good educated tenants.
    • Do not ignore the risk factors associated to owning a property. You property could sit vacant for a period of time. You should have enough financial stability to protect yourself when the property is vacant.
    • Your fund must be adequate to cover maintenance and repairing cost for your property.
    • You should offer reasonable rates to your potential tenants, while generating some earning out of it.

    There are certain advantages of owning rentals . These are normally not obtainable from other types of investment. The main advantage is that you can retain the ownership of the building, by earning a monthly income from this property. This way you can transform your investment into regular earning. The income creates a positive cash flow to support you. This will increase over a period of time as your mortgage payments will be reduced and when you increase the rent. You can start saving your income depending on your property. Finally, you can avail different ways of tax savings. All rented properties are supposed to receive tax deductions, which will lead to more fund generation.

    However, there are certain drawbacks of rentals , which might create disturbances in your life. Tenants might turn to be a regular source of problems. If they are not regular payers of the rent, or they do not go by the agreement or they damage or destroy the property or they refuse to vacate when notified, then you have to give more attention towards the property. You might have to take professional legal support to fight with the unruly tenants by spending more money. This might turn your positive cash flow into a negative one. Another important thing is that, you should have a suitable personality to become an owner. Otherwise, you might think of a professional manager to manage your property.

    Rentals are always better managed by the professional management companies. They have quite a lot of experience and expertise to deal with different types of issues related to renting. Other than taking great care of your property, they will advertise your property, search a suitable tenant by proper interview, and finally hand over the keys to the tenant after signing off the agreement. Thus you are going to be relieved from the complicated task of renting your property. In case you want to enhance the scope of your property, you might get important advices from the management company. You can increase your positive cash flow by following their guidelines. 


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  • Why Use A Rental Property
    By admin on November 19, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Rental properties could be anything, starting from any multi family commercial building, or private homes, or a part of a home or any place, where you pay a monthly amount for using the accommodation. The building or the site could be rented out for commercial purpose, or residential usage. The commercial purpose means the tenant could run a business using that site, whereas residential usage means the tenant is going to live in the buildings. Nowadays, renting has become a feasible alternative to owning a house or flats or condos. This is because of the excessive increase of the price of any type of realty estate. It has gone out of range, especially for people like students, or newly married, or retired persons. However, renting is still a reasonable amount of money for these people having low or medium sized income.

    The owner of the rental properties must obtain a safety certificate for renting purpose, which ensures that the properties are safe for the tenants to use. This certificate is issued by the state authorities after the inspection of the properties by the state housing inspectors. Without this certificate, the owner can not advertise for tenants. The prospective tenants are supposed to fill up an application form. It is better to make the application form as detail as possible. This will help the owner to gather information about the prospective candidate, which will later be used for screening purpose. The application form must acquire some very important information about the candidate, like the background of the candidate, his credibility, his permanent address and employment details.

    A residential or commercial lease agreement is going to protect the tenant and the rental properties of the owner. A lease document must be prepared carefully, so that no point gets missed out. It is very important to describe all the terms and conditions for the tenants and owner, in the agreement. Specifically mention the rent amount, the amount of the security deposits, how that is going to be kept,  how much notice period should be given in advance for entry to the premises etc. As this is a legal document, violation of this agreement can bring up legal battles between the two parties.

    Rental properties are actually a major advantage to the owner as he can earn out of it on a monthly basis without losing the ownership of the properties. But income from rented properties is always subject to tax and must be produced to the authority. The owner can take advantage of following tax benefits from his properties.

    • The mortgagee interest will be deductible from the taxable income.
    • Any repairing expense is deductible for calculating the tax.
    • Any travel expense related to your renting process is tax deductible.
    • If you use home office for managing your rented properties, then the cost incurred can be deductible from your tax.
    • If you hire trained personnel to manage your rental properties , then the salary amount is deductible from your tax.
    • All premiums related to any insurance for your properties are tax deductible.
    • Any types of fees for advisors, accountants or lawyers are part of deductible on your taxable income.
    • The depreciation cost can be claimed as a deductible, from the second year of your ownership.

