• Origins of the Landlord
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    If someone does not own their own home, chances are good that they have a written, contractually binding lease agreement with an individual or a company, whereby they pay a certain amount of money each month for the duration of the agreed upon lease in return for the right to live in a dwelling that is owned by someone else. In todays modern world, this relationship is purely professional. Tenants exchange a monthly fee for a clean and well maintained place to live. The owner of the dwelling assumes ultimate liability for insurance and major repairs, while the tenant assumes responsibility of basic upkeep of the place. Above and beyond that, there is not usually a close relationship between the two parties. There was a time, however, when this arrangement was a matter of survival in a harsh and anarchistic environment, quite literally life and death in many cases.

    The historical origins of the word landlord date back to Medieval Europe, between the years 800 and 1200 AD. At that time, there was no longer an effective supreme governing body, as the Roman Empire had lost much of its power. The small farming villages that dotted the countryside found themselves repeatedly playing an unwilling host to destruction and pillaging by thieves and even Vikings who would encroach upon the tiny farming communities and steal their food and supplies, burn down their homes, rape the women and waste the men. People had no way to protect themselves from the brutalities of these traveling marauders, and families were in fear for their lives with no one to turn to.

    Seeing an opportunity, a handful of brave and wealthy knights stepped in to assist the farmers in securing peace, as well as to ensure their own personal financial gain. They became known as the landlord of their land and they were seen as protectors, and for the most part they were very much esteemed. They bought up large amounts of farmland and offered it up to the small, poor farmers, so that they might build a home there and grow their crops.

    The people who lived and farmed on the land, called Serfs, were protected from harm by the strong and physically powerful land owner and his army of men, who patrolled the areas, kept the peace and discouraged thievery. The Serfs, in return, paid rent in the form of a hefty portion of their yearly crops, which went into food storage bins. This was a win/win situation, because the serfs had a safe place to raise a family, and the landlord had his pockets growing deeper from all of the food that he could then turn around and sell for a profit. There was a certain amount of control and obligation in this scenario, but it was a better option than going it alone and risking your familys lives.

    Today, a landlord is not seen as a protector of life and property, per se. We have police officers for that now. Nor is he seen as a brave knight, valiant and strong. However, there is still a large and important responsibility for the modern day landlord to uphold. This is to provide a clean, well maintained and functional living space for his tenants. And when one considers how important it is to feel secure and safe in our homes, the value here cannot be understated. It is a noble endeavor to offer up homes for families in need, and the win/win situation still exists, without quite so much drama.


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  • The Role Of Homeowner Associations
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    If you decide to purchase a condominium, a town home or a single family residential home in a planned community, you may suddenly find yourself obligated to pay monthly fees or dues, called assessments, as a mandatory member of the association that represents the community. This association is governed by a Board of Directors who are typically elected by the members of the committee, and this Board makes final decisions in regards to just about everything.

    It is the function of the Board of Directors to establish and implement all of the codes, covenants and by-laws that govern the community as well as to fully maintain all of the common areas in the community such as the pool and the grounds. If you have a dispute with a neighbor about their lack of respect for certain policies or provisions such as illegal boat storage or poor lawn grooming that have yet to be resolved, then you are technically supposed to take it up with the Board.

    The problem is that the Board of Directors is very often unreachable to residents and function independently of them. It is difficult for members to personally resolve their grievances without a lot of shuffling about. To solve this issue, a bridge is often created between the members of the Board of Directors and the resident membership. This bridge often takes the form of Homeowner Association Management .

    Homeowner Association Management works with the residents of a planned community and with the Board as well, carrying out the wishes of the Board of Directors, and giving members an opportunity to air their grievances to the Board without having to go through all of the legalese to get to them. Management of this type serves as a go between, and works with members to increase their knowledge of the Boards decisions and policies. Since the Board is financially supported by the membership fees that are paid on a mandatory basis by residents who have purchased homes within the community, having a responsible management team that is working in favor of all members is crucial in maintaining positivity and a sense of fairness within the entire community itself.

