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  • Basics of Realty Property Management
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    The basics of real estate property management are something that every property owner must know. These services are crucial for the maintenance of property. Only an estate that is maintained well is sought after by tenants as well as buyers. There are certain things a property owner must take care of regularly to keep it in good shape and standing. If not done, the estate may lose its charm and its value in the market.

    If there are tenants on your property, they must be verified in detail. The owner must be sure he or she is not keeping anti social elements in the estate. Besides, there are cases where tenants start harassing landlords by not paying the rent on time, damaging the property, or even claiming ownership illegally. If the owner smells something fishy, he or she can hire background check specialists for keeping an eye on doubtful tenants.

    A realty owner has to maintain his or her property on a regular basis. With time, wallpapers may come off stairs may chip tiles can exhibit cracks or the furnishing can start showing signs of wear and tear. This kind of property will fail to attract buyers or new tenants. Therefore, real estate property management is essential to keep the estate as good as new.

    A cracked drainage system is the worst thing for any landed property. It can make the present tenants pack their bags. Besides, once the news about leaking drainage spreads around, the owner will have a tough time looking for new tenants. Unattended sewage is a big repellant too. Therefore, managing basic amenities on the property should be the owner priority.

    Another essential thing that every owner must consider is maintaining account books. This will keep them in the good books of the government as well as IRA. In case the old tenant moves from the estate, the owner must immediately place adverts for new tenants. For a better real estate property management , its good to have people around the house. An estate that stays locked up for a long time is harder to maintain and develops an aura of gloom.  Internet is a good place to advertise about realty fillings.

    For owners who are hard pressed for time, there are management companies that can deal with property issues. One should not be lax in managing the property portfolio, as it can lead to disastrous results. A lot of money can go down the drain, if the property gets damaged due to lack of management. On the other hand, if real estate property management is done properly, the owner can save bundles of dollars that may have been used in major repairs. Nowadays, a large number of companies that provide management services have come up on the internet.

    When hiring realty managers or companies, one must go for professionals who have the guts to tackle a tenant that refuses to pay. This does not mean the manager comes to blows with the tenant. But, he or she should know how to deal with such obstinate people tactfully.  Someone who is timid or inexperienced in handling property issues is not worthy of real estate property management .

    Management of property related investments is a task that demands firmness, assertiveness, and willingness to take care of the property. Someone who is forced to manage property will hardly bother to look into the issues and cannot be trusted.

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  • Managers, You Need A Call Center
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    By Angela Perry, PhoneSmart call center trainer and business blog writer.

    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog, the ins and outs of the property management industry.

    At the call center, managers and the phone reps talk quite often. As a phone rep, I learn a lot form the managers and I am sure that they learn from me as well. The one thing that I have noticed in property management trends is that managers are people too and are not exempt from human error. I had a manager call me today to ask for my opinion on how to handle a situation. This is a situation that we have all found ourselves in at one point in time or another.
    Have you ever found yourself answering the phone as a reaction to stop the ringing while being involved with something else? I have been in the middle of a discussion and the phone has rung and without thought I answered the phone. The next thing that I know I am on the phone and find myself not listening to the caller and leaving the person that I am in a conversation with feeling neglected. I am sure that this happens with store managers. I see some of them carrying the phone with them in their pockets or in their hand while roving the premises.
    What is the appropriate way to get out of a “rock and a hard place,” once you have thoughtlessly answered the phone while helping another customer? The obvious answer would be to let the call center answer the ringing phone so that the attention is not redirected from the existing customer. However, this does not always happen therefore another way of handling this is to ask the caller the qualifying questions to get just enough information to let them know that you will call them back with a special once you have researched it. Telling the caller on the phone that you are in the middle of something and you will call them back will give the impression that you are not eager for their business. You also do not want to give the customer that is in front of you that you are neglecting the existing conversation, therefore apologize to the customer in front of you and hopefully share a laugh. Then once you are finished with the customer in front of you then you can follow up with the caller and rent that storage unit. It is true it is hard to break the habit of answering a ringing phone. Learn how to change this habit by turning the ringer off. Any one of the three solutions could have helped when we answered a call that should have gone to voicemail or to the call center.

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