    The major benefit from this business is that you can pay off your mortgagee interest out of your income and at the same time you can maintain a positive return through tax deductions and depreciation.

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  • Why Tenants Love Residential Management
    By admin on November 15, 2008 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Professional residential management organizations are there to serve the property owners and renters, both. Owning property will not remain a trouble some situation for you. On the other hand, if you are a renter, then also you can find lots of advantages from these companies. Many of these organizations are in business for a long period of time earning their reputation as a dependable concern. They are totally equipped with experienced staff to provide you the best service on the world. Your owning or renting experience will become an enjoyable one, without having any disputes between both the parties.

    The residential management organizations will be of great help to the owner by guiding them through the complicated aspects of renting. They will prepare a budget and a fair rate for your property, so that you can easily get tenants. The company will advertise your property through various important media like newspaper, local cable or internet. A proper screening of all the applicants will be conducted by them. Through this process they will find out the most suitable candidate for your property. Thus you can very well be free from taking any responsibility of selecting the right person as your tenant.

    A residential management organization is going to take care of all the maintenance and repairing jobs on behalf of you, the owner. The company will send personnel at a regular interval to inspect the status of your property and give you updates accordingly. If you feel for any modification or maintenance work is to be done, then you may just order them to do so. You do not have to take the pain of finding out vendors or buying fixtures. Finally, you will receive a monthly statement from the company, which will inform you about the financial status of the property. The statement will itemize all the details of earning and expenditure from your rented unit. They will make your renting experience totally hassle free and pleasant venture.

    In case you are looking for a rented place, you can take help from these residential management organizations. The companies will offer you safe and clean housing, if you rent from them. Fully professional staff will assist you to find out a resident, which is exactly suitable for your requirement. Normally, they have a variety of vacant houses for different types of affordability. The rent may vary depending upon the status of the house. If you have pets, then you may have to pay an additional cost. You have to pay a reasonable application fee to get enlisted as a prospective tenant. Generally, the applications are processed within 24 hours, so that you do not have to wait for long to receive your approval.

    A residential management organization will take total care of your residence. You do not have to deal with the owner directly. This will make easy to avoid any kind of disputes between your owner and you. Any type of complaints or emergency calls will be attended immediately with utmost professional care. This is not so, if you go for direct renting from the owner. Even if you have bad credit history, the companies will find some way out to help you in your requirement. Generally, the companies maintain a 24 hours 7 days help line for client service. So, any time you feel for any thing, you will be served by your company.


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  • Easy House Rentals
    By admin on November 12, 2008 | 60 Comments60 Comments  Comments

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    If you are a property owner and you want to earn from house rentals , then you better take professional help from any management company that deals with property at your area. You will find plenty of them, if you give a search at any search engine. But, there are some companies, who do not run a proper business. Sometimes they run their business from home office. That means they do not have any professional skilled manager working for them. Also you will never get back a speedy response from them, whenever you are in emergency, as most of the home office use answering machine to treat their clients. So, it is better to hire a company, who has a particular office for running their business, having adequate staff to help you.

    The company will assist you to determine the budget for your house rentals . They will find out an approximate lease rate for your house. While doing this, the company will take into consideration the mortgage payments, maintenance and management costs for your property. They will also help you to advertise your property to the prospective renters. Designing of the advertisement and printing them to main newspapers and magazines are their duty. If you want, they will also promote your house over the internet with contact details. This way you will be able to reach to clients placed all over the world.

    The company will screen all the applicants for your house rentals . They will find out the credit history report, talk to the employer of the applicant and make inquiries to previous land owners to find out the reputation of the applicant. All these information will help to judge the credibility of the applicant for renting the house. Thus, you can remain free of any disputes related to tenants. The company will take care of any emergency situation faced by the tenants. Any urgent call will be attended immediately with proper consideration. Some companies offer 24 hours emergency help line, if the tenant faces any problem at mid night.

