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  • Answer the Housing Crisis! Rezone Reuse Repurpose
    By admin on July 12, 2008 | 69 Comments69 Comments  Comments

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    Right now with the country in a recession and the housing market being in terrible a position. Unfortunately, realestate management may not seem like the best field to be in to the blind eye, however it does have some perks. Not everyone is looking to own or buy a home these days, but it does seem as if people are renting a lot more. Foreclosures, increasing interest rates and the decreasing dollar are all reasons for the increase in rentable properties and realestate management should take advantage of this in order to better assist the middle and lower class citizens along with the ecosystem.

    There are millions of empty shipping containers throughout the United States that are piled on the banks of rivers and oceans. These shipping containers are currently inhabited by homeless people and animals, but can be used for a great purpose. While just taking up space and piled 3 shipping containers or more high, not only are they blocking a view of the waters, but creating more waste for the world. In other countries shipping containers have been used for a great purpose, to create housing. At first this may seem impossible, but the homes that have already been created are immaculate. The shipping containers can be constructed to where they are a base for the home. There is limited construction that needs to be done to the shipping containers so it is very cost efficient. Many companies that dispose of the shipping containers often give them away or sell them for little to nothing. Realestate management can take advantage of this by purchasing the shipping containers and constructing neighborhoods throughout the United States. After buying and constructing these magnificent homes they can either be rented out or leased to individuals in the community. Realestate management could manage these homes efficiently while increasing revenue for the realty market and keep the cost down for home renters or leasers.

    Another great idea for individuals working in the cities is to revamp old businesses, warehouses and apartment complexes. By purchasing these cheap, old remnants realestate management could definitely make money for the realty market while helping to beautify cities. If one would drive through large cities like Kansas City and St. Louis there are many buildings and warehouses that have been abandoned by the city but have excellent structure. They are sitting statues, making the city ugly, often giving off lead and other toxins to the communities. Why not purchase these properties and make them useful? They can be transformed into lofts, apartments and houses and be either rented or leased out.

    There are many ways that the realty market can be brought up out of the recession. Although people are not buying as much as they were previously, many are renting or leasing because of foreclosures and interest rates. By purchasing both old buildings and reconstructing them or using shipping containers as houses, money can be made while helping to beautify the country. People have gotten greedy, have overpopulated much of the land and used majority of the natural resources and fossil fuels.

    It is imperative that humans get away from wasting and learn to reuse and recycle so the next generation will be able to breathe fresh air, take a walk in the park and drink clean spring water. So, instead of building out onto uninhabited land, it would be smart to use what we have thrown away and forgotten about while still making money for the economy.

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