    Homeowner Association Management is also able to function as the arms and legs of the community, committing to running the day to day business of communicating with members, providing customer service, answering questions, and providing routine maintenance to keep all common areas of the community looking professional and in good repair. The management team also keeps complete financial records, plans the yearly budget, pays taxes when they become due and collects the monthly assessments from members, which are the monthly dues paid to the Homeowner Association Management each month to support the continued smooth operation of their investment.

    Though the Homeowner Association Management finds its direct role as that of carrying out the directives of the Board of Directors, it does so in a way that works with members to help them better understand why the Board makes the decisions that it does. Finding a strong, professional and reputable company in which you can trust your Association to seem like a daunting process, and indeed it can be. However, there are hundreds of companies that specialize in these specific managing directives. Hiring the right company can open the gates of communication between the owners and the Board, which, in the long run, goes a long way towards maintaining a peaceful, proactive and agreeable membership base.

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  • Learn How To Manage Property
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    Those who have some real property must know that managing property is no easy job. Most of the people who have such property often depend on the professional managers to take care of them. The real professionals do not fail and you can gain from appointing them. But you might not be so lucky as to get a good manager. Thus you need to know at least the basics of managing your property. It will not only help you to know what you should expect from your manager but also make his task easy when he explains his actions to you.

    Managing property means taking care of all things related to the property. You have invested in a property to gain from it and you must want a regular income from it to be successful. This means you want a tenant for your property. Then you must have to advertise. So the first step of the management is to advertise the property to attract the possible tenants and make sure that the expenditure on advertising does not go wasted. Make sure the news reaches the target. Once the prospective tenants start calling the next part is showing them the property and interviewing them. You must know that your decision to lease out your property does not mean that you will have to lease it out to anybody who is offering the highest rent. You need to make sure that you do not get into any trouble in the future that involves your tenants.

    The next step will be asking for proper written application from the interested people along with there credit and employment details. Go through these, screen them and carry out further investigation on the ones who you find suitable. You should investigate about their background, credit history and all the references including their past employments. This may seem a bit too much but these are the safety measures to protect yourself and the property from any trouble in the future. So it is for no reason that managing property is a tedious job. You might decide on the new tenant but some more jobs need to be done before inviting the tenant. You must get the insurance on the property against theft, fire, etc.

    So long the discussion was about the preliminary matters involved in managing property . Next comes the daily maintenance, a job that makes or breaks the relation between the owner and the tenant. Once you sign the agreement of tenancy, you are bound by the law to provide certain services to the tenant and mind it, they are paying the rent and they can be very demanding in this respect. You can appoint a managing company who will register the complaint and act swiftly to resolve the issue. You might have to pay more but at the same time your reputation and the value of the property also increases if you can provide swift services to your tenant.

    The final matter that forms the base of managing property is maintaining the financial aspects. It covers everything from collecting the rent to managing the costs related to repairs, taxes and other sundry expenses. If a management firm is appointed, their fees also should be taken into consideration. You also need periodic inspection and repairs on the property to keep it in a good condition and these costs should be kept in consideration when calculating the return from the property. Start of and with time you may become an expert.

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  • Getting To Know About Houses For Rent
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    Literally houses for rent means those houses that have been taken on the basis of lease. It means tenants live in the house and it is not invalidated by the owner. The system is getting popular day by day because modern system does not permit you to stay in the same place for long. You are on a constant move either for education or for the job. So it is much easier to hire a home than to buy one of your own. Again if you are a lazy one who needs a space of your own purpose but do not want to face the hazards of the ownership then the rented house is your ideal match. If you have a broken water pipe or a stuffed drain or walls of your house need a facelift just dial the number of your landowner. It is his duty to perform the job as quick as possible. Is it not an enjoyable thing?

    There are quite a number of websites who provide you the addresses of the houses for rent . They will also help you to contact the land owner. On websites you will get three dimensional picture of the house you are going to take. So it will be easier to choose according to need. Other than the plan of the house what you get more from the website are the contact number of the owner, the rent rate, the information about the neighborhood, the local hospital or medical facility, the performance of the local school and many more such things. If you have children you will be especially interested in the last one.

    There are different types of houses for rent . Some are very small and some are very large, some are very simple and some are very luxurious. Choose one according to your budget. Some houses are so small that living, dining, cooking and bedroom all are combined in a large room and only one small separate place is used as a bath room. They are called bed-sit, studio or bachelor style. Medium sized is known by the number of bedrooms. There are the garden homes where the house is accompanied by a patch of garden. Naturally the rent is slightly high for the garden home. But if you have a substantial budget then goes for the condominiums and live in luxury.

    Houses for rent can be taken both for long period and very short period. Short period leasing is mainly made by the tourists. Nowadays tourists prefer homes than the hotels because in a rented house they can get the comforts of living in a home and the hiring price is comparatively low. Whereas the hotels maintain formality and the styles are predominant over the comfort. Moreover the charge and the tax upon the service are quite high. So to avoid all these things tourists prefer rented houses.

    When you are taking houses for rent try to maintain a good relationship with your land owner. Pay your rent in time. Present yourself as a gentle and disciplined tenant. While handling the products of the landowner that have been provided to you be extra cautious because your landowner will like to get back his or her product as it is when you will leave the house. Be very clear about your pets because most of the landowners dislike them for the cleanliness purpose. At last try to maintain all rules and regulations to avoid altercation because without the cooperative of the tenant the leasing business can not run long.

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  • Overcome Financial Strain of Homeschool
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    Homeschooling is hard work and life circumstances often put a parents decision to homeschool to the test. First of all, Mom was not always Mom. She once was a single girl who probably had an idea of what she wanted to be when she grew up. Now, whether it was an astronaut or to be a mother homeschooling her brood, it makes the actual task no easier.

    When the time comes to be a full time mom, she has to decide whether or not she will go back to work. By the time homeschooling has come around, she is probably use to a routine with her home duties. She has probably been planning the transition into homeschool for some time and has developed lessons and dates with other homeschooling moms and even play groups with their children.

    However, some families choose to homeschool and perhaps Mom and Dad have both had a career up until that point. Whether it is for religious reasons, poor public school performance, or expensive private school tuition, going from a Careerperson to Homeschool Teacher is a big jump.

    There will be a strain on the Homeschool Teacher, be it Mom or Dad, because they will miss the business world and the interaction with coworkers. However, teaching your children is a busy and full time job, so a motivated homeschool teacher will rise to the challenge and push himself or herself.

    Another strain will be financially. Even the most well-thought-out plan will have a few unexpected  costs. Perhaps you did not realize how much Billy would love playing the keyboard so now he wants a piano. Even smaller things like the cost of a book, a trip to the Science Center, etc will begin to add up. After all, your tax dollars for public school will still be deducted, regardless of where your children are being educated.

    If your household use to be a two-income family, and is now a one-income family, there are some sacrifices you will have to be prepared to make. Perhaps it means eating out a few less times per month. You could overcome some food cost by planting a small garden, and what a learning experience for the children!

    Sometimes, families who homeschool their children have to find more creative measures to make ends meet. For example, a family with a walk out basement might decide to close access to the upper level and renovate the area, making it a small apartment. This could become a nice place for someone to live who is looking for rental homes . Of course, one should always be choosey when inviting a tenant into their home.

    Another option is to become a tenant and look for rental homes in your area. While a family with children will most likely not comfortably fit into an apartment on the third floor of a complex, rental homes are a great answer to get around paying a mortgage and still have your own space.

    There are other savings to looking for rental homes as well. The maintenance of owning a house can be tedious, let alone cost a small fortune for major repairs. Rental homes would require the property owner to maintain the structure and upkeep. And if you are very handy, perhaps the owner would credit your rent for any work you do. If your kids are old enough, they could even learn some handiwork and help out.

    The trick to balancing homeschooling and finances is to be creative and turn everything into a learning experience for your children.

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