    The company will conduct regular inspection for your house rentals , even if the house is occupied. Regular inspection will help them to find out the latest status of the building, condition of the appliances, state of the carpet etc. The company will maintain a record of the status of the interior and exterior before moving in by taking pictures or video recording. Once the renters check out, they will recheck the current condition of the house and then compare with the recorded version. This process will help you to find out, whether any damage has been done by your renter or not.

    Each and every month you will receive a detailed statement on your house rentals . This document will be your one step guide to know your latest status. It will list out the expenditures like management fee, maintaining and repairing cost etc. and earning like collection of rent etc. It will also show your monthly balance at the end. Some companies will also supply the paper works required for filing of tax. So that you do not have to bother any hassle regarding the property. If you have to take care of all these by yourself, then you will become crazy and will never want to invest in any other property. But, owning property can be free of hassles and a great source of income, if your management company serves all the responsibility on your behalf.

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  • The Allure of Apartment Rentals
    By admin on November 11, 2008 | 11 Comments11 Comments  Comments

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    Living in America can be costly, especially when we have a family to support. The rising costs of fuel, childcare, energy and electricity costs and food prices make just getting by the primary focus for most of us. Home ownership is not like the dreamy scenario of the 1950s, when owning your own home was a status symbol that every man and woman sought to achieve.

    In the new millennium, people are actually choosing not to own their own home and to lease instead. Apartment rentals are common, and not just because the people who live in them could not afford buy a home if they wanted to. Many couples and families see the value in not having to owe a financial institution for the next thirty years, and in not having to worry about property values, market fluctuations, balloon payments and interest rates.  They simplify their lives by leaving all of the intricacies and responsibilities of ownership to someone else. And they prefer it that way.

    There are many benefits to apartment rentals that are lacking in home ownership. Not having to pay for or deal with lawn maintenance and care is a great benefit for people who have neither the time nor the interest in mowing, pruning, weeding and raking, or aging individuals or those with physical limitations that make getting out in the yard for mowing a difficult task. If you think that living in an apartment prohibits one from gardening, though, think again, as many cities have community garden plots available at very affordable rates. Aspiring vegetable and herb gardeners can certainly till and plant away on their own lot, growing fresh, local produce to feed themselves and their families, no matter what their living situation entails.

    Another benefit that apartment rentals boast is the care and maintenance of the property itself. Tenants need not worry about painting the exterior trim every three to five years, replacing a broken garbage disposal, fixing busted air conditioner compressors or adjusting leaky plumbing pipes. That, alone, is worth more than gold for many people. Home ownership requires that all of this expense come out of the owners pocket. Not so for those who live in apartment rentals. When something breaks, they call the manager. That is the extent of their involvement with the problem, aside from being there when the maintenance guy shows up to fix it.

    Living in a situation such as this, signing a lease every year, allows for a great deal of flexibility in where one chooses to live, as well. If you want to move to another community or to another state entirely, you have the option to do so without having to sell your property. Just pick up and go. Most people do enjoy stability and will stay in a given neighborhood or area for many years. Even so, the opportunity to remake oneself is higher in apartment rentals. Sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered. Life demands variety, and adventurous people seek to obtain it.  Different communities offer different amenities, such as billiard rooms, pools, hot tubs and even bowling lanes. they also offer different personalities, and give their tenants different perspectives from which to view their lives. The affordability factor is high, as apartment rentals are often very reasonable priced, even for families of three or four.

    It just makes sense for families and individuals who do not want to be locked into mortgage payments for the next third of their lifetime. If they are not interested in making money from the sale of their home, and have no desire to put down roots that will last until the end of their days, then apartment rentals are a convenient and affordable means of finding a great place to live with great amenities at an affordable price.


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