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  • Job Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent
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    Before making an appointment with a real estate agent it is important that you know the kind of duties that he will be performing. Until you are aware of his duties you will not be able to understand the specific job that he is required to do. The agent is a person who acts as a bridge between the buyer and seller and strikes a deal that suits both the parties, especially when he acts as a dual agent. There may be a situation when an individual hires an agent, especially for a particular work, such as looking for a self storage property and then making a purchase. Under such circumstance a real estate agent works for the specific buyer only and is paid on behalf of the buyer. There may  also be agents who are hired on behalf of sellers who work to get the seller a good value for the property. It is the duty of the agent to get the best buyer or seller at the most appropriate price, after all this is what he is hired for. Usually the agents prefer to enter into an agreement before the start of work, so that the nature of work and remuneration details are decided well in advance.

    The job of a real estate agent starts very early in the morning, when he starts with the analysis of the market of the previous day. He makes a study of the trends prevailing in the market. They try to understand what is sold in the market and also learn about the different types of listings. This is considered to be the main work of the agents. A real estate agent has a huge work which can never be well defined. When he is working with his different clients he needs to do several jobs. He has to drive around to find suitable properties and make several preparations as well as gathering information as per the needs of the client. While appointing an agent you can inquire about the license of the agent. If your agent holds a license it gives an assurance of the work and his education. Since licenses are not granted to all agents and require the fulfilling of certain criteria, an inquiry about the license is an added advantage and assures you about the quality of work. However, most of the agents and brokers who wish to have a successful career in the business often go beyond their regular work and train themselves so that they have the required skills and talent to tackle all the problems that he may encounter in his day to day activities. It is the duty of any agent to constantly upgrade themselves on the changing laws that are prevalent in the current market situation so that he is able to provide the right advice to the client.

    In any kind of transaction involving different properties, large amount of money is involved and this is the main concern of the parties involved. The buyers main concern is that he should get the right value of his property while the sellers main concern is that he strikes the most profitable deal. It is the duty of a real estate agent to ensure that both the parties get a fair deal of the property. It is the duty of the agents to ensure that the clients are helped with contracts, different kinds of negotiations and also inspections along with the closing processes.

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  • Duties of Real Estate Agents
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    The common man often does not know about real property more than a child knows how to write. As a child can blabber all the time but cannot write a few words, the common man can go on discussing things like storage features, plumbing, decor, etc a property and live on it but when it comes to selling or buying he is in the childs position. So he needs someone to trust and this role is played by the real estate agents . Since the layman trusts them on the sole condition that they will do no wrong to him, the agent is expected to maintain high code of conduct inducing a feeling of confidence in the client. So he must do some duties that are expected of him.

    The first duty of the real estate agents is to serve the interest of the principal, the term used in legal parlance for the person who has appointed him. He should place the interest of the principal before his own in respect to the job he has been charged with. So he must show some signs to prove that he is genuinely trustworthy. This includes taking utmost care of the deals and applying the necessary skills, obedience and good faith to the principal, proper accounting and loyalty and of all disclosure of the material fact regarding the operations. All these duties are to be performed from the moment the agent is appointed.

    The first duty of the real estate agents is to show reasonable care and skill. The agents should take care while discharging their duties and also if they are skilled in any respect they should use that skill to the advantage of the client. It should be made clear that whatever the agent discloses to be competent in at the time of agreement should be applied in the real time or else if the client suffers any damage the agent is liable to get penalized. Similarly the agents are to be obedient to the principal. This means that any instruction that the principal or the client gives to the agents should be properly carried out and in good faith. The actions of the agents should be in accordance with the intention with which the instructions were given. But this does not mean that the agents should act on any unethical or unlawful instructions.

    The real estate agents are required to handle money and costly articles. So they must be very serious about accounting and should regularly report to the clients about the state of such funds and articles. The agents must also ensure that the fund is not mixed up with other funds and it is better to operate separate accounts for them rather than operating many funds from one single account. The interest of the client should be above anyone elses and this is what loyalty is all about. No confidential information of the client may be revealed to anybody at any time including after termination of the agency. Also the agents must place the clients interest before their own personal interests.

    Last of all, it should be seen that the real estate agents disclose all the facts relating to the property to the clients. This should be done because such information may influence the clients decision. He should also present all the offers received to the principal regardless of their acceptability and anything about any relationship of the agent with any of the potential customers. Besides meaning good business the agent should also take care of these ethical matters to become successful.

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  • What??? Free Credit Card!!!
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    Robin Turner PhoneSmart call center manager speaks her mind on advertising tactics
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart property management, the ins and outs of property and commercial management.

    When I return home after a hard day’s work I check my mailbox inside the house. I found a flyer for a new store location that just opened which was advertising a $10 credit towards your purchase. I read the front and back wondering how you get the $10 credit. I was thinking to myself, “I don’t shop there, never have and it’s all the way across town. Plus, you probably have to purchase so much in order to get the $10 credit. I’ve never been there, so I don’t even know what they sell. I wouldn’t be interested in this…” As I looked a little closer, I noticed a card stuck to the front of the flyer… thinking, well, what’s this, a business card?
    It turned out to be a $10 credit card! What? A $10 credit card… my eyes popped open, all of a sudden I was awake and bright eyed, feeling a bit anxious, (as I like to receive free money. Who doesn’t right?). However, I wanted to read the fine print to make sure it wasn’t a gimmick where you had to purchase $50 in order to get the $10 savings. Sure enough it wasn’t. I couldn’t believe it. But, the thought that I had no idea what the store sold still made me hesitant and didn’t have me locked in yet.
    The free Wednesday paper that was also delivered to my door that day, “just so happened” to include the advertising catalog for the store as well, so I knew what types of items they sold. Also, they just so happened to make sure that some of the items advertised were under the $10 pricing. Hmmm… pretty good idea, for those of us who aren’t familiar with the store. And a great way to wave free money in front of someone’s nose.
    The store had a great idea in bringing business in the door. As they already know that the majority of the people, who will come in with that credit card to shop, will definitely purchase over the $10 credit card limit… me, being one of them. I can’t pass up a deal like that. Of course my intentions are to only purchase $10 of items; however I’m sure that I’ll also spend more than that, too.
    What fresh and creative ways do you have to advertise your store’s specials?

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