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  • Storage Helps Students Focus on Studies
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | 254 Comments254 Comments  Comments

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    Life at the University Of Chicago, Illinois can be pretty grand. The education that you receive can help you start on a path to your career and your adult life. The friends and connections that you make can last a life time. One thing that college life may not come with is a lot of personal space. Whether you live in a dorm or in an apartment you may find that there is a lack of space. Here are a few examples of what that means and how having a University of Chicago, Illinois storage unit can help you to find the space that is not included in the cost of tuition.

    • Many freshmen come into college life expecting a great dorm life experience only to find that it sometimes comes with a lack of space. Sharing a room with a complete stranger can be difficult on its own and adding to that stress can be the shared spaces can become cramped. Want to find a way to have some of your own personal space that doesn’t include making your room mate mad? Having a University of Chicago storage unit can let you have a space that is just for you to use.
    • Tired of living on campus or have a few friends who are willing to share an apartment? Living off campus has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages of sharing an apartment with your friends is having no space to store your stuff or having multiple of things like couches. When you and your friends find yourselves needing more space for your apartment or having multiple items then sharing a University of Chicago storage unit as well as your apartment can help you to give everyone the space that they need.
    • Hopefully all of your hard work will pay off and at the end of your college years you will find yourself walking across to get your diploma. Hopefully with the things that you learned in school you can apply them and find a great post-grad job. Your first job can sometimes lead to your first apartment by yourself. If you find yourself in a loft apartment or a one bedroom flat that is lacking in storage space you can remember your experience in college with your University of Chicago storage unit and you will know right where to go to find the space that your first space may lack.
    • When leaving college for the summer it can be a hassle to take everything with you for the break just to have to haul it all back in a few months when you return in the fall. Instead of hauling your stuff back and forth during break leaving it in a University of Chicago storage unit for the summer can leave you with more time to enjoy your summer and you can simply return in the fall to get your belongings out of your storage unit and move it back to your dorm room.

    The saying goes that you should think out of the box, but with self storage you need to think inside of the box. When you find yourself in need of more storage space or more personal space while you are at the University of Chicago remember that there are options available for you to get the additional space that college life does not come with.

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  • Relocation is Less Stressful with Storage
    By jeff on February 2, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

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    Vanessa and Kyle had decided to move to the Kansas City area. Vanessa was offered a promotion at her job, but it was at their branch in Kansas. They both took their time and talked over the pros and cons to choosing to move, but in the end they decided that the benefits to taking the job outweighed the negative aspects of taking on the move. With the promotion came a better quality of life for their children and that was the one pro that really helped them to decide on the move. The cons were not so big that they as a family could not work through them. Their kids were a little sad about having to leave their friends behind, but they were quick to assure them that they would make new friends and that they could still come back at times to visit their old friends.

    When they began to look at the housing markets of the Kansas City area they decided to focus more on the suburbs of the city and not actually the houses in the city. They wanted a nice quiet neighborhood with good schools but still close enough to go into the city when ever they wanted. Suburban life with city amenities is hard to find, but they were determined to find it.

    In the end they decided to purchase a house that they both loved in the Olathe area. The house was in a quiet residential neighborhood and there was a playground nearby that the kids could play on. It was in a good school district and was close to the shops and stores in Olathe.

    The only downside to the house was there was a lack of storage space. The closets were a little smaller than what they had now, and the garage was lacking the storage space that they were use to. Vanessa was sure that they could make it work, but it might be a little tight to get everything put away with what little closet space there was and with the lack of storage space. To help offset the lack of extra closet space and with no room in the garage to store their stuff they rented a nearby Olathe, Kansas storage unit.

    With the Olathe storage unit they could keep all of their seasonal items and boxes that use to be stored in the garage, and anything else that they found had no place to be put away while they were unpacking. Having added the storage unit gave them the additional space that their home lacked.

    Moving and unpacking with two children can sometimes be stressful and hectic but Vanessa and Kyle were finally able to get all of the boxes unpacked and the furniture placed where it went. Besides the seasonal items that they already knew were headed for the Olathe storage unit they ended up with five other boxes of odds and ends that they placed into storage. Vanessa was due to start her new job in the next week and she was happy that they had gotten all settled in before she had to begin working. Now she could focus on her new exciting job, as well as helping the kids get set up in their new schools, and helping her husband work on finding a job as well.

