• Apartment Rentals or Homeownership
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    Contrary to the popular belief that home ownership is the best and most financially sound decision that one can make for their family, people are coming to the conclusion that apartment rentals offer just as many benefits, though of a different nature, as home ownership does. It is arguable which decision is the best, and in the long run, it is more about personal choice than it is about making the absolute right one.

    Apartment rentals have many benefits that owning a home does not. One of the most convenient aspects of living in a residential complex is the yard care responsibilities, or rather, the lack of yard care responsibilities involved. Living in a community where the grounds are manicured, maintained and cultivated without any responsibility from you is perfect for elderly individuals, people who work long hours or simply dislike lawn maintenance duties. Not everyone enjoys getting down and dirty with a lawn mower, hedger or weed eater.  But for those who do, there is usually access to a small porch or balcony, and some complexes will allow residents a small flowerbed in which to grow plants of their choice, though not all will.

    Maintenance responsibilities are taken care of with apartment rentals as well. If your garbage disposal breaks, you call maintenance. You do not have to run to your nearest home improvement store and spend hundreds of dollars replacing it. In addition, they spray for insects, keep the hallways and courtyards well lit, stairways safe and clean and maintain the swimming areas and playgrounds, laundry facilities and parking lots. the only responsibility that tenants have aside from keeping their own personal space clean and neat is taking their trash out to the designated trash areas. Other than that, it is basically a hassle free living arrangement.

    The lessened responsibility of apartment rentals is a huge factor in why many people are choosing that lifestyle. Face it, our primary responsibility should be to ourselves and to our families, rather than to loan officers and financial institutions. Owning a home does have its benefits. Renters insurance is not nearly as expensive as homeowners insurance. If your home is destroyed in a disaster, natural or otherwise, you suffer a great loss, and if you do not have enough insurance to cover it, you lose. Losing all of ones personal belongings is bad enough without the added strain of being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt on a home that you can no longer inhabit.

    Apartment rentals give tenants the option to pick up and move when their lease is up, with no obligation or required payment. If they want to move to a different neighborhood, or a different State altogether, the option is there, and they are not obligated to go through the sometimes long and arduous task of finding a buyer for their current home. No Realtors fees, no concern on what the market is doing, no obligation, except to pack their things and move. It is a much easier, more freedom centered way to live. When people complain that renting is akin to throwing their money away, consider that the money that is required to purchase a home, and the credit costs associated with remodeling, renovating and upgrading the home to give it more value, completely overshadows the cost of a years worth of rent in return for your temporary use of the space.

    There will always be opposing viewpoints in this matter, as some will inevitable argue why owning your own home is the best investment of your money. But apartment rentals are offering a higher quality of living, featuring more amenities, more community oriented neighborhoods and less overall fiscal and material responsibility from tenants, appealing to many different types of people.

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  • Life Management Skills
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    How successful are you in managing your life? By asking yourself a few choice questions and answering them honestly, you can determine the strength of your life management properties and skills. Such skills can include your habits and preconceptions, and can change according to your external circumstances as well as you personal growth experiences. Do you do what you say that you are going to do? Or do you make excuses? Do you believe what others want you to believe? Or do you make fundamental distinctions based on traits and ideals that are measurable and observable in your own mind? Honest analysis of where you see your place in this world is key to understanding the essence and attitude that come as a result of you following your internal direction. This happens automatically when you do not rely so much on other people to tell you what and who to believe.

    There are specific characteristics that are evident in an individual who has reinforced the importance of home management properties and skills. These skills include the organization and cleanliness of your home environment. Clutter and disorganization can point to stress resulting from job responsibilities or stale relationships, either with oneself or with others. Maintaining a clean and safe living environment opens the door for peace of mind and relaxed comfort. You must create for yourself a safe haven, a respite from the busy world. It is important to be relaxed when you are in your own home. If the energy in your home is discordant or negative, anger and resentment will be the likely result, and it will manifest itself in many inconspicuous ways.

    Anger management properties and skills are valuable in such situations. When you feel threatened or angry, the resulting actions can be harmful to yourself and to others. Though it is not necessary to be a martyr for peace all of the time by sacrificing your own ideals and morals it is wise to allow other people the right to disagree with you and accept that they will do so. This is an important step in rising above anger and discontent. When you know your place in this world, and you are okay with that, you allow others to have their place, as well, even if it may not harmoniously jibe with yours. There is enough room for all points of view. Unchecked anger leads to disease and a lifetime of unresolved issues. They crack and disintegrate the foundation of your soul if left to rot within you.

    Using good time management properties and skills is a great way to act on your inner sense of responsibility to yourself. When you show up on time for appointments and obligations, you are living with integrity and showing respect for those whom you have scheduled to meet. To be constantly late is a sign of being undependable and it breaks trust with those who have chosen to engage with you. Do not be late.

    Managing life by managing your home, your time and your anger are all skills that can be developed with patience and intention. Throw all of these things into one big proverbial pot and you have a variety of resource management properties and skills from which to draw. Using good judgment and understanding that sometimes you will make mistakes is a graceful way to accept and love yourself while still managing your life and accomplishing the tasks that you set for yourself. You are not perfect, but with conscientious action and self respect, you can feel one hundred percent invested in your own growth and development.
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