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  • Big Crowds Find Big Savings with Self Storage
    By jeff on March 10, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Glenview self storage places in Illinois are very close to Chicago.  There are so many things to do in Chicago, it would take an entire lifetime to see and do everything here.  The festivals alone are worth talking about and the Chicago Auto show is a great event too.  We mention the Chicago Auto Show because we had a storage place right next to the place it is held every year.  This is great because we parked at the storage place in their parking lot, crossed a side street, and walked through a side door to the great big McCormick place in downtown Chicago, on the South side.  If you love cars, this is the place to be.  It is held in February we believe, we are not travel writers, and it is good to get out of the cold.  We like the cars of the future but seeing all the next great cars on the market for next year, is pretty good too.  We like to look at all the very fastest cars and of course, the car you own and picked out, what does the new one look like of that model.

    The Blues festival in Chicago is world famous.  Glenview self storage managers have been there many times and recommend it to all their customers.  You meet people and customers on a daily basis in the self storage business and talking to them is important.  We love the blues and sitting close by to legends and watching them play is always a treat.  A lot of bands started by playing and practicing in self storage units they rent out, plug in, and practice.  Some bring generators to use and some self storage places have electrical outlets nearby some specific storage spaces or units to use, with permission from the managers.  Some managers will charge for the electrical use, others will not.  The Blues festival is in June or July and draws hundreds of thousands of people.  If you like the Blues go there.  You will not be disappointed.

    The Gospel festival is pretty cool too.  It is a different crowd.  Glenview self storage places in Illinois know about all the festivals in Chicago, at least the most well known.  We joked with the managers there once about the main festivals and which ones to see and they love the Taste.  The Taste is the Taste of Chicago and it is food, food, and more food.  Cheesecake is good here.  As a matter of fact, the largest cheesecake in the world is here every year.  They make it at the festival every year.  It is on the National news most years.  It is said to be also the best cheesecake in Chicago.  We will try it again.  We have to make sure it is the best cheesecake in the world.  We might need two pieces of it to be sure.  The crowds are huge.  Hold on to young ones because the crowd can push them in a different direction than you may want to go, and bam, your child is gone.  It can get shoulder to shoulder in some places, a bit scary too.  If you do not like big crowds, you are in the wrong place at the Taste of Chicago.  Are you hungry?  Buy your tickets and good luck.

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  • Rent the Storage Unit that Best Meets Your Needs
    By jeff on February 4, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    The world of storage can be confusing if you have never shopped around for Park Slope self storage units. There are a few basic things that you will want to review before you just start blindly calling sites in New York for prices. With a lot of this information, you may say to yourself that you already know that. A lot of this info you may not have thought about. Whatever the case may be, you will benefit from reading this article before you begin blindly calling around to various Park Slope self storage locations. If all you know is the price, you may end up with a bad storage unit at a terrible facility.

    You need to figure out whether you want to get a standard space or a unit that is climate controlled. Climate controlled is sometimes called temperature controlled and that is probably a better description of the unit. The temperature will remain at about room temperature. The benefit is that your items will not be damaged due to temperature changes while they are in storage. While everyone in New York would benefit from having a climate controlled space, customers with delicate furniture and electronics would benefit the most. Some would say that a climate controlled space is required for those with leather furniture and electronics. It is nice to be able to visit your unit without freezing or sweating in the sweltering heat, as well. Most Park Slope self storage sites will offer units that are climate controlled.

    You need to decide whether you want to have drive up space of when inside the building. The drive up spaces are the most convenient to access, but will cost more money per month. This cost could be great over the course of the year. A drive up space would be great, if not necessary, if you are going to store larger items because of the larger doors. It would be a pain to try to maneuver through small doors and hallways if you have big couches and other household items. Some Park Slope self storage probably live in apartments on upper levels so a storage unit on the upper level would be a more cost effective way to store if you do not mind the extra effort of getting to your storage space.

    The mezzanine level is available at a few Park Slope self storage properties. These are units that are located between floors. Be careful, though, because they do not have elevator access, typically. Be aware of the height of the storage unit, as well. This is important if you are storing a large vehicle. The standard ceiling height is eight feet and the door height will be a bit lower than that even. That could be a bad situation and you may cause damage to you vehicle if you try to squeeze into a unit that is not big enough. There are some units that have smaller ceilings. Locker and stack units usually have about four to five foot ceilings. They are not walk in spaces, but may be a great option for customers looking to store a couple of boxes. They are also great for travelers who just have a suitcase or two. The price of these units will be a lot lower than the standard units with eight foot ceilings.