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  • Storage Solutions for Growing Families
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 11 Comments11 Comments  Comments

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    Having five children was always a dream of Stacy’s. She loved coming from a large family and she wanted her children to grow up like she did. Her four children ranged in ages from ten to two and the fifth one was on the way. It can be hectic around the house most days with four children and her husband to take care of but Stacy did the best that she could to keep the house maintained, the kids schedule organized and all of them at the practices and recitals on time, and find a few minutes a day to have time for herself. With six people in the house and a seventh one on the way it was sometimes hard to keep everything organized and find space for each person to have some personal space of their own which is why Stacy and her husband relied on their Kansas City, Kansas self storage unit to help them find space for each person and their stuff. Here are a few examples of how they utilized their self storage unit to fit their growing family.

    The got their first Kansas City storage unit after their first daughter was born and had grown out of the crib. When the nursery was switched out for more grown up furniture they waned to find a place that they could keep the crib and nursery stuff for the next child to use. It was the perfect solution for them to keep the nursery stuff in storage for each child that came along.

    With two boys and two girls and a baby yet to be named it can be expensive to clothe all of them. Hand me downs were important for them to be able to not spend all of their budget each month just getting clothes for the kids. Stacy had a good system of using the empty diaper boxes as storage boxes for the kids clothes. She would wash them and fold them neatly in the box. Once it was labeled as boy or girl and what size clothes they were the boxes would head off to their Kansas City storage unit until they were needed for the next growing child.

    Stacy worked hard to keep their house organized with four children running around and playing. To help her with the organization she utilized her Kansas City storage space for a solution when she could no longer find a place to put everything away. Toys that the kids no longer played with or outgrew would head to storage until the next child came along and needed toys to play with.

    Children fight and with so many people living in one house the fighting can be worse when it is difficult for anyone to find time alone to cool down or just be by themselves. Stacy did her best to create a space in each of the children’s rooms that was just theirs. A place where they could go to be by themselves. Sometimes it was a simple thing of having a chair in their room that they could go to when they wanted or having a princess bed that had curtains over it that they could hide in. with the house clean and organized it was easier for each person to be able to have space and Stacy could try to keep the peace a little bit better.

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  • Storage Can Help with the Ups and Downs of Life
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

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    Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you swing and hit it out of the park. You conquer the curve and don’t let it slow you down. Then there are times that the curve ball comes flying at you at ninety-nine miles an hour and no matter how much you try and keep ahead of the ball you swing and strike out.

    Greg was dealing with one of the strike out times in life. When rumors went around his workplace there were going to be cutbacks and a reorganization of departments, Greg tried not to worry but when you have a possibility of losing your job there is little chance that your life will not be consumed with worries. In the end it turned out that his worries were well-founded as he was downsized. He began to look for jobs in the area and ended up taking a part time job at a gas station in order to make at least some money.

    In the end though it was still not enough and Greg found himself packing up his apartment to move back in with his parents. His mom had turned his old bedroom into a guest room so he was going to be staying in there while he saved up some money and tried to find a better job.

    With his room at his parents already having furniture and no space to put all of his stuff Greg was looking for a Hyde Park, Illinois self storage space that he could utilize while he was living back with his parents. He hoped that within a year he would be able to find a better job and be able to move back into his own apartment with the money that he will have saved by staying with his parents. Then he would need all of his furniture and stuff in the Hyde Park storage unit to set up his own place once again.

    It was a bittersweet day for Greg on the day that he was moving out of his apartment. He was so grateful to his parents for helping him get back on his feet, but it was not the ideal situation for a person his age to be living with his parents. He was going to use this time to save up every penny of his money and hit the job market until he found a great full time job once again.

    It took seven months for Greg to find a full time position and the position that he found was better than the job that he had lost. He had saved up enough money and with the raise in his salary coming from the new job he was able to find an even better apartment than the one that he had to move out of. Finally he was able to hit a curve ball out of the park. He was currently moving all of his furniture and boxes of stuff out of his Hyde Park storage unit and into his bigger and better apartment. He was going to have to shop for some more furniture to fill up the spaces but he was going to work on that a little at a time so he did not have to take money from his savings because you never know when a curve ball might be coming

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  • Use Storage to Help Give Your Home a Facelift
    By jeff on January 5, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Renovating your home can be a huge undertaking. Working with contractors to make your dream into a reality can be difficult and the upheaval that your home life goes through as you work on renovating your home can be a struggle. As your house is taken over with hammering and sawing and construction workers you can find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Before you begin your renovation you may want to consider how adding a West Flagler Miami storage unit to your life may help you get through the process a bit easier.

