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  • Luxury Real Estate of the Rich and Famous
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    The very word luxury brings to mind the picture of the affluent people and they do not like to live the ordinary way. So it is quite natural that their sense of luxury will always start with luxury real estate . Their prime concern is usually the size and location of the property and its privacy. So if you are proposing the sale of any luxury property to the affluent you must make sure that you place such properties before them that they may find attractive. They look for facilities that suit their luxury lifestyle as well as go well with their personality and character and give them a sense of exclusivity. This is very natural for them to demand as they are spending money without limits.

    A common feature of any luxury real estate is an abundance of space. The properties have huge spaces both built up and as vacant land. Even the properties in the cities like luxury homes and penthouses also have huge spaces compared to the ordinary properties. The affluent like to live in their space and leaves no stone unturned to make them livable. The personal taste of the owner is a great factor and as an agent you should make a note of all his personal favorites. So during the negotiation period you can actually strike on these points. A reference to the personal preferences works wonders and selling luxury homes is all about salesmanship.

    Mansions, villas, country houses, ranches, hunting lodges, etc. all fall into the category of luxury real estate . It has been seen that an affluent person has special likings for different types of properties and for each of them they like to spend millions simply to make these fit his or her taste and likings. Home decor is a very important part of the property and this is a factor that must not slip out of mind when negotiating a deal on such a property. These days the fashion for simple and non-functional decoration is not very popular. The trend is for functional approach though the products should be of the highest range.

    Place yourself on the other side and try to gauge what a person wants when he buys a luxury real estate . Affluence does not mean wastage so a person would not stand any nonsense. You should make it clear from the buyer what he wants and stay away from passing on anything in the name of luxury. Remember that he must have done enough homework and he has the appropriate people with him to guide him. Of the few things that are must in a luxury property are the high end security system to protect both life and property apart from preserving the privacy and additional features like swimming pool, attached wood or a nature trail, private golf courses, exclusive marina or beach, etc. These are often the main features that attract the buyers.

    It has been seen that most of the buyers of luxury real estate pay in cash and of these most are the newly rich people. These people are generally the big executives of the business houses and often belong to the age group of between late thirties and early fifties and almost all of them are married. This means that the property has to cater to almost all from ladies to children and the gentlemen. The maximum demand among all the features is a big and state of the art kitchen and at least four to five bedrooms. These are just some observations but the list can run long.

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  • Introduction to Luxury Real Estate
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    Luxury means the best that life can offer and acquiring the best means spending a handful. The luxury real estate is what only the privileged few can afford. The luxury is not only in the amenities but also the uniqueness of a property. The architecturally exquisite, the natural beauties and the ones with the worldliest comforts fall into the luxury group. They can be anything from a ranch to villa to an island and all one needs to have is money and taste. Yes, both are necessary. While money buys the property a person without the correct taste will never ever appreciate where it is luxurious.

    You can go for a luxury real estate as your primary residence or a secondary one or even a vacation home. If you have the money you can buy one. But there are no benchmarks for the prices of luxury homes. You cannot say that so and so number of bedrooms and bathrooms will cost so much money. Nor can you say that the heating arrangement, swimming pool, closet storage space or any such luxurious good will cost you so much more. It all depends on the urge and satisfaction and the ones truly wanting a luxury home rarely care for the money as long as the homes are unique. But there must be a price and there is no doubt that the price must be appropriate to the worth of property.

    The luxury real estate should first match your choice and personality. Mind it, that it is not just another home and only a few can afford such properties. So the property must declare that it is yours and should be much of a signature of yours. It should reflect your family values and needs and the special features should have certain parameters so that your property stands out from the crowd. There should be special attention to the architectural details. It can be contemporary, modern, traditional, or of any style that suits you. A general condition of the surrounding is also a factor to take into account. The ideal luxury property should blend into the local culture and tradition and if possible to the historical significance of the place.

    After you have completed with the concern for the surrounding, you should take notice of the requirements of your family. The luxury real estate will have a luxury home to live in and there you must make sure that it is livable. A real property where one cannot live is not a home but a monument. When buying a home you do not want to bump into a monument. Thus the first things that should be thought upon are the safety, security and the privacy of the family members. The next thing to look after is the durability and elegance of the home and all the facilities you will need to live in luxury.

    Often the busy lifestyle takes a heavy toll on the physical, mental and emotional health of a person and also on those related to him or her. So they often look for vacations and a vacation home is ideal getaway for them. This means the luxury real estate can easily be that dream vacation home. All you need to do extra over finding a regular luxury home is to find out whether the natural beauty is a part of this package. If it is then go ahead and find your haven of peace.


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