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  • Storage Can Help You Sell Your Home
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

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    The housing market was not the best time to be putting your home up for sale, but sometimes you can not wait for the market to be up in order to sell your house. That was the dilemma that Stan was facing. He needed to sell his house even though it was not the best time to get the most money for your home. He went into the sale with the knowledge that he was going to have to set his price at a fair market value.

    Stan’s house was in a good neighborhood and he had kept the house in good condition over the years. It was on a good street and was close to the stores and shops of Villa Park. All of these things were positives to his house and he was hoping that his home would have a chance to sell even in the bad market.

    In order to make his house at the top of the list for potential buyers Stan rented a Villa Park, Illinois storage unit in order to help him stage his house.  His plan was to clear out all of the clutter and anything that was not needed for daily life so that the space would be clean and the potential buyers can see the great bones of the house.

    Stan started in the living room and dining room. He left a few pieces of furniture to make the space cozy but all of the decorations and extra stuff he moved into a Villa Park storage unit. Next up were the kitchen and laundry room. These rooms needed more of a thorough cleaning than anything but there were still a few items that he was able to place in to storage to make the space clean and organized.

    His bedroom was going to be the hardest room for him to stage. He liked clothes and looking nice at his job and going out and his closet was stuffed full of clothes as well as the two additional dressers that he had to be able to even try to begin to store all of his clothes. He did his best to keep his closet organized but with so many clothes it was sometimes hard to keep them all straight and organized.

    He decided ultimately that he could box up all of the winter clothes that he had since it was the middle of summer. That made a large dent in the closet space and he worked really hard to pair down his clothes so that potential buyers would not look into the closet and assume by the overflowing clothes that there was no space. He finally got it to a manageable level for clothes in his closet and took everything else to his Villa Park storage unit.

    His house was staged and every thing that he could do to make the house appear fresh and organized for potential buyers was complete. His open house was scheduled for the weekend and he was excited to find the right buyer for his house. They were out there somewhere waiting for a house as great as his and now that his home was staged to the best of his ability they would be able to see that the structure and the flow of the house were just what they had been looking for.

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  • Self Storage Helps Preserve Memories
    By jeff on December 24, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

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    Life in Sunset, Florida had been good for Jim and his wife of fifty-nine years Betty. They had raised their three kids and now enjoyed having their even grandkids come down to visit them, and it was nice when their kids came to. As Jim drove to his Sunset storage unit he though back on all of the laughter, fun, tears, and love that he had in his life and dreaming of continuing that with Betty for a long time still to come. Sure he and Betty took a little longer to get going in the morning than when they first got married. Playing catch with his grandson left him a lot sorer than it did when he used to play in the backyard with his son. Betty might have a few more laugh lines on her face than when he first fell in love with her but she was still his college sweetheart.

    Jim pulled into the parking lot of his Sunset, Florida storage unit and drove around to the unit that they had been renting for the past few years. The storage unit held more memories and souvenirs of his and Betty’s life than he could even remember. With their wedding anniversary coming up and a party planned with family and friends set for the upcoming weekend Jim was looking for a few pictures and mementos of the love that he and Betty had shared for the past sixty years of life.

    Betty was such a great organizer that he had no problem finding the boxes of picture that they had stored in their Sunset storage unit. As he sat and looked through picture of years gone by he was amazed at how the years seemed to go by so quickly. It seemed like just yesterday he was taking his oldest daughter to her first day of kindergarten and how she was grown and had two kids of her own. Jim found some really great picture of him and Betty through the years to display at their anniversary party. He looked around at all the different boxes with Betty’s handwriting on the outside labeling what was in each box. He smiled thinking what a good life Betty and he had, and Jim suddenly wanted to hurry home to see her.

    Jim closed the door to their Sunset storage unit and left the storage facility and headed home. As he pulled in the driveway he could see Betty though the kitchen window fixing dinner. He smiled at how he knew that because it was five o’clock she would be in the kitchen cooking just like she always was. She turned as he opened the back door and gave him his favorite smile. He returned her smile and walked over and gave her a kiss. He showed her the picture that he had gotten from their Sunset, Florida storage unit and they shared a few laughs about the fashion and hairstyles that they had in the past sixty years. The last picture they came to was a picture of them on their wedding day almost sixty years ago. Jim reached over and took Betty’s hand and told her that he would do it all again.

