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  • Average Earnings of Real Estate Agencies
    By admin on March 10, 2009 | 57 Comments57 Comments  Comments

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    Real estate agencies are run by people from all corners of life. Sometimes they do not have any formal experience in this industry. Many people have an idea that this industry is full of money. Any type of investment will give a great return to the investors. However, in real life the scenario is little different. For getting back a good return from the investment, the agencies have to be real smart with a confident approach towards the industry. Many reputed agencies have added a glamorous touch to the industry. Excitement and challenges to deal with different types of properties, made the industry more defied to many people.

    Most of the agencies earn very little in their first year of business. This is mainly because the newcomers in this industry need some time to understand the tricks and tips of the industry and also to build a dependable database on their client information. However, as the agencies grow up in their experience, they can generate a better client base from the referrals of satisfied customers. Thus the earning also increases. At this point of business, the agencies might earn around 40,000 dollars in a year. Mainly the earning depends on the quantity of business transaction and the commission they have to pay to the brokerages.

    Many real estate agencies earn through a listing agreement, which is signed by the seller and the listing agent. The listing agent shares the commission with the agent of the buyer. Normally, these commissions are negotiable. Brokers receive the payment directly from the seller. Generally, it is decided by the seller, that how much commission he will pay to the brokers. Thus, the total commission is divided in many parts, and ultimately a little part is left for the agencies. On an average, if the selling price of a property is 200,000 dollars and 7 percent commission is paid, then the agency will earn approximately 2,000 dollars.

    If the agencies deal with many properties then the income might get multiplied to a great extent. As the numbers of agencies are too large in the market, the competition is also too high. Normally, the small sized agencies do not get a chance to deal with more than 6 to 8 properties in a year, in the initial phase. So, the total earning can not accumulate to become a big amount. However, the top performers in this industry earn much better than these average agents. But, to reach that level, one needs to put on great effort and total dedication towards his profession.

    The well known real estate agencies have their own set of goals to satisfy every year. To become a top performer, the agency has to be involved in a transaction process for more than one residential project in a month. The settled and experienced agencies might earn around 200,000 dollars annually. Many agents work as a team and hire other agents to work for the group. This improves the power of the effort and if each of these agents perform their best to work on at least one house in a month, the total effect gets multiplied. This way, the total earning of the group also increases to a great extent. Finally, the total earning is shared among all the group members.

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  • A Team For Your Real Estate Agency
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    If you are planning to start a realty agency, then you have to consider a lot of responsibilities. There are many agencies, which operate their business on their own. But, taking care of all responsibilities by a single person becomes too much of a load to bear. On top of it, all parts of the business do not get similar priorities. Though, to run a business successfully, you must pay total attention to all the department of the organization. Since, this is not possible by a single person you should plan of making a team to work hand in hand by sharing all responsibilities.

    To create the team for your realty agency, you must consider following job responsibilities.

    1. The team must have a listing coordinator, who has the responsibility to manage all the files, in each step of entire operation, starting from the listing generation point to the point an offer is prepared. The job responsibility also includes communicating to the existing and potential clients, following up with the sellers and agents, planning and designing for the ads and handbills etc.
    2. The team should have an escrow coordinator, who takes the responsibility from the listing coordinator, at the point of offer preparation. His responsibility starts from the point of contract making to the closing of escrow. Through out this phase, he is also responsible for handling all inspections, escrow issues, lender issues, money agreements disclosures etc.
    3. The real estate agency should have a post of field coordinator. This designation is junior to the listing coordinators and escrow coordinators and he is supposed to report to either of the above mentioned designations. This person is responsible for all activities in the field level. He has to handle all signs, lock boxes, delivery of important documents and packages, as per the instruction of his seniors.
    4. The team also requires employing one agent dedicated to the buyers. He has to handle all the buyers, having business transaction with the agency. He should look after the potential buyers also, to show the properties and to make the deal confirmed. Once he finalizes a deal, he then hands over the transaction to the escrow coordinator. One of his major duties is to look for new buyers all the time.
    5. The realty agency should also employ a person as prospecting agent. He will always be looking for more new listings. He has to communicate on the phone or in person to confirm the listing. His ultimate objective is to generate leads and to fix appointment with them for a meeting with the lead agent.


    To build up your real property agency, you should concentrate on these responsibilities. To start with, you might not have the financial feasibility to employ so many people together. So, you might go for an experienced person, who will look after both the responsibilities for listing coordinator and escrow coordinator. This might be difficult to work for both these posts together at a time, particularly if the agency has a large scope of business. But for a starter, the scope will be much smaller and managing both responsibilities together, will not be a big issue. You can also take temporary employee for the post of field coordinator. In this situation, you have to spend less. However, when your business grows up, you have to employ different people for different designations, so that you can form a team to perform best in the industry.