    • When renovations begin you usually start by clearing out the room. Removing any furniture and all of your stuff from the space so that there is room to move around and work. Piling it into another room leaves you with two rooms that are now basically unusable. To get around your house you may have to climb over and around furniture just to get about. Adding this hassle to your already hectic life can be unmanageable. Instead of cluttering up the spaces that are not being redone or renovated moving your stuff into a West Flagler Miami storage unit can leave you with a little more room to move around while the renovations are happening.
    • Renovations usually mean dust and paint and smells that can be impossible to get out of fabric. You don’t want to come out of the renovation with furniture that is ruined and have the added cost of replacing your stuff. Before the mess of renovation begins why not move your furniture and decorations into a West Flagler Miami, Florida storage unit so that you will be able to keep your things safe and clean while the renovations are going on. When the remodel is over you can be assured that your stuff is paint and renovation dust free.
    • One of the best ways to add value to your home is by ripping out that old and stained carpet and adding nice hardwood flooring or by restoring the hardwood flooring that may be underneath the carpet. To do this you will have to remove everything from the space and depending on what type of flooring you have you may not be able to walk on it for a certain amount of hours. If you are adding hardwood flooring to your renovated space and you need to get everything out of the space then having a West Flagler Miami storage unit can help you clear out the space. Floors are often the last thing to be replaced in a remodel so there is less chance of something messing them up during the construction. With your stuff safely stored away in your self storage unit you don’t have to worry about when they need everything cleared out to do the floors the rooms getting the new floors will already be cleared.

    As you can see from just these three points here that having a West Flagler Miami storage unit during renovations can save you time and possibly money by not having to delay the renovations because stuff is in the way. So before you begin to remodel or redo a room in your home check out the self storage facilities near you and clear out the old to bring in the updated new spaces.

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  • Using Self Storage to Help Your Dreams Come True
    By jeff on December 14, 2010 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

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    Walking down the beach looking at the sunrise over South Beach, Kendra could not believe that she could now call this her home. She had fallen in love with South Beach when she had come here during the summer of her sophomore year of college with her best friends and room mate. For three weeks it seemed that they had lived on the beach and enjoyed all that the city had to offer crazy young twenty somethings. Over the next two summers they had traveled to different spots soaking up the summer fun and sun but Kendra had always wanted to return to South Beach. Even though she never made it back to South Beach during college she kept it on her list of preferred destinations for her first vacation after graduation.

    Her senior year of college she began sending out resumes and looking for jobs. She went on several interviews but had no luck in locking down a job when graduation was over. Over winter break she took an internship opportunity with a company and it was one of her favorite jobs that she had ever had, but they had no openings for full time positions. As graduation neared Kendra became anxious about finding a job. A month before graduation came about Kendra received a call from her boss where she had interned. They had an opening for a full time position in their South Beach Miami branch and he was recommending her for the position if she wanted it. After her heart began to beat once again Kendra accepted and preparations were made for her move to South Beach Miami, Florida.

    On the weekends Kendra would pack up her car and drive down to apartment hunt in South Beach. That was not the only thing that she was there to do however. Before she went down for her first visit Kendra rented a South Beach storage unit and each time she came to look for apartments she would bring a car load of her stuff with her. She would drive to her South Beach Miami, Florida storage unit and drop off the boxes and bags that she had brought before going apartment hunting. By the time she found her apartment the weekend after she became a college graduate she had more than half of her stuff moved into her South Beach Miami storage unit. After moving in to her apartment Kendra was glad that she had decided not to end her rental at her self storage unit. When she began unpacking she quickly realized how little closet and storage space there was for all of her extra stuff. Since she had a storage unit already she talked to the manager and downsized to a smaller unit not that the majority of her stuff was moved in. they were more than happy to help accommodate her change in self storage unit sizes.

    Kendra watched the sunrise over the ocean and headed back to her apartment complex to begin to get ready for her first day of work at her new job. She was excited about the outlook of her future; Starting her first post graduate job, having her first apartment by herself, and to top it all off getting to do all of that in her dream location.

