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  • Self Storage Welcomes New Arrivals to the City
    By jeff on March 9, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

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    West New York storage areas give great looks at the Manhattan skyline.  This is where people can look out in the horizon and dream of all the things a person may do in this great city of New York, and of course the great state of New Jersey.

    Often the first place arrived when they go to a new city is a storage facility to unload almost everything they have.  New Jersey and New York is a little stressful driving thirty foot moving trucks through, but you hope cars and other smaller trucks respect your truck, thirty-foot trucks are big.  Another thing to worry about is when you see a huge U-haul truck or Ryder or a Penski truck, you realize many of the drivers in those trucks are not truck drivers, but dreamers.  They are dreaming of all the things to accomplish in New Jersey or New York.  They dream of being actors and not waiters, or working on Wall Street and not in a bank as a teller.

    West New York storage with the great Manhattan skyline is a great place to land and a get a view.  It will look different from this vantage point then when the moving people go in and wander around for the first time.  You have to respect people who pack everything they have and venture off to New York or New Jersey to reach their dreams.  It also takes a lot of energy to live in New York.  You need it to get around and see and learn the subways or freeways, or where to park or where not to park.

    People try to unload their thirty-foot trucks as fast as they can and lock it up, than go to the city for their first look at the city.  New York is seen in movies and heard in songs.  We hear the good and bad the horrible and exciting.  We think of Broadway, dance, and music.  We look at the Manhattan skyline and dream of being famous or successful and writing back home on how exciting it all is.  We move the last box from the truck and hope we can find a quick place to rid ourselves from this truck, hop a cab and look out the window at buildings we cannot see the top of.

    West New York storage gives you that skyline and tells you New York is beautiful and inviting but scary too.  You hope you do not run out of money or time.  You hope you find a place to live you can afford.  You hope you do well on interviews.  You hope your accent is Ok.  You hope you can live on cheap food for a while and wait to taste New York Pizza.  It is all planned to a point and it starts here in this West New York storage place where the nice manager welcomes you to his city.  The excitement builds as you enter the office and say good-bye to the manager and so long to your possessions.  It will be a few more trips back and forth from storage to your new home, but no time to waste.  It is time to start the journey.

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  • Minnesotas Love Self Storage
    By jeff on March 7, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

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    What can you tell people about Minnesota?  Well, let us see and discuss this more thoroughly.  They play hockey up there.  Most people in the United States live below Minnesota so we can say Minnesota is up there.  In fact, it is way up there compared to people who live in Texas or Florida.  It is much colder than Texas too.  People are forced to play hockey and ice skate.  They do a lot of ice sculpting too.  All that work for something that might melt rather soon.  I guess in Florida they make sand castles that fall apart in a short time too.

    Prince is from Minnesota, or did he change his name again.  I wonder if he has ever put anything in the Hopkins storage facility there.  He must own a lot of things.  Bob Dylan is from Minnesota too.  His name was different when he lived up there though; I think it was Bob Zimmerman.  It was a small house somewhere.  We know about the lakes.  Are there still ten thousand lakes up there?  Some are quite small but boy scouts love the trip boating all through the beautiful scenery.  I have some younger friends and neighbors who actually did that while in the boy scouts.

    There must be famous doctors who live there too.  The Mayo clinic saves lives everyday and is often considered one of the best hospitals and clinics in the world.  Companies like Storagemart have built a Hopkins storage retail store there and is a beautiful building to behold.  Storage places used to be quite the eyesore but this American company has stepped up the ante.  Why should people moving to Hopkins put there valuable possessions in a place that is scary at best?  We have all seen them.  Would Prince or Bob Dylan put their stuff in a bad place?  I do not think so.  I guess if you are sick though Minnesota is the place to be sick in.  Your chances are much better to get unsick.

    Many people who move to Minnesota do so because of the great hospitals they have.  They play baseball in Minnesota too.  Their team is usually pretty good.  I bet a lot of people fish in Minnesota too.  They can store all their fishing stuff in Hopkins storage.  I heard a lot of blonde people live in Minnesota too.  I guess it is their backgrounds, culture, and ancestry.  Oh yeah, a very big mall is here too.  It has everything I hear including a park to play in, rides, and roller coasters, and it takes days to see the whole thing.  Of course, it is good if you like malls.  I like hockey better.  Hockey is more fun to watch than clothes on hangers or candles in candle stores.  I could go fishing too.  One could drive a boat or play baseball.  Some people do not like cold weather.  People who live in cold weather sometimes do not like it either.  There are twin cities here too somewhere.  Are there twin cities anywhere else in America?  Should we all go to Minnesota and check it out?  Put your thing in Hopkins storage owned by Storagemart and stay awhile.