    That weekend Jim and Betty celebrated with their friends and family the love that they had shared together.

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  • Collegiate Life Made Easier with Self Storage
    By jeff on November 9, 2010 | 13 Comments13 Comments  Comments

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    Peter had dreamed of attending the University of Georgia since the first time his dad took him to a UGA football game and he watched the Bulldogs fight their way to a victory. He had UGA paraphernalia in his room from that time on and he worked hard in school to be able to get good grades and studied hard to be eligible to be a student there. So it was no surprise his senior year when he sent out college applications that his first application was post marked for Georgia, and the day that Pete got his acceptance letter to attend UGA in the fall was one of the best days of his life.

    Pete hardly slept a wink the night before he was moving onto campus. Everything he had was packed up and he was ready to go. His parents were driving him down and they were going to stay for the weekend to enjoy all of the incoming freshman activities that there were for students and parents. Pete had the perfect first day on campus, taking the tour, eating in the cafeteria, meeting his roommates. It was all going great until that night when he and his parents were unpacking and Pete quickly realized that dorm life comes with its challenges of getting everything you need into a shared space. It was a six hour drive back home to his parent’s house and he couldn’t make the trip every time he needed something that was not going to fit into his dorm room.

    Luckily for Pete his mom suggested that they look into renting a small University of Georgia storage unit. Surely a great college town like this would have facilities that would cater to the needs of college students who need more space.

    The next day while Pete was enjoying the welcome festivities his parents set out to find a safe and secure University of Georgia storage unit for their son. Something that was convenient for him and affordable for them. After visiting a few different locations there were sure that they had found just the one that they were looking for.

    The next day Pete was able to move all of his extra stuff into the UGA storage unit. His unpacking was complete and he was now officially moved into his dorm room. He was now a full time UGA freshman student.

    Life for Pete at UGA was everything that he wished it would be. Over the next four years Pete made great friendships, found the love of his life, and was set to graduate with honors. Through all of this years at college Pete used his University of Georgia storage unit while he was living on campus and even his senior year when he and his girlfriend moved into their own tiny apartment together they used it to store their extra stuff so there was room in the apartment for both of them. Graduation day came and Pete looked out to see his parents in the stand watching him reach his goals. He was a little sad to be leaving the place that he loved so much but he knew that no matter where the business world took him he would always be a UGA Bulldog. He had worked hard to make his dreams into a reality.

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  • Taking a Big Step in Life with Self Storage
    By jeff on November 1, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Amanda had been dreaming of opening her own business. For years she has been working and planning everything about her own bookstore. About how it will look, how her customers would enjoy the coffee bar, and how kids would enjoy the reading time area that she had set up.

    When she was in college Amanda spent most of her free time studying and drinking coffee in a small bookstore near campus. After graduation she found a job running an office and worked hard building the company and boosting sales. One weekend on a whim she decided to go to a college football game at her alma mater. After the game she was walking around campus thinking of her school days and went to the bookstore only to discover that it had closed down. Amanda though about the bookstore for months and she finally decided that instead of working to build someone else’s business she decided to look into building her own business at the bookstore. She used her savings and sold her company stocks to purchase the building. She was taking a big step in making this change from a sure think to something that was a risk but she was excited about the possibilities that it held for her.

    The building had been vacant for a few years and Amanda really wanted to update the interior and fix the place up right. Giving the place a facelift to bring it up to date and make it more modern and fresh. There were several things left in the store that she wanted to keep though but she couldn’t leave them in during the renovation. Amanda decided that her best bet was to get a North Atlanta, Georgia storage unit.

    Her North Atlanta storage unit was going to serve two purposes. Amanda moved all of the things that she wanted to salvage from the old bookstore in to her storage unit. While the contractor was working on the renovations of her bookstore Amanda worked on getting everything that she needed for the store. When she found stuff that she wanted for the store she would buy them and store them safely in her North Atlanta storage unit.

    The contractor that she was working with did an amazing job in getting her business updated and the renovations finished on time and on budget. Amanda was amazed that she was the owner of such a great bookstore. When the renovations were done Amanda was able to move in all of the books and stuff that she had saved in her North Atlanta storage unit.

    Opening day Amanda had a good turn out of her family and friends to support her as well as several college students who were excited to have the coffee shop opened back up. It was a great first day of sales and Amanda was excited to have her own business and see the profits go to her instead of someone else’s pockets. She was excited about the future and has already been planning out special hours and deals that she was going to hold for the students on finals week to give them access to a place to come and study and get great deals on coffee.