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  • Real Estate Agencies – Bond Between Client and Customer
    By admin on January 3, 2009 | 73 Comments73 Comments  Comments

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    An agency is a legal relationship involving certain duties and liabilities and this same relationship is applicable to real estate agency . The agency is responsible for certain functions on behalf of the client and is the person who the customer sees in place of the residential, commercial, rental or self storage owner of the property. This relationship, also called agency relationship, develops when a person authorizes another person to represent him or her but within the control to deal with others, namely, the third parties. These persons are known legally as the agent and the principal. The agent is the person authorized for the functions and the principal is the person who authorizes the agent. The person who wishes to deal with the principal will have to go through the agent and these people are called the third parties.

    In real estate agency the principal is the person willing to sell a property and the agent is the person this property owner has appointed to conduct the sell of his property smoothly. This agent is commonly known as broker and the property owner is his client. The broker may not always be appointed by a seller. A person willing to find a suitable property for buying may also appoint a broker so that he can negotiate a healthy deal. Once again the buyer of home becomes the principal and the broker becomes the agent. If you are thinking of appointing a salesperson for the job then you must rethink and appoint a broker because they are the only legal persons to represent a person or company.

    Real estate agency is helpful for both the seller and the buyer. Since the agent is empowered to conduct any negotiation with the interested parties dealing with them is as good as dealing with the owner. The agent can even promise on behalf of the owner and for any wrong deeds of the agent the owner is to take the full liability. However, these are all laws related to agencies which hold good for real property as well. Now the States are revising their strategy and bringing statutes related solely to the real property agencies.

    Most of the appointments of the real estate agency are done verbally and this verbal agreement is recognized in a number of states. Though the agent is appointed with reference to some considerations, he cannot sue a seller for not fulfilling the agreed conditions. But he will have to do all his duties related to agency duties even if there is no point by point written agreement. There are certain duties that are mentioned even in the agency law.

    Once the agent is appointed by the seller or even the buyer, the appointing person is bound by the actions of his agent which are within the purview of the agents authority. The seller is supposed to have information that his agent has and for any legal disputes he is equally responsible for the action of the agent even if he did not commit the harm. So the real estate agency can be of three types depending on the authority such agents wield. The universal agent is the person with most authority conferred to him or her. The other agents are a general agent. A general agent is the person appointed to look after all the things in general related to a property including signing contracts on behalf of the owner. The final one is the special agent who is authorized to perform only some tasks and not all. Of all the general agents are the most common.


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  • The Pink Chicken Hat
    By admin on July 17, 2006 | 62 Comments62 Comments  Comments

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    Written by Natalie Thomas, ultimate secret shopper.
    Welcome to PhoneSmart’s property management blog, the ins and outs of property and commercial management.

    Do you find it hard to discipline your employees? Do you have an employee handbook or some other document that outlines the do’s and don’ts of how your employees should conduct themselves? Even if your business only has one employee it is best for you if you have some kind plan figured out before hand. Don’t wait for an employee to do something wrong to have a discipline plan. This could result in the employee “getting away” with something or the discipline not being appropriate to the wrongness.
    One time when I was managing my parent’s restaurant, we had a particular group of servers that were constantly tardy. Besides being tardy, they were an awesome group of workers and we did not want to get rid of them. I repeatedly warned them each time they were late, but it did not help, alas they would be late on their next scheduled shift. Finally, I was fed up and wanted to remedy the situation, but I did not want to fire anyone for being tardy. I decided I would make a special hat, and whenever someone was late, they had to wear the “hat” as punishment. So, off to the craft store I went. I finally created a fuchsia cowboy hat with stuffed chickens and Styrofoam eggs and feathers to decorate it. It was great.
    After announcing to the servers that, whenever anyone was late they would have to wear the chicken hat the rest of their shift as punishment, things got interesting. A few days passed and not one person was late, it was working. Then one afternoon as the clocked ticked by, someone was late. I put the chicken hat on the server area of the bar and waited. The server finally arrived and saw the hat on the bar. Nothing else was said, but the tears started. Just a few as they walked around in the glorious hot pink hat. After about 20 minutes, we told them to take it off. That server was never late again. Now it sits retired behind the bar. Previous employees will come by to say hello, see the chicken hat and laugh.

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