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  • Exploring the Wide Variety of Storage Options
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 11 Comments11 Comments  Comments

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    When you are shopping for Manhattan self storage units, you may be overwhelmed by everything that is available. Storage managers in New York take a lot of storage calls everyday so they may move through a lot of information very quickly. It is good to know what to look for so you can figure out which site is best. Comparing prices is simply a bad way to shop. The quality and overall value are what you what to look for. Cheap tires can blow out and cheap storage units can ruin your things. Finding the right Manhattan self storage property for you is all about priorities.

    Some may consider the security of the Manhattan self storage site to be the most important thing to look for. There are many other articles describing all of the security features that you should look for at storage properties. The location is the most important thing to a lot of callers in New York and across the United States. In fact, current renters revealed that location was the most important reason for them making the choice to store with the company that they did. If you pay attention when you are going to work or just out and about, you probably will find that there are a lot of storage facilities that are close to where you live and frequent. You will have a lot to choose from.

    There are many reasons why location is important. The first is convenience. When you need to get to your things right away, it is great to rent at a Manhattan self storage property that you can get to in a matter of minutes. The winter months can bring a lot of bad weather which could make it impossible to get to your unit if you have a space that is too far away. If you have one close by, you should still be able to get to your space without any problems. Keep an eye out for stores in your neighborhood.

    Security is also affected by location. A Manhattan self storage location that is in a bad neighborhood probably will not be that safe even if they have every security feature imaginable. Well, aside from deadly targeting lasers. All kidding aside, you should find a spot that is in a decent neighborhood so you feel safe when you visit the site and so your belongings do not get stolen.

    The location can also affect the cost, but not in the way that you might think. Some people may rent a space that is further away because the monthly rental is cheaper than the one in their neighborhood. This may seem like a smart thing to do. However, you may actually spend more money on this unit when you factor in travel expenses to your overall storage cost. The monthly rate is just one factor in your storage cost. Gas is more expensive than it ever has been before. If you rent a truck, hire movers, or even enlist the help of friends, getting a storage unit far away will just cost you more and more. Moving companies also charge by the hour so you will be adding extra time to the moving process which costs more. Get a space close to home unless the price is just out of control.

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  • Service Should Be a Factor When Choosing a Storage Company
    By jeff on February 3, 2011 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

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    When shopping for Jamaica self storage units, it may be tempting to try to find the cheapest that New York has to offer. This is a pretty common mistake so do not feel bad if that is what you were planning on doing. You compare prices when shopping for many other items. However, the difference in quality varies quite a bit from one Jamaica self storage property to the next. It is just not a matter of convenience, as with location. It can be life or death, as is the case with the security of the site. There are many articles that outline why location and the security of the site are important in great and extensive detail. This article will focus on customer service of the site and why that is important.

    Customer service if definitely one thing that is overlooked when caller are shopping for Jamaica self storage units. They may not see why this would be that big of a benefit to them. There will lots of times that you will need assistance with something and it is great to have a helpful person there to assist you. For example, your bill may be incorrect and it is due today. If you cannot get through to anybody, you must decide if you should pay the bill or suffer a late penalty. Some sites in New York are very strict when it comes to late penalties and they may not forgive them for any reason.

    If you store at a Jamaica self storage site that cares about their customers, then you may see that they take a more common sense approach to their policies. If an epic snowstorm befalls the facility, they should waive any late fees for cash paying customers. This is just something that would appear to be the right thing to do. A lot of properties would just charge you the late fee and not worry about it.

    A Jamaica self storage with great customer service would be very helpful when you moving in to the storage space. If you have never stored before, there may be some things that you do not know. For example, they should offer you a mattress cover if you have a bed that you are storing. Also, boxes may be needed and they may work out a deal with you if you buy enough of them. Locks are important and they should show you the difference between all of the locks. A helpful employee will take the time to go through everything when you are getting set up with the space to avoid any confusion later.

    When you call for prices, you will encounter many people who answer the phone in a manner that would suggest that you are disturbing them in some way. Get the prices, but you should probably stay away from that storage facility. This is a great indicator of how they treat their current customers. If they hate their jobs, that is fine, but you should probably keep searching for a site that will be helpful when you need them. It is also just nice to be able to take with someone that treats you with respect when you call in. you are paying them money so you should be treated well when you need something.