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  • Growing Your Family with Self Storage
    By jeff on October 5, 2010 | 64 Comments64 Comments  Comments

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    Starting a family and having children can be a time of great emotion. Being excited about adding to your family, having anxiety about being first time parents, or being nervous about being responsible for another human being it can leave you with many different emotions. Added to all of these emotions about starting a family is the anxiousness you can feel about being able to afford all of the things that you need before the baby even comes into the world.

    The list of things that you need before the baby even comes can seem long and can get expensive. Between the crib and the formula, the diapers and the changing table it can seem that the list never ends. On top of all of that you have to clear out a place in your home for the baby and all of his or her stuff. So where can you get the extra space from? Consider adding a Bogart, Georgia self storage unit to help you get ready for the baby and to help you find the extra space that you need as the baby grows.

    When preparing a nursery space having a Bogart storage facility can be a huge help. Most people don’t have a room that is empty and waiting to be turned into a nursery space. When you get ready to clear out the office space or guest room or whatever room you are clearing out for the baby having a self storage unit will provide you with a place to clear out the space and be able to keep what furniture that you have in there already. Someday you may be able to have a bigger house or you may need the furniture later on in life. Storing it in a safe and secure Bogart storage facility will let you keep the furniture and your stuff for whenever you need it again.

    Once the nursery is set up and the diapers are ready and the tiny socks are ready for those tiny feet some women find that they go through what many know as a time of nesting. Each room gets a top to bottom cleaning and organizing. If you find that your organizing has left you with boxes of stuff that are left from your organizing then having a Bogart storage unit can provide you with the perfect place to keep your boxes.

    Babies come into the world so tiny and small and so dependent on us for every need. Before you know it they are outgrowing the crib and they can now tell you what they need. When the nursery needs to transition into a toddler’s room and the crib needs to move out for a grown up bed having a Bogart storage unit will give you a place to store the baby furniture and make the room into a more grown up room for your growing baby. Many people want to keep their baby furniture for future use.

    As you can see the benefits of having a Bogart storage unit when growing your family can help you extend your home to accommodate the newest member of the family and all of their stuff. As your family grows and needs additional space having a self storage unit with convenient access can solve your space needs.

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  • Relax and Enjoy Your Home – Rent Self Storage
    By admin on May 31, 2010 | 88 Comments88 Comments  Comments

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    When it comes to really enjoying your home, there are a few things that you have to take into consideration.  Sure, you may love your cozy little living space, and you may be able to keep it perfectly clean.  Perhaps, though, you do not have quite enough room to practice all of your hobbies.  If you are in a band, or if you really enjoy working with wood, then you may find that your cozy little space is simply not cutting it.  Never fear, though.  With a good self storage unit, you are going to be able to practice your hobby without compromising what little space you have in your home.  Just conduct your shopping carefully, and be sure that you are not overlooking any of the accommodations that you are going to need to practice your craft.

    Of course, the first thing that you have to take into account, here, is that different sites are going to have different rules when it comes to practicing your hobbies.  Thus, before you try to rent a unit, you have to be sure that you are being as forthcoming as possible with your property manager.  If you rent a unit without telling them what you are going to be doing in it, you might face eviction or fines in the near future.  No matter what you are going to be doing, be sure that you tell them and get their approval before you move in.

    Moving on, here, you have to be sure that you are not overlooking the simple things when you rent your self storage unit.  If you are going to be using your unit in the winter, for example, then you are going to want to make sure that it is heated lest you freeze yourself to death.  Of course, if you are going to be using power tools, then you are going to have to be sure that you are going to have outlets inside of your unit.  Likewise, you are going to have to be sure that you do not have any water leaks, lest you reduce your projects to ruin.  If you are going to be painting, or doing anything that involves paint, then you are going to have to be sure that you are laying down all of the tarps that you are going to need in order to prevent the unit from being damaged.  You won’t have to rely on yourself to come up with all of this advice, though.  When you tell your manager what you are going to be doing, they are going to tell you how to set up your unit.

    At the end of the day, you are really going to enjoy using your self storage unit as a work space, granted that you have all of the approval that you are going to need.  Just remember, here, that there is no sneaking around your property manager.  If you are going to be doing something unconventional in your unit, tell them right from the start, before you sign your lease, and be sure that you are paying careful attention when they tell you how to set it up.  If you are lucky, then you are going to be able to avoid ruining your unit while you are practicing your hobby.

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