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    Where is StorageMart?

    StorageMart is headquartered in Columbia, Missouri and owns 70 self storage properties among 14 States within the US and over 60 storage facilities among 5 Provinces of Canada, for a total of over 130 storage properties.
    History of StorageMart

    The founding family of StorageMart has been in the self storage rental business since 1974. It all began when the family took a vacation to Texas. Their vacation plans were thwarted by continuous rain, and what do you do with a car-full of kids when the rain will not let up? Well, you drive around looking for new business ideas, of course.

    After circling around a building lined with metal doors, the family stopped in at a local self storage real estate property. Within the span of a friendly conversation about how well the self storage business was doing, the founding father of StorageMart has purchased the rights to lease his first self storage property for just 10 dollars.

    Upon returning back home to Columbia, Missouri, the family sought to create what has turned into a modern-day self storage empire. No other business can say that a 10 dollar investment has paid off so well.

    Before creating StorageMart, the founders of the company oversaw the acquisition, management and development of well over 600 million dollars of self storage properties. The original company became a publicly traded entity in late 1994 with over 4 million square feet of storage properties and 113 million dollars of market capitalization. Later, in 1999, the company was acquired from StorageMart founders for over 600 million dollars.

    Where Is PhoneSmart?

    PhoneSmart is centrally located in the Midwest and headquartered in The District in Columbia, Missouri. The company serves clients in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom and Spain.

    History of PhoneSmart

    PhoneSmart was conceived from the self storage industry out of a need to have a professional sales staff manning inbound telephone calls from inquiring self storage customers. In the fall of 2000, PhoneSmart began answering the telephones for self storage facilities around the country. The office space was ironically located on the property of a local self storage facility.

    The concept quickly proved itself successful and PhoneSmart began taking on more clients across the United States. Self storage owners were happy to stop missing phone calls and let the sales force in the call center reserve self storage for them over the phone.

    As the success of PhoneSmart grew, the occupancy rate of each client grew. Self storage owners soon sought out the company for property management advice by way of sales training programs. And so, PhoneSmart began offering sales tips and became a property management consultant to self storage owners in regards to training their property managers on how to sell self storage.

    The property management services offered at PhoneSmart grew to include quality assurance and employee monitoring when the company started a secret shopping service and began marketing it in the self storage industry.

    The combination of self storage call center, sales training management and secret shopping programs was a well-rounded carte du jour for self storage owners who were serious about building a self storage company.

    PhoneSmart Today

    PhoneSmart has since relocated to a larger office space in The District in Columbia, Missouri and now answers inbound phone calls for about 1,000 self storage facilities spread out across the globe.

    The Total Quality Assurance Service department at PhoneSmart, which coordinates the secret shopping programs and sales training property management business, routinely monitors employees for several hundred storage locations.

    The company has a strong Spanish team and offers call center services to self storage clients with a need for the Spanish language. The company also offers sales training programs and secret shopping services in Spanish, to complete the property management portfolio.

    PhoneSmart is also a consultant to self storage companies in Mexico, the United States and Canada. The company is also deeply routed in promoting and establishing self storage associations in the United States, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

    In addition to these property management services, PhoneSmart has several of the most highly ranked self storage directories and online journals. These directories allow PhoneSmart clients more clicks to their websites and put them in the home of any self storage customer.

    The online journals published by PhoneSmart are updated with new content daily. The web logs discuss self storage, secret shopping, property management and total quality assurance service topics and present relevant industry news.

    Who Needs PhoneSmart?

    PhoneSmart predominately serves the self storage industry with inbound call center, secret shopping, property management, sales training and self storage advertising and marketing practices.

    The company also provides quality assurance, employee monitoring, live call monitoring, sales training and secret shopping services to the senior living community and apartment rental industry, telecommunications industry, hotel and travel industry, and call centers with all types of specialty.

    PhoneSmart is a chameleon in many ways as the root sales knowledge is customized and applied to meet the specific needs of each client among any industry.

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