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  • Get Away with Your RV. Store it when You Get Home.
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    Where do you escape to? When life gets hectic or stressful where do you wish that you could escape to? For Tyrone that place was his RV. When the city became too crowded or he needed a vacation he would get in his RV and travel to wherever he wanted to go. To the lake for the weekend for some fishing, to the country for peace and serenity, out west for the mountains and the beauty that could only be found in the sunrise standing on top of the world. There were so many places that Ty loved to go and see it was just a matter of how much time he had and what he was in the mood for.

    He first started traveling in his RV about ten years ago. He had always wanted to go out west and see the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains. He wanted to spend days exploring the National Parks and fishing in the Ocean. When he first though about the idea of doing all of this in an RV he thought that there was no way that he could do that because he would have no where to park it. It’s not something that fits in most garages, and his neighbors would hate having their views blocked by his huge RV. He thought that the idea was impossible until he began to search out Glenview, Illinois storage facilities that had RV parking or storage.

    It was one of the happiest days when his search for such a Glenview storage unit resulted in a solution. He would be able to get his RV and come and go as he pleases and when he did return home he would have a place to park it. He immediately went to the facility to talk to the manager and see what types of security they had for his RV while it was parked there. After taking a tour of the location he knew that he had found his solution. He could rent a space to park his RV as soon as he got it.

    The first place that he traveled in his RV was to the Grand Canyon. Standing on the edge of something so magnificent can make you feel so small and insignificant but not for Ty. He felt like he could leap off the edge and fly. Of course he knew he couldn’t but the feeling he got he knew that he had made the right decision in getting his RV. When he got back home he parked his RV in his Glenview storage unit and immediately began to plan his next trip and where he would go. He looked at his work calendar and tried to find a weekend that he could just take off or a maybe a few days that he didn’t have any appointments that day and could take a personal day and go out in his RV a little farther for the weekend.

    Ty was currently planning a trip to Arizona to see his brother and he knew that the only way he wanted to travel to get there was in his RV. There were several stops to make along the way and he had it all mapped out. He couldn’t wait to get his RV from his Glenview storage unit and begin his journey once again.

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  • Be More Adventurous with a Storage Unit
    By jeff on January 31, 2011 | 75 Comments75 Comments  Comments

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    Adam was an adrenaline junkie. He loved anything that he could climb down, scale over, jump off of, hike up, or ride fast on that left him feeling the rush of adrenaline was his hobby.

    His garage was so full of mountain bikes, rope climbing gear, and a myriad of other items that he used to enjoy the extreme sports that he liked that his car no longer fit into the garage and it was becoming difficult for him to get to his stuff at times.

    He needed to find a way to organize his stuff and possibly find a way to get his car back into his garage so that with the upcoming winter he would not have to waste time digging his car out of the snow.

    Adam cleared everything out of the garage and put his car back in. his plan was to place his bikes and all of his gear back in the garage around his car so that he was assured that his car would once again fit in there. As he was putting his bikes and helmets and climbing ropes back in he quickly realized that it was either all going to fit but there would be no room to get around his garage to get to his stuff or his car was just going to have to live in the driveway. Then he thought up a third option for how he could solve his space problems.

    Not far from one of his favorite places to go and run was a Franklin Park, Illinois storage facility. He had ran past it so many times he never even really thought about it anymore, but he remembered thinking the first time that he saw the location that having some extra storage space might come in handy some day. Well today was the day that having more space was just what he needed.

    He got his car out of the garage and moved his stuff back in so that he could drive over to the Franklin Park storage location. He was going to see what kind of price they could give him on a storage unit that would be able to fit all of his equipment in.

    The manager of the Franklin Park storage unit was more than happy to show him around and explain all of the benefits of storing with them. He got to see the access controlled gate to get to the storage units, the security features that they had in place to insure that their renters property was safe, and he got to see the inside of a storage unit that was the size that he was looking for.

    The price was right and he knew that this was just what he needed. He signed up for his self storage unit and immediately began to move in the stuff from his garage. He got some shelves to place his helmets and smaller equipment on and the larger items like his bike were organized so that he could get to them easily. When he was done Adam was so pleased with his storage solution. It was just what he needed to keep all of his stuff organized and straightened out. Now he could once again park in his garage and his adrenaline inducing equipment was organized.