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  • Staging Your Life with Self Storage
    By jeff on November 30, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Planning on moving to Miramar, Florida? With its easy access to Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Miramar has the benefits of having close city amenities with the life style of the suburbs. The city of Miramar offers its own unique sense of culture, entertainment, dining, and nature with the nearby Florida Everglades. With all that the city has to offer Miramar is a great choice for Florida life. Whether you are planning to move there or you already moved there keep in mind that by adding a Miramar storage unit you can further add to the benefits of life in Miramar. Here are a few examples of how adding a self storage unit can make life in Miramar even better:

    • When first starting out life in Miramar you may find that your first apartment did not come with all of the closet space or storage space that you were needing. There is no need to worry though because with convenient Miramar, Florida storage you can supplement your closet space and storage space with a self storage unit and end your lack of space in your apartment. Leaving you time to enjoy life on your own and in your own apartment.
    • Life continues to move along at a fast pace and soon you find yourself starting a family of your own and you now are trying to fit two households into one space. When you find that one home is having trouble fitting two peoples stuff in there is no need to argue about who gets to keep what. With a Miramar storage unit there can be compromise and no one has to sell their belongings unless they wish to. Leaving you time to enjoy living life together.
    • The thing about families is that they tend to grow quickly. Before you know if your first child is getting too big for a crib and you need to change it out for a toddle bed. With the wish for more kids in the back of your mind you don’t want to get rid of all of the things that you need to set up a nursery. Luckily you know that with one quick call to your neighboring Miramar storage facility you can get the space that you need in order to hold on to all of the baby furniture and leave room to turn your not so little babies room into a more grown up space.
    • As your family continues to grow space can become a commodity. Kids share rooms and there are fights over the bathroom. While getting a self storage unit will not solve your need for more bathrooms in the house it can help with the need for space. De-cluttering and organizing your house can leave you and your family with more space to move around and grow. Perhaps with everyone having a little more personal space there can be less fighting.

    As you can see from just these few examples having a Miramar, Florida storage unit can be beneficial in several stages of life. So the next time you find yourself with no closet space or you are tired of tripping over your children’s toys again consider how adding a Miramar self storage unit to your life can help you get the space that you are searching for.

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  • Collegiate Life Made Easier with Self Storage
    By jeff on November 9, 2010 | 13 Comments13 Comments  Comments

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    Peter had dreamed of attending the University of Georgia since the first time his dad took him to a UGA football game and he watched the Bulldogs fight their way to a victory. He had UGA paraphernalia in his room from that time on and he worked hard in school to be able to get good grades and studied hard to be eligible to be a student there. So it was no surprise his senior year when he sent out college applications that his first application was post marked for Georgia, and the day that Pete got his acceptance letter to attend UGA in the fall was one of the best days of his life.

    Pete hardly slept a wink the night before he was moving onto campus. Everything he had was packed up and he was ready to go. His parents were driving him down and they were going to stay for the weekend to enjoy all of the incoming freshman activities that there were for students and parents. Pete had the perfect first day on campus, taking the tour, eating in the cafeteria, meeting his roommates. It was all going great until that night when he and his parents were unpacking and Pete quickly realized that dorm life comes with its challenges of getting everything you need into a shared space. It was a six hour drive back home to his parent’s house and he couldn’t make the trip every time he needed something that was not going to fit into his dorm room.

    Luckily for Pete his mom suggested that they look into renting a small University of Georgia storage unit. Surely a great college town like this would have facilities that would cater to the needs of college students who need more space.

    The next day while Pete was enjoying the welcome festivities his parents set out to find a safe and secure University of Georgia storage unit for their son. Something that was convenient for him and affordable for them. After visiting a few different locations there were sure that they had found just the one that they were looking for.

    The next day Pete was able to move all of his extra stuff into the UGA storage unit. His unpacking was complete and he was now officially moved into his dorm room. He was now a full time UGA freshman student.

    Life for Pete at UGA was everything that he wished it would be. Over the next four years Pete made great friendships, found the love of his life, and was set to graduate with honors. Through all of this years at college Pete used his University of Georgia storage unit while he was living on campus and even his senior year when he and his girlfriend moved into their own tiny apartment together they used it to store their extra stuff so there was room in the apartment for both of them. Graduation day came and Pete looked out to see his parents in the stand watching him reach his goals. He was a little sad to be leaving the place that he loved so much but he knew that no matter where the business world took him he would always be a UGA Bulldog. He had worked hard to make his dreams into a reality.

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  • Start Your New Life with Lawrenceville Storage
    By jeff on October 18, 2010 | 148 Comments148 Comments  Comments

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    Greg was excited about the move to Lawrenceville, Georgia. His company had offered him a great promotion and the chance to run their new location in Atlanta. He and his wife talked it over and made a list of all of the pros and cons that they could think of for uprooting their family and heading to Atlanta. In the end they decided that it would be a great move for their family and even though their children were sad about leaving their friends behind Greg and his wife were sure that they would adjust in no time at all and would be able to make new friends quickly.

