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  • What To Ask Property Management Companies
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    Every property owner knows how hard it is to find reliable property management companies that will handle their property well, appropriately represent the property owner and exhibit exceptional skills in dealing with tenants.

    Properties such as apartments and shops can be great investments if correctly managed. If not, the property owner can suffer losses amounting to thousands of dollars in repair costs and lost rents due to difficult tenants who have no respect for the property. This is why it is very important to hire property managers who can not only manage properties well but also implement rules and handle tenants without the property owner having to get involved.

    Selecting A Management Company

    Before choosing any real estate management corporation, the property manager must evaluate whether the company is capable of handling the expected responsibilities. For this, it is best to get references from other landlords that the company currently represents. It would also be a good idea to check out the company ratings at the local real estate business club. Although all this research may take time and effort, all that is going to be worth it in the long run.

    Next, the property owner and the management company must sign an agreement that clearly specifies that the company will be paid only when the property has been rented out. Property management companies that agree to work only on commission are usually the best. This is because these companies get paid only when the property owner gets paid. Therefore these companies will always have an incentive to find good tenants to keep the property occupied.

    Most importantly, the management company must be able to ensure that the tenants understand and follow rules. For instance, if the rent is due on the 1st of every month and if a tenant fails to make the payments, then the follow up procedures like sending certified letters must be activated.

    10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Company

    Hiring realty management companies is definitely a good idea but here are 10 questions to ask before actually hiring them. 

    1. What will the fees be
      Remember that the fee varies across the country ranging from as low as 4 percent of rent for big buildings to as high as 12 percent for single family homes. Make sure the fee is clearly stated.
    2. What kind of properties do they manage
      Choose a company with experience in handling properties similar to those owned by the investor. Also check out how well the other properties are maintained.
    3. Who will handle the property
      It is best to get the realty management companies to assign a single, experienced person to handle the property fulltime.
    4. What are the extra costs
      Find out if there is an extra fee for showing around or eviction.
    5. How and when are the fees collected
      Confirm facts like if the bills will be monthly or quarterly and if it will be directly deducted from the account.
    6. What is their advertising like
      Understand how they advertise and how much it will cost.
    7. Cost or time factors to prepare units
      Get an estimate of typical cleaning fees and the time taken to clean up a unit before it is rented again by management companies .
    8. What procedures require owner approval
      Fix how much amount can be spent on repairs without owner approval.
    9. Hours of operation
      Find out their business hours on weekdays and weekends.
    10. Accounting
      Understand what reports they send and how often.

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  • You ARE the Company
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    By Ronald Smith PhoneSmart call center reservation specialist.
    Welcome to the PhoneSmart call center blog an insider diary of the self storage and property management industry.
    More self storage and other industries are moving to call centers for their customer service needs. If you answer for one of these industries, the minute you pick up the phone you are the company. There are many different factors that lead to a positive impression to the callers. One of the five main factors is the willingness to assist customers.
    One day I needed assistance from a cell phone customer service line to explain why my phone couldn’t connect to the Internet network. I had already called the customer support call center and the rep told me that I should purchase an additional plan to get Internet service for my phone. I needed the Internet so that I could download ring tones for my cell phone. When I called the customer service rep, she informed me that there was no such plan. I tried to explain what I had been told but she kept cutting me off. She advised me to contact technical support and have them send information to my phone. I told her that I had already gone through those steps. She said, “I guess you need to get a new phone.” That was not only unprofessional, but extremely rude.
    It’s always important to make a good impression over the phone to make the experience as positive has you can for the customer. This is especially important in the self storage business because people are already on edge about speaking with someone not there locally on site. Self storage associations across the country should implement the willingness to serve in all of their sales techniques. This would create more positive trends with call centers being noted for positive customer service rather than the bad impressions already associated with them.
    Whether you’re in residential property management or commercial property management, a call center can help manage your sales. Once you learn how to take advantage of all the tools a call center can offer both you and your staff will be able to breath a little easier.

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