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  • Fun at the Lake is Made Easier with Self Storage
    By jeff on October 14, 2010 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

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    Life in Lake Sinclair, Georgia can be a lot of fun. Having the lake to enjoy on the weekends with your friends and family and all of the summer time fun that can be enjoyed is just one of the many benefits that there are to living your life in Lake Sinclair. With so much life to be enjoyed on the lake there are quite a few people that look into getting their own boat and toys to play on the lake. Here are a few ways that adding a Lake Sinclair storage unit can help you house your fun.

    • Many people can not wait for the weekend to get here so they can take their boat out on the lake and enjoy the peace and quiet that can only be found there. Whether they go there for the fishing or simply driving around the lake it can be an enjoyable time alone or with friends and family, but where does the boat go when it is not on the water? With limited space in the driveway often times people look for a Lake Sinclair, Georgia storage facility that has boat storage. With convenient access you can get your boat whenever you want it, and with safety and security amenities you can be sure that your boat will be safe while you are at work during the week dreaming of being back on the lake and in your boat.
    • Boats are not the only water crafts that can be enjoyed at the lake however. With jet skies, inner tubes, water skies, and many other types of water crafts calling for sunshine at the lake your garage can quickly become a storage unit for all of them leaving you to park out on the street. So why not get your car back in the garage and out of the Georgia weather elements and find a nearby Lake Sinclair storage unit for your water crafts.
    • Even if you don’t own your own boat or Jet Ski you can still have fun at the lake without these things by adding a Lake Sinclair storage unit to your life. When your house is clean and organized and you aren’t constantly cleaning to try and find a place for everything to be put away then you can spend more of your free time having fun. Clear out the clutter and the unused items and find the place to put them away with a Lake Sinclair self storage unit.

    So before you buy a boat or a water craft look into a Lake Sinclair self storage unit to help you store your items in a clean and safe environment that you can have easy access to whenever it is time to head out to the lake and enjoy some fishing or some recreation. Also you can take back your driveway or garage spaces if you already are an owner with a simple call to reserve a self storage boat unit today. Your self storage unit is also a great way to get your home clean and organized so that you will be able to enjoy your free time more. I think you can see that having a convenient self storage facility can be a great addition to your home and to your life.

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  • Variables In Choosing Self Storage
    By admin on June 12, 2010 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

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    When you are shopping around for a self storage unit, there are many things that you have to keep in mind.  Principally, here, you have to be sure that you are renting a self storage unit that is not going to harm your belongings.  Sure, you may think that all self storage units are essentially the same.  You may think that they are all just empty rooms, and that they are all going to do a good job when it comes to keeping your belongings safe.  Well, reader, it is certainly time that you wake up and smell the roses.  Some units are not going to cut it, and you are going to have to learn how to avoid these.

    The first thing that you need to do, here, is get it in your mind that cheaper is rarely better when it comes to the self storage industry.  Given how often these companies shop each other for pricing information, they are going to charge in accordance with the features that they have to offer.  If a facility knows that its units simply do not stack up to those of the competition, then they are going to have no choice but to charge a little bit less for them.  Rarely, if ever, are these companies going to charge lower rates to win your business.

    Of course, you are also going to have to be sure that you are renting a self storage unit that is not too far away from where you live.  While it may be tempting to call a few surrounding cities to see if you stand to save yourself any money, you are only going to end up kicking yourself in the rear when you discover how inconvenient these places actually are.  Not only are you going to be wasting a ton of your time, you are also going to be wasting a ton of your money on all of that gas that you are buying to get to your self storage unit.  Unless you are only going to be heading out to your unit once or twice a year, you are going to want to be sure that it is pretty close to where you live to mitigate these kinds of problems.

    Finally, reader, you are also going to want to be sure that your unit comes with all of the services and accommodations that you are going to need.  If, for example, you know that you are going to need a self storage unit that is going to keep all of your belongings out of the summer heat, then you are going to have to shop around and rent yourself a climate controlled self storage unit.  If, on the other hand, you know that you are going to need a unit that gives you curbside access, then you are going to want to be sure that you rent yourself a drive up self storage unit.  So long as you are giving yourself plenty of time to shop around, you are going to be able to get your hands on a unit that is perfect for your needs.

    At the end of the day, you are going to find that getting a little bang for your buck is not actually that hard when you set your mind to it.

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