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    For newcomers planning to take up the duties of a landlord, it is best to seek the services of a provider offering professional property management that can streamline the management of their properties in addition to relieving them from a host of overwhelming tasks related to maintaining and running rental properties. These companies basically serve as an intermediary between landlords and tenants.

    Management of property is a critical aspect of realty investment that can make all the difference between a well run property with positive cash flow and a poorly managed property with negative cash flow. So at one phase or another, every landlord has to make a decision to employ professional services or manage properties on his own.

    A property manager must be able to follow and implement a well documented system of managing properties which includes showing people around vacant properties, managing applications, interviewing prospective tenants, deciding on the right tenants, supervising the move in process, responding to the issues raised by tenants and managing evictions.

    Choosing The Right Management Company

    Before choosing a company to take up management of properties, there are some important facts to watch out for. Here are some factors one must consider to ensure the best management services

    Company history

    The number of years that a company has been in business often indicates how reliable a provider offering professional property management is. Generally, a company that has been around for a while and is known for their consistently outstanding services would be a good one to partner.

    Customer service

    While communicating with a company involved in management of properties, closely observe the quality of their customer service. This is important since the landlord as well as the tenants will be dealing with the company on a regular basis. So, it is best to partner a company that sounds courteous, attentive, responsive and helpful. While evaluating customer service standards, pay close attention to the promptness of the agency offering professional property management in replying to inquiries and the friendliness of their customer support staff.

    First impression

    During the first communication with the company, enquire about their experience and expertise in handling the particular type of properties under consideration. This is an important aspect that would indicate how well the company will be able to carry out the targets set by a landlord.

    Responsibilities involved

    Different companies take up different levels of responsibilities in managing properties. Before finalizing a company, find out if they will offer full maintenance services, accounting information, tax calculations, property insurance claims handling and other services.

    Cost of Professional property management

    When a management company is to be hired to act as an intermediary between the landlord and tenants, the services offered by the company must be well worth the fees charged by them. While some companies offer an all inclusive package, others charge separately for each service. Regardless of the fee structure, all these fees must be included in the owner manager contract.


    Seek the opinion of other landlords who have partnered a particular company for managing their properties. In addition, while communicating with the company, request for a list of credible references to contact.

    Finding a good company for professional property management that suits individual expectations may seem an impossible task. However, with a little bit of research and by asking the right questions, anyone can find the perfect company for one needs and enjoy the expertise that only professionals can provide.

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