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    Real estate sales need negotiation and that cannot be ignored. It is not that you hang a price tag and people come and pay you the price and take possession of the property. Negotiation for the prices have been associated with properties ever since there has been any transaction of real property. It is all about experience, tact and will. A successful negotiation can bring in money while an unsuccessful one can keep you waiting for months with the property you are going to sell. It is all about making offers and counter offers until both sides come to a price which is acceptable to both.

    Real estate sales are negotiated by both the seller and the buyer but there is a chance of offending the buyer during such a process. Often the buyer offers some prices that are impossibly low. These are unreal prices and are generally offered by the people who have hardly ever bought or sold a residential or storage property. It is not their fault that they cannot fathom the price of a particular property. They fear that they may get cheated on the price. It is their inexperience or lack of knowledge of the property market that prompts such action. So you must not humiliate their ignorance as this can hurt them emotionally. Instead, try to convince them about the ongoing market price and the justification for demanding the price that you have put up.

    So during any possible real estate sales your job is to keep the prospective buyer in a good mood even when you find some of his comments offending. This is your sale and it is your job to keep the customer in good humor to make the most out of the deal. It may sound harsh but do not waste time on negotiations that will not be fruitful in any way. Keeping your polite tone, make it known to such customers that they should look for something cheaper and better as they will find your property difficult to acquire. If you find a buyer is offering a very low price but has the potential to buy your property, engage him in dialog. Try to make him believe that he is actually getting value for money.

    Your property must be priced at par with the local market prices unless you have anything special like a swimming pool in the backyard to raise your price. There should not be any visible faults on the property or the buildings on the property. These things put off the buyer or prompt him to make low offers for the real estate sales . The next step in successful negotiation is about coming down from the pedestal. You should be flexible and if you think that lowering your price by a little bit can finalize the deal then do so.

    Once the price is arrived at, the potential buyer may want to inspect the property thoroughly and if this involves the hiring of any expert then make sure that you do not pay for his fees. In this way you can end up paying for fees more than your profit. If the buyer finds any faults and this was due to any negligence on your part then make an offer to share a part of the cost of replacement by reducing your price. But always make a valuation of whether reducing the price will be better or repairing it yourself and asking for the negotiated price is more profitable. In any circumstances negotiate with a practical mind for real estate sales .

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  • Dressing Up For Real Estate
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    When you think of selling real property you must know that it is like selling any other object and you need to attract the customers to get the best of prices. So you must put in all efforts to gain the maximum from your real estate sale . Like any object for sale it also needs some packaging and marketing and some cosmetic changes to make it look the most lucrative property in the neighborhood. Your job is to impress the customer on his very first sight.

    This means that you must pay attention to the appearance of the property. So your first step to make a really successful real estate sale is to make the property attractive. Remember, nobody loves a shabby person so it is natural that a shabby property will not fetch enough money. The first things that come into view while going to buy real property are the lawns, walls and the roof. If you keep them shabby then be sure that you have scared away the customer instead of attracting him. So do not let your lawn overgrow with weeds or wild plants. Make sure that the lawn is trimmed and cured and the walls are painted. Roof is a vital factor and its condition is very important for both the cosmetic look as well as for actual living. Normally a roof is re-laid after certain intervals of time as per necessity and it contributes in the escalation of price for the real estate sale .

    The façade of the building is a place to show off and so is the main entrance. So make sure that this door is clean, remove cobwebs from the corners and the old screens and also take care that the electrical connections at the entrance works properly. If the particular property for sale has any address plaque, then take care to see that it is visible to the people coming. If it has been defaced or broken, then make efforts to restore it. Roofs, gutters, fences, storage sheds , etc. all form a part of the real estate sale as they are integral parts of the property. If there is a fault in the functioning of any of these, then you must repair them. Any broken object will allow the customer to negotiate prices on the lower side at these simple pretexts. Make sure that the roof does not leak and the windows close properly.

    The interior is another important part of any property and may be the most important part of the real estate sale . When a customer visits the property, the person should not get turned off. A clean and simple uncluttered interior has often been found to attract the most number of customers. There should be a feeling of space in the property. When a house looks spacious, the customer obviously can be pursued to pay more for the space available. A cluttered look will make the customer think that he is making the payment for a very small area even if the property actually is big. Whatever may be the way or process, you must make sure that the whole property looks appealing to the customer and the person does not have any chance to negotiate a lower price on some shortcomings of the property even if it is easily rectifiable.

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