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  • Busted Real Estate Web Site Myths
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    Whether you are new to the world of asset management or have been in it for years, having real estate web sites is a must for all. A realty web site can work wonders for a property business. In fact, all those who feel that a website is not the adequate tool to generate income are wrong. Read on to know how a website can prove to be the most profitable aspect of a business.

    Realty Website – Setting Straight The Myths

    Here are some misconceptions regarding realty sites and the truth behind them.

    • Myth- A website is only meant to list images and advertisements.
      Truth- Though this might be true for certain management companies, it is not how all agents and brokers use their websites. A true website is one that offers the right content added with offers that the prospective client cannot resist. The information listed should be such that it appeals to the customer and he gets interested in listing his contact information. Once he does so, he becomes one of the prospects that would help generate commissions and profits in future.
    • Myth- Forced registrations on the real estate web sites can help get more leads.
      Truth- A website can get the maximum interested leads only with valuable content and special offerings. Any other format that asks them to register their contact information on the website would only lead to the prospect dropping immediately from the webpage.
    • Myth- An advertisement phone call or a walk in is a better way to gain clients than website leads.
      Truth- An advertisement phone call or a website lead would prove to be of similar capacities as long as the site and the content offered is valuable for the reader. Forced registrations will last only as long as they are offered what they need. If the website owner is not quick enough in answering the queries, then all leads will soon be lost to another website who would respond more quickly. Apart from immediate responding another aspect that has to be taken care of is designing the web page. Real estate web sites that reek of sale requests are no good as compared to a good informational site.
    • Myth- A management company and qualifications of its professionals would impress the prospective client.
      Truth- No, a prospective client is not interested in knowing about the company. Instead they are more interested in gaining the fastest way to search the listings so that they can discover what they are looking for. That is why the webmaster should try and use current information on the webpage instead of listing the accomplishments of the realty company. Also, if you wish the visitor to visit your site again then keep working on the site to add newer and more useful information on it from time to time.
    • Myth- Google, MSN and Yahoo guarantee top search engine positions.
      Truth- Yes they do, but only due to the tricks that might place the website on top for a couple of hours. It would just take another couple of hours for the real estate web sites to come shattering down. What keeps a website on the top is not the guarantee offered by these self proclaimed gurus, but the use of several SEO strategies along with up to date, relevant and valuable content.
    • Myth- Template websites are rejected by search engines.
      Truth- Pre-designed websites that allow the webmaster to do most of the work on their own are considered by the search engines. However, those template websites that follow a similar format for all entries almost always get rejected.


    Building a relevant information rich website can keep the website on the top for several weeks. So work on creating original content and resources that potential buyers need. Once you are able to achieve this, you will know how real estate web sites can actually work wonders for a realty management company.

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  • Features and Importance of Real Estate Web Sites
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    No business these days can do without a website. If you introduce anything in the market the first thing that interested people will ask for, is your website address so that they can make further queries. So in such a situation how can one dealing with real property or storage rentals stay away from having a website? Moreover, real estate web sites are the best interactive interface between an agent and the customers. This makes the website an inseparable part of the real property business itself. So everybody from the broker and the agent to those who are engaged in real property managing tasks have their own websites which act as the window for the many people who want to sell or buy real property.

    Like all other websites, real estate web sites have task cut out for them. The first of these is attracting the visitors. So it is quite natural that the website must have that look to catch the eye of the customer. Thus the first thing is the visual aspect and anyone who is launching a website must make sure that this is paid enough attention. The next thing that is most important and arguably more important than the visual aspect is the utilitarian aspect. If a very good looking website is difficult to navigate then it is soon discarded by the users. The ease of use should be kept in mind when designing the website.

    Real estate web sites have some other things to consider and this is the search factor of the visitors. The visitors to the websites have a very specific reason to browse through the website and that is searching for property. So it is quite natural that they will concentrate on the ease of finding out a property of their choice. Generally there are many filters for narrowing down the search instead of going through the list of all the properties that are listed by the site. These filters should include the choice of state and location within the state, the amount that the customer can invest, whether needing it for outright purchase or rent, the number of rooms and bathrooms needed, and any other specific conditions that they need.

    Then comes the need for contact address of the agent or broker. This should be prominently displayed on the real estate web sites . The importance of contact is best known by the agent himself and this should be made very clear to the person who is designing the website. A forum for the customers who have made the transactions through this site can improve the credibility of the website and can prove to be good business move. Finally comes the positioning of the website at the best possible place in the search engines. This requires skills of the website designers and the content editors so that they can easily get within the reach of the potential customers.

    It can be concluded that with the changing world everybody needs to change and also get the best out of the available resources to become successful. Real estate web sites are among these weapons of success and it is also very important that the choice of the company who will design the website be made carefully so that the agent or broker gets the value for money and the purpose of such project, which is customer generation, gets fulfilled.

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