10 Rules For Tenants To Follow

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    When you are going a home for rent , then you should be very careful, so that you do not land up to any controversial situation with your landowner. Being a good tenant will enhance your credibility for getting better places in future. A landowner might check your history with your previous landowners, to find out your reputation. If you do not have a good reputation, then it will be difficult for you to get a rented house in a reputed locality. Before signing out the agreement between the landowner and you, check the reputation of the prospective landowner too. It is not always that renters are bad people and landowners are good, the opposite might also be true at times.

    It will be better if you follow certain tricks and be prepared well ahead while putting your sign on the paper.

    1. Always be organized with all paper works, when you go for rent to the landowner. You must have a formal application, written references from previous owners, employers and a latest copy of your credit report.

    2. Before signing on the dotted lines, carefully check out all the clauses and provisions written on the agreement. There is no use if you find some of them unacceptable after signing on the document.

    3. It is better to maintain everything in writing, so that there is no chance of facing any disputes with your landowner. Keep your all correspondence in a safe and secured place for any future reference, if requires.

    4. When you go for rent , you should guard your privacy with utmost care. The most common field of misunderstanding between the landowner and tenant occurs over the issue of the right to enter a rented unit. The landowner must give stipulated amount of days notice as it is mentioned in the agreement.

    5. Normally, the landowners or the responsible management company cares for regular maintenance or repair works related to the property. If it is not so, then you have to demand repeatedly until the problem is fixed. If the landowner does not turn up after receiving your repeated calls, then you might take some legal action, only if the agreement permits.

    6. Maintain a healthy relation with your landowner, when you decide for rent . This will help you to solve many problems verbally, without going to any horrible legal scuffle.

    7. You must have insurance for renter, as the insurance of your landowner will not protect you from theft or any natural hazards. You can talk to your insurance company to have detail knowledge before renting the place.

    8. Make sure that the security deposit has been kept safe and it will be refunded to you with or without interest while you move out. The agreement should clearly specify all the details about this money. Otherwise, complications could arise out of this context.

    9. Before you decide finally for rent , enquire about the reputation of the locality. In case of any criminal activity, your landowner has the responsibility to take proper steps to give you adequate protection.

    10. In case of an eviction notice, do not panic if you are loyal to the agreement. You can fight against the eviction order, with legal help and provable facts on your side. But, if you are at fault, then you should better obey the notice. Losing to an eviction proceeding will affect your credit rating and reputation.

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