    When the move was decided Greg and his wife began to look at a few of the suburbs surrounding Atlanta. They had always preferred living life in the suburbs rather than the city. You get to have all of the amenities of the city close by but with more space and more house for your money. After careful consideration of the nearby area they met with a real estate agent to begin looking into houses in a few of the places that they liked.

    As soon as they pulled up to a house in Lawrenceville that their agent took them to Greg knew that his wife was in love with the place all ready. With a wrap around porch featuring a swing and beautiful window boxes it was what she had always wanted. The inside was just as great as the outside with the living room featuring a window seat and the kitchen having modern appliances but with a farm house feel he didn’t even have to ask his wife if she liked it. They put in an offer that day and began the process of purchasing a home in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

    The family began packing for their move and Greg began to travel to Atlanta for meetings and preparations for his new job. Each time he would travel he would drive over to their Lawrenceville storage unit and bring down a load of boxes and stuff that was ready and waiting to move into their new house. There was going to be a delay of two weeks between the closing of their old house and when they could move into their new house in Lawrenceville. They had decided to rent a hotel room for those two weeks and store all of their belongings in their Lawrenceville, Georgia storage unit.

    When move in day finally arrived Greg and his family were excited about getting their stuff out of their Lawrenceville storage unit and moving into their new home. Greg has spend the last two weeks working hard at his job getting the new location ready and his kids were getting ready to start a new school year in their new school. They had made a few friends in the neighborhood already so there were not as nervous about starting at a new place as they would have been. It looked like to Greg that choosing to move for his job to Atlanta and finding such a great home in Lawrenceville, Georgia was the right decision for him and his family. He was excited about the future and how much better their life had the chance to be in such a great place.

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  • Clear Out Your Home With Self Storage
    By admin on May 7, 2010 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

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    You are standing in your living room after a long, hard day of work.  Maybe you did not get that big promotion that you were looking for, and now you simply want to rest.  Maybe you have been exceptionally busy at work, and you are simply looking to come home to a nice, clean, quiet sanctuary.  Well, reader, you are going to find that a dirty home simply cannot offer you the peace of mind that you are looking for, here.  You are going to find that household clutter becomes psychological clutter if you let things get out of hand.  Fortunately, in these, our modern times, there are plenty of solutions for you to consider.  Cleaning up your home is entirely possible, and even somewhat easy, when you are aware of the full spectrum of services that are out there.  Herein, the author will explain precisely how you might set about cleaning out your home, even if you do not have much in the way of extra storage space around your home.

    Truly, if your problem centers on having too much clutter gathered up around the house, then you are going to want to be sure that you are not forgetting about the wonderful, convenient self storage locations that are in your local area.  Many people assume that you are only supposed to use self storage on a short term basis, and that, at the end of the day, moving is the only project that could ever call for such a lavish solution.  Of course, to adopt this mindset is to drastically underestimate the versatility of the modern self storage unit.  These units, you should know, are not simply for short term stays.  These units are not merely for moving companies and families that are on the move.  Rather, they are for all of us, and they can come in quite useful when you know that you are going to have to clean up your home.

    A major problem, here, is that many people simply fail to understand that self storage units are a safe place to keep your belongings.  Indeed, you are going to find that most self storage units are actually safer than your own home.  Sure, you may feel nice and safe in your own home, as well you should.  Sure, you cannot conceive of someone violating the sanctity of your home, and you may not attribute that same sense of sanctity to a storage unit.  Really, though, when you break down all of the numbers and give your local self storage facilities a fair shot at gaining your trust, you are going to learn that your preconceptions are, at the very best, misleading.  Think about it.  Self storage units come equipped with video surveillance cameras.  They come equipped with door alarms, and, typically speaking, they are entirely surrounded by tall, near insurmountable fences.  There are actual human guards watching over your belongings.  There are moving and packing supplies, which help guarantee that your belongings are not going to be affected by seasonal changes in the temperature and humidity.  And, of course, there are climate controlled storage lockers, meaning that you can hold your belongings within a safe threshold of temperatures throughout the entire year.  When you consider all of the facts, here, you can begin to see that your belongings are actually going to be safer in a self storage unit.

    A clean home is a happy home, reader.  A clean home is a place where you can truly rest, and truly prepare yourself for the days to come.  If your home is not clean, then you have to take it upon yourself to find a self storage unit for your excess belongings.  Positive change